Everything About Hyun-ah, Former Member of Nine Muses: Profile, Discography, Wedding, etc.


Nine Muses’ Oldest Member is Married?

Nine Muses can be placed as one of K-Pop’s most iconic girl groups in the second generation girl group boom, that helped put their agency, Star Empire, on the map. Their group consists of nine beautiful women, that is often called the ‘Model Girl Group,’ as all of the members are above 165 cm in height. The group presents such a sleek and sophisticated concept that it is hard not to love them with songs such as “Drama,” “Wild,” and “Dolls.” Their versatile yet classy concept is something to admire as they keep their own little stance amidst a sea of debuting girl groups.

Sadly, over the years, the group slowly decreased in size due to each member’s wishes and aspirations to do something more with their careers. As their agency is not known to have treated the members of the group very well, it is no surprise that most of the original members have left the company, and subsequently, the group, as their contracts expired, to chase after their own goals. One of them being the group’s lead vocal and one of the most popular members, Moon Hyun-ah.

Hyun-ah is one of the members of Nine Muses who is in charge of being the group’s lead vocal. She is not one of the original members, coming in to fill the spot that was emptied when member Jae-kyung decided to leave right after the group’s apparent debut. She is known for her sexy image and charming personality, gaining her popularity both domestically and internationally. Sadly, in 2016, she decided not to renew her contract and leave the agency. Does it have anything to do with her marriage not long after? Or possibly a conflict between the members? Stay tuned as we delve deeper into Hyun-ah’s profile and career.

Profile of Hyun-ah

Moon Hyun-ah
Date of Birth
January 19th, 1987
South Jeolla-do, Yeosu-si
Parents, Younger Brother, Spouse
172 cm
Blood Type
Academic Background
Deokgok Middle School
Hwasin High School
BaeHwa Women’s University Department of Costume Design
1st Single “Let’s Have A Party” in 2010
Moon Bear, Moon Vibes
Daynite Records
  • She has two pet cats, Hoya and Moya, who are often featured in her social media posts and YouTube videos. She has even gone as far as taking them to her album jacket photo shoot and taking pictures of them, too.
  • Hyun-ah is really good at Japanese and has even starred in several Japanese variety shows because of it, being one of the more fluent girl group members out there.
  • She has been likened to the character of Kaho Mizuki from the manga series, Cardcaptor Sakura, due to her tall stature and charismatic presence. She has also stated that she is a fan of the character.
  • She has a 4D personality, with statements such as her goal of world peace and her role model being a desert fox.
  • She is a fan of tattoos and whales, with tattoos adorning her wrist, tricep, and a particular whale tattoo on her ankle.

Debut with Nine Muses

Before her debut with Nine Muses, Hyun-ah mostly promoted through modeling at motor shows under the name of Moon Hyo-bin, due to her tall stature and charismatic presence that is just perfect for that line of work. Her modeling work also led her to star in many music videos and commercials, as well as dramas and movies. Eventually, she even had a career in Japan for a little while, which helped improve her Japanese significantly. After the departure of Jae-kyung from the group, she managed to secure herself a spot and fill in her position and sing Jae-kyung’s part in “No Play Boy” and “Ladies” perfectly, while also receiving the key part in the group’s next song “News.” Her charismatic charm and glamorous appearance helped attract more fans to the group.

Starting from 2013, she and member Sera started their individual schedules under Nine Muses through their appearance on Younha’s Starry Night radio show for 2 years. These appearances helped grow their variety sense and helped them gain a sense of how broadcasting works, both on and off the screen. Not only on radio, but Hyun-ah also started getting offers for commercials and appearances at baseball games due to her popularity in the radio show.

Unfortunately, after her contract expired on October 4th, 2016, Hyun-ah decided not to renew her contract and leave the group. The decision was purely based on her differences with the agency and nothing personal with the group members, as expressed through her social media posts after the news broke out. She even had projects afterward that featured other former members of the group, Euaerin to be specific, and also went on trips a lot with the members.

After her departure, she released some music such as self-composed singles posted on her Soundcloud account. Furthermore, she has started to work on her social media presence by creating an official Facebook account and taking her other social media platforms more seriously in order to keep her fanbase. Even though her single was only released through her Soundcloud account, she still had fan signing events to give back to the fans that have supported her all this time.

Hyun-ah’s Discography

Single albums

  • “Cricket Song” (2017)

Digital singles

  • “집으로 들어가는 길이 좋아” (2014)
  • “Memory Lane” (2016)
  • “Remedy Take 2” (2017)
  • “Doong Doong” (2017)


  • “Remedy” (with The Lowkies) (2016)