Check Out HyunA’s Transformation From Her Debut To Now

Hyuna 2019

Learn More About HyunA’s Transformation From her Debut Until Now

HyunA is one of the female solo singers that is widely known for the sexy concept of her performances and stages. However, has she had the same style throughout the years, starting from her debut and up until now? Today, Channel-Korea will give you a rundown of everything about HyunA’s transformation from her debut to now. So stay tuned!

HyunA 2009

hyuna debut

In her debut days, we can see that HyunA had adopted a youthful and innocent image for herself. This was during the time when she debuted as a member of 4 Minute with their debut song, titled “Hot Issue.” She has a bun tied up on top of her burgundy hair with colorful clothes and accessories. She also has light makeup to complete her look.

hyuna debut

HyunA 2010


HyunA 2010 style


HyunA 2010

In the year of 2010, we can start to see HyunA’s sexy image as she wore sexy clothes for her performance. She also dyed her hair in a brighter color, but still gives off the cute vibe by wearing a headband. She also still wears quite light makeup, except that her eyeliner is thicker than before.


HyunA 2010 Change

The same year, HyunA also released her first solo debut song. In her solo debut concept photo, we can see that she gives off her charisma while also being sexy, and this time she had dark brown hair.

HyunA 2011

HyunA 2011 Bubble Pop

Meanwhile, in 2011, we can see HyunA’s fresh image for her song “Bubble Pop” that was released at the time. She still had brown colored hair, and her makeup was still on the light side. However, her eyeliner is not as thick as before.


HyunA 2011 Bubble Pop

The same year, she debuted in a duo with former member of B2ST Jang Hyunseung called Trouble Maker. For every performance with Trouble Maker, she wore quite a heavy makeup in contrast to her makeup for “Bubble Pop.” We can see in the photo below that she has put on a bright red lipstick and painted her nails in black.

hyuna 2011 troublemaker

At the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awardstheir performance brought quite a surprise because even though they had a choreography where they almost kissed, at the award event they really did it in the end. You can watch their performance of Trouble Maker at the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards here:

HyunA 2012

HyunA 2012 Ice Cream

In 2012, HyunA released another song for her solo activities titled “Ice Cream.” In the photo, we can see that she gives off both sexy as well as youthful vibes. Her hair has a blue ombre, and she also has various tattoos on her arm.

HyunA 2012 Volume Up

Meanwhile, the same year, 4 Minute also released their new song titled “Volume Up.” Different from her solo, HyunA totally showed up with a sexy vibe. With a wavy red hair and fiery red lipstick, she succeeded in taking over the fans’ hearts.

HyunA 2012 Gangnam Style

Not only active as a solo artist and 4 Minute’s member, but HyunA also appeared in PSY’s music video for his song “Gangnam Style.” Different from the previous ones, HyunA wears much lighter makeup, if not almost simple and looks natural. Also, her hair is much brighter than her hair in “Ice Cream” and “Volume Up.”

HyunA 2013

hyuna 2013 what's your name

In 2013, 4 Minute released their new song “What’s Your Name?” In this era, we can see that she still has light colored hair. She’s also back to using her bright red lipstick and thick eyeliner for her makeup.

hyuna 2013 what's your name

Meanwhile, she also made a comeback with Trouble Maker with a song titled “Now.” For the comeback, she dyed her hair blonde and still wore her iconic bright red lipstick with a red eye shadow. In this era, she just described perfectly what a femme fatale is.

hyuna 2013 now
hyuna 2013 now

HyunA 2014

Hyuna 2014 red

The next year, HyunA made a comeback as a solo artist with a song titled “Red.” In contrast to most of her previous activities, this time she had her hair dyed black. She wore bright red lipstick, eyeliner as well as eye shadow, and also painted her nails red.

Hyuna 2014 red

There was a time where she performed “Red” together with “Bubble Pop” while only wearing a black bra and jeans. You can see the video of the mentioned performance of “Red” here: