Get To Know More About South Korean Girl Group I.B.I’s Profile, Music Videos, Performances, and Their Latest News


Get To Know I.B.I

I.B.I made their debut in 2016, successfully stealing people’s hearts with their music. Let’s get to know more about I.B.I along with Channel Korea through the article below!

I.B.I’s Group Profile


I.B.I stands for Il Ban Il (which actually means as normal people) as well as I Believe It and was famously known as a South Korean girl group that formed under LOEN Entertainment. The group officially debuted on August 18, 2016, by releasing Molae Molae. I.B.I consisted of five members including Haein, Sohee, Chaekyung, Suhyun, and Hyeri.

The group concept was a girl group with former Produce 101 contestants since all of the members used to participate as the contestants within that survival show. However, they didn’t make it, and LOEN Entertainment decided to make them into a new project group named I.B.I afterward.

After releasing their “Molae Molae” as their debut single project, I.B.I also promoted their group with a similar style as I.O.I which formed with Produce 101 contestants as well. I.B.I’s concept also was kind of a sister group along with I.OI. Aside from that, I.B.I also had a soft, girly, and “bubblegum” image which made them look adorable! Each of I.B.I’s members came up from different talent agencies and was perfectly united as I.B.I!

I.B.I’s Debut Era


I.B.I was gained a lot of attention after the release date of the single “Molae Molae” on August 18, 2016. Then, it was followed by their first debut showcase as well as their debut stage performance on M! Countdown. Since their first appearance, I.B.I easily stole people’s hearts with their cheerful vibes!


For the “Molae Molae” MV, they emphasized the colorful and cheerful concept with a slight school teenager style as well. The members appeared with cute uniforms, a pair of tennis skirts and collar shirts with bright colors. The MV scene was taken on several backgrounds such as a picnic in a park, dancing along in front of school buildings, as well as interesting animations surrounding I.B.I’s members as well!


Check out I.B.I’s “Molae Molae” debut single as well as debut showcase here:


“Molae Molae” MV

Debut Showcase

People also welcomed I.B.I’s debut wholeheartedly as they gave a bunch of support and compliments toward them! According to the fans’ reactions, they thought that I.B.I with their debut single was a mixture of sweetness and a cheerful image. Moreover, it was really ear-catching which made them wanna play it on repeat!

Aside from that, I.B.I also released their own variety show which was named Hello I.B.I! It was aired from October until November 2016. Through the show, I.B.I’s members also displayed their daily activities with several comedies which made the fans get to know their personalities even more!

I.B.I’s Stage Performance


Music Program

I.B.I’s “Molae Molae” performance on M! Countdown was marked as their debut stage! It also became very special and precious for I.B.I themselves as well as for the fans. I.B.I appeared with blue and white outfits and a sailor look-a-like style. Their outfits were suited really well with the “Molae Molae” concept and I.B.I’s cheerful image!

Their debut stage performance was also accompanied by some backup dancers, but I.B.I successfully became the spotlight. Their vocals, dance moves, charms, and sincerity were mixed almost perfectly!

During their Live ONE performance for “Molae Molae,” all of the members appeared with their feminine and lovely appearances. It was also kind of an acapella performance since they were sitting next to each other and did a live performance which emphasized their vocals as the highlight! I.B.I amazed their fans during the rap part as well as stable high notes!


Song Cover Performance

I.B.I also showed off their amazing vocal skills by doing a song cover! Through 1theK’s YouTube channel, they performed “I Really Like You” which was originally performed by Jewelry. It also revealed that it was their favorite song as well. From their performance video, we could imagine how it would be if I.B.I went to the karaoke and sang together!

I.B.I energetically sang “I Really Like You” while moving around following the up-beat rhythm, and their voices were harmonized beautifully. Although their performance was quite simple, their charm also became the highlight with the simplicity!

Run to You Series Performance

I.B.I surprised their fans by a sudden performance on the streets and powerfully performing “Molae Molae!” The moments were also spotted through the “Run to You” series which was originally made by 1theK since I.B.I was one of the K-pop groups who were featured within. Their performance also was kind of a guerilla concert, and the euphoria from the crowds was extremely amazing!

On their small stage which was held in Dongdaemun Design Plaza, I.B.I was surrounded by lots of their fans who brought banners to support them as well as recorded every footage from their performance using phone or cameras! I.B.I was performing other songs as well such as “Pick Me” and “When the Cherry Blossoms Fade.”

I.B.I’s Interview


I.B.I appeared in several interviews to introduce their group as well as promote “Molae Molae!” Aside from that, the fans can get to know more about I.B.I members and pay attention to their new interesting facts that come from interview questions!

Through a preference interview, I.B.I introduced themselves respectively. It also was followed by several questions for their preferences such as blood type, their idol preferences, their choices of variety shows, their hidden talents, favorite songs for karaoke, their dream CFs, and many more!

Meanwhile, each of I.B.I’s members on the bnTV interview also showed off their vocal skills respectively! We could see that Haein, Sohee, Chaekyung, Suhyun, and Hyeri had unique yet charming vocal signatures. They also revealed their gratitude towards the fans for unconditional support and hope to always give such a good performance within their journey!

I.B.I’s Latest News


I.B.I’s golden era lasted for several months only since they were disbanded in 2017 after releasing their own reality show called Hello I.B.I. Even though people have known that they were a project group that had intent of disbanding after their short-term promotional career, the fans also thought that I.B.I should have lasted

After that, each of I.B.I’s members continued their careers in the entertainment industry. Even though they didn’t appear in the same group any longer, people also wish that the members would pursue their own careers happily. And, it was already proven since Haein, Sohee, Chaekyung, Suhyun, and Hyeri made such breakthrough careers after I.B.I!


Currently, Haein is known as a soloist and actress. In early 2020, Haein also joined The Groove Company and possibly made a solo debut.


Sohee continued her career as an idol under N.CH Entertainment. Previously, she made her solo debut in 2017 by releasing the debut single “SobokSobok” under The Music Works. After her contract expired, she transferred into N.CH Entertainment and re-debuted as the newest member of Nature. Currently, she’s active on her own YouTube channel as well. Watch one of her latest videos here:


After her career with I.B.I finished, Chaekyung re-debuted again as a member of the girl group April since 2017 until now. She also moved to a new agency, DSP Media.


Suhyun no longer used her stage name after I.B.I disbanded. Currently, she’s famously known as soloist Luri raised under HG Entertainment, and she made her debut by releasing the hit single “Blah Blah” in 2019. Aside from that, she also made her own YouTube channel which consisted of various contents.


Hyeri also continued her idol career as an independent soloist. After I.B.I had been disbanded, she re-debuted as a Red Queen member in 2017, but it didn’t last long. Then, in 2019, Hyeri debuted as a soloist with the single “Pat Pat.”

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That was everything about I.B.I! Even though the group was disbanded, the former members remained pursuing their own careers. Let’s always support them and check out their solo projects!

That’s all the information about I.B.I. Who is your bias in I.B.I? Let us know and don’t forget to share this article to spread out the love for I.B.I! You can also check out other articles of your favorite K-pop idols and celebrities in Channel Korea!