Here Are The Top 10 Songs From HyunA That Will Brighten Your Day

From Change To Flower Shower; Let’s Groove To HyunA’s Hit Songs!

It’s not a secret anymore if some K-Pop soloists become one of the famous icons in the Hallyu wave. As singers, they also have the right talent in singing and dancing. Besides that, soloists in South Korea are considered to have other charisma and always bring a reliable performance when on stage. Some female soloists in South Korea also have a large number of fans because of their enchanting charm and ability to compose songs and perform energetic performances.

One of the female soloists that we will discuss in this article is HyunA. This girl, who was born on June 6, 1992, debuted as a Wonder Girls member in the initial formation, but she had to leave the group due to her health problems. Her career did not stop there, HyunA debuted as a member of a girl group called 4Minute and became popular since her debut as an idol. Until the middle of her career, HyunA released only a solo single, and many fans began to support her career to become a female soloist like now.

Some of the songs from HyunA also became top songs that are widely known to people, both fans in South Korea or abroad. From then on, the peak of HyunA’s career became more apparent, and some of her personal life began to be exposed to the public and became the subject of much discussion. Besides all that, HyunA has a humble personality and is very friendly to anyone, so many people love her. So what’s keeping you waiting? Let’s see complete information about some of the top songs from HyunA that will brighten your days!


HyunA made her solo debut in 2010 during her career as a member of 4Minute by releasing her first solo single, Change. During her debut solo, HyunA was considered to have a provocative dance so that the single could only be sold to buyers aged 19 years and over. Ironically, at that time, HyunA was only 18 years old. Nevertheless, Change managed to top the chart on the ‘Gaon Digital Chart.’

The concept of HyunA’s debut, which has a sensual but energetic characteristic, reaps the pros and cons of many people, including several authorities related to broadcasting in the South Korean entertainment industry. Some Korean TV stations such as KBS, SBS, and MBC even apply a rating of 15+ to 19+ for the Change‘s music video, which makes it unable to air on prime time hours when teenagers and children watch it. It is not without reason that this HyunA clip seems prohibited because it does contain things that lead to sex.

Ice Cream

HyunA continued her solo career by releasing the second solo album, which was present in 2012. The song was produced by Brave Brothers, one of the famous musicians who often made works with some very famous K-Pop songs and became top hits. In the video clip, she returned to look sexy through the scene playing with soap foam just by wearing a leather tank top.

With the perfect combination of steez (style and natural) and hip hop appearance, HyunA looks even more charming when showing off her rap abilities with unique vocal characters. “HyunA will be a warm conversation. Plus, a mix of choreography that is different from video clips in general, Ice Cream becomes interesting,” explained by Park Dae-won, CUBE Entertainment’s international marketing.

It can be proved by within just three days after its release, HyunA’s music video has gained 3,200,000 viewers on YouTube. “This will certainly add to HyunA’s popularity,” added Park Dae-won. Even though the mini-album HyunA had been a victim of piracy before it was released, the single itself, Ice Cream, still managed to sit on the top of the Melon, Bugs, Naver, and others charts until October 22, 2012. “However, the success of Ice Cream was at first place on the charts made us have high hopes for the next promotion so that HyunA remains the center of attention,” Park Dae-won said.


HyunA continues her comeback with the single Red, which was released in 2014. Still, with the same concept as before, HyunA appeared sexy with her new appearance with long black hair and wavy. But unfortunately, the HyunA concept that was too sexy and vulgar in the Red era invited various kinds of critical comments about the performance or the solo song. Red, who has this pop dance genre, is excellent to be enjoyed because the song is very groovy, and the choreography is also outstanding.

Most of the comments criticize the sexiness of the body that she should not show the way that is too vulgar, although some comments like his appearance. “I want to ask. Is she a singer ?? Or is he a hostess in a bar ??” wrote a netizen. Despite much criticism, HyunA still has a good career and also gets credit for her comeback with Red.

Roll Deep

With a single titled Roll Deep, HyunA returned to his comeback with a collaboration with BTOB’s Ilhoon, which was released in 2015. HyunA, who is still under CUBE Entertainment, once again showed a charming performance with catchy songs and sexy charms that were always able to attract public attention. HyunA appeared with blonde hair, which was the latest appearance and made her sexy aura increasingly radiated during her comeback with Roll Deep.

This song not only won conceptually from the music video, but Roll Deep also had an achievement by reaching position 13 on the ‘Gaon Digital Chart’ and rank three on US World Digital Songs. Besides that, Roll Deep has also sold 358,996 downloads as of September 2015. Roll Deep has also won awards in the category of Best Dance Performance – Solo (2015). Roll Deep also has two different music video versions because the first one uploaded was the music video on 4Minute’s YouTube channel on August 20, 2015, and 19+ music videos, which were the ‘Original Version,’ were uploaded on September 6, 2015.


Not only the lead single from HyunA became the top song, but several sidetracks from the album have also been performed live on stage. HyunA sings the songs also have melodies that are very pleasant to play. One of HyunA’s side tracks entitled Blacklist has also been sung on stage. Blacklist is one of the tracks in the 3rd EP, ‘A Talk.’

Blacklist was also performed live on KBS ‘Music Bank’ by inviting EXID’s LE, who was also featured as one of the side songs in the HyunA song. This performance, when performed on stage, looks very fierce and also charismatic because, besides HyunA and LE, some back dancers dance. Blacklist is a song about a satire of someone who has made pissed off and makes others feel they have to get rid of their existence because it is too annoying.

How’s This?

How’s This? is the lead single for HyunA’s comeback, which was released in 2016 and became one of the tracklists on the mini-album, titled ‘Awesome.’ Like HyunA’s previous songs, How’s This? It also draws the attention of the public, one of which is thanks to the sexy concept he is carrying. Just released a while, the EDM genre song has topped seven music charts, some of which are Bugs, Monkey3 and Genie. However, How’s This? It is also a question of why not being able to enter the MelOn chart and is considered a failure.

Why is it number 1 on these charts. I hear 70 percent of people use MelOn,” said the netter. “The singing is awful, and the raping isn’t good either. The ability is limited, so all the songs sound the same,” commented by netizens. However, it’s not a problem because of how this was able to win the first win in the M! Countdown and because of that success, HyunA promised to treat fans to eat jajangmyun if the song was number one.


In 2017, HyunA finally officially made a solo comeback after less than a year of not releasing solo work. Now, this former 4Minute member released a new mini-album titled ‘Following.’ From the sixth mini-album, a song called Babe was chosen as its lead singer. The song was arranged by producers Shinsadong Tiger and BEOMxNANG, while HyunA wrote the lyrics. The song tells about a woman who turns into another figure every time she meets her ideal man.

In Babe‘s music video, HyunA initially became a sexy woman wearing a white dress, then turned younger in school clothes, then changed again to a hip hop girl, and returned to being an elegant woman. The song Babe itself sounds fresher and different from HyunA’s previous solo songs. The beat is still upbeat but with a medium tempo, unique, catchy, and of course, highlight the element of hip hop. Similarly, the dance is more girly, and the movements are not too complicated.

U & Me♡

U & Me is one of the side tracks contained in HyunA’s 5th EP, titled ‘Awesome’ and released in 2016. This song is also a light song with a beat that is straightforward listening. As for the lyric and meaning of the song, U & Me is a feeling that is felt by someone when they are around the person they love. They will immediately feel comfort and happiness with their loved ones because this song is also a condition of a beautiful life in every moment that is passed together.

U & Me has also been performed live on stage by HyunA with performances that are not less interesting like a comeback stage with lead singles. HyunA is also considered to have a characteristic sound that is very harmonious and unique because it is different from the usual idols. HyunA is also very beautiful in bringing U & Me on stage because this song has a genre with a moderate tempo, but she still managed an excellent performance on stage.

Lip & Hip

In December 2017, HyunA resumed her comeback with a song titled Lip & Hip. For this time, HyunA looks different and tends to be sexier than Babe. In terms of song lyrics, Lip & Hip tells the story of a woman who is getting ready to meet her ideal man by using a more seductive outfit and more trendy accessories. In Lip & Hip’s music video, the concept of colorful.

HyunA was seen in her room dressing up and trying on various clothes. Some scenes have an adult or rated element, and dances that are sexier than before. In terms of music, the song still sounds catchy and funky with a touch of hip hop. Before promoting in various Korean weekly music programs, HyunA had already made a comeback stage at the awards show ‘MelOn Music Awards 2017’.