Check Out HyunA’s Transformation From Her Debut To Now

HyunA 2015

hyuna 2015 crazy

In 2015, 4 Minute released another new song titled “Crazy.”¬†In this era, Hyuna showed off her charismatic and sexy charms with a wavy light brown hair and a fiery red lipstick.

hyuna 2015 crazy

HyunA 2016


hyuna 2016 hate

In 2016, 4 Minute dropped another bop for their comeback titled “Hate.” Even with a simple white T-shirt with “4M” written on it and a pigtail that is often chosen for a cute look, HyunA still managed to look sexy and gorgeous. We can also find her wearing her usual red lipstick that has almost become her trademark by now.

hyuna 2016 hate

The same year, she also made a comeback as a solo artist, with a track titled “How’s This?” While promoting “Hate” she had dark hair; but this time she dyed her hair into a brighter color while promoting the song.

hyuna 2016 hows this
hyuna 2016 hows this

HyunA 2017

hyuna 2017 365 fresh

The next year, 4 Minute was already disbanded and HyunA was only active on the scene as a solo artist. At the same time, she was also active as a trio with Hui of PENTAGON and Hyojong (previously known as E’Dawn), ex-member of PENTAGON, under the name Triple H. They released a song titled “365 Fresh” where HyunA displayed more off her sexy charms with bright red hair.

hyuna 2017 babe

The same year, she also released two new songs titled “Babe” and “Lip and Hip.” While she had brown hair and wore a more natural makeup for “Babe,” she had quite a heavy, colorful makeup and dyed her hair blonde for “Lip and Hip.”

hyuna 2017 lip and hip

You can see the video of her performance for “Lip and Hip” that went sensational for the choreography¬†here:

HyunA 2018

hyuna 2018 retro future

In 2018, Triple H made another comeback with a song titled “Retro Future.” This time, HyunA showed more of her mature side and her sexy vibes than before. With straight dark brown hair, she just looked perfect and mesmerizing while wearing a pink long sleeved top with sparkling silver shorts.

hyuna 2018 retro future

HyunA’s Latest News in 2019

As of now, HyunA is being active as a solo singer and has changed her agency. Currently, she is residing under PSY’s new label P NATION with her boyfriend, Hyojong or previously known as E’Dawn, ex-member of the boy band PENTAGON.

Recently, it was revealed that she celebrated Hyojong’s birthday party together with their new agency. On June 1st, the couple shared a photo of the birthday party on Instagram. On her Instagram account, she posted many photos of Hyojong with “Happy B-day” and a purple love emoticon written as the caption.

In a video, she also asked Hyojong to say something since for his birthday, as well as wishing him a happy birthday with other guests and told him to blow out the candles.


Those were all the information about HyunA’s transformation since her debut days up until now. What do you think about her transformations? Do you like her image now, or do you prefer her image back in her debut days? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about HyunA’s transformations from debut to now in the comment section below!