Here Are The Top 10 Songs From HyunA That Will Brighten Your Day

Flower Shower

Two years passed without new music from HyunA. This former member of four minutes also pays fans’ longing with an official comeback with the newest song for the first time since joining a new agency after leaving CUBE Entertainment. On November 5, 2019, HyunA released a single titled Flower Shower along with the music video. The song is the future moombahton pop dance genre where the lyrics are written by PSY, who is now her boss at the P-Nation agency.

There are percussion instruments and whistles that make the song sounds catchy. The lyrics tell about a new journey that will be more flowering than before and a soul that will continue to be young and will bloom beautifully. Following these lyrics, the Flower Shower music video is filled with elements of flowers. HyunA also showed off her sexy, passionate, and glamorous charm, and the energetic dance moves in the music video, which lasted 3 minutes 17 seconds.

Well, some of the top songs from HyunA that have been given detailed information above must have been heard by you, right?

If you haven’t heard, maybe you should add the songs from HyunA to your playlist so that you can improve your mood. Besides being an idol, HyunA was approved to be the best female soloist in South Korea. Her talent and stage presenter are great and always make every fan and person watching become more excited when HyunA performs. Let’s continue to support and give lots of love to HyunA!