Profile of Kim Hyuna (Age, Height, Weight, and Facts)

Collection of HyunA’s Trivia and Facts


HyunA’s overwhelming popularity led to her facing some incredibly harsh criticism for her (viewed as) ‘slutty’ persona in the K-pop world. However, true fans who have watched her since debut must agree on how difficult HyunA’s life is as an idol. There were so many struggles, controversies, even unfounded rumors that HyunA had to deal with. So, let’s get to know more about HyunA with this collection of trivia and facts you need to know before hating on her!

HyunA’s Family Background

  • Her parents are divorced.
  • Hyuna is the oldest child out of 3.
  • She has 2 younger brothers named Hyunho (6 years younger) and Hyunsuk (8 years younger). Both of them are studying soccer in Spain.
  • Despite her busy schedule in 2013, HyunA was spotted attending her younger brother’s graduation ceremony. She took a family picture with her mother and brother wearing a vintage denim jacket with black leggings and a scarf.
  • HyunA shared that her brothers don’t have any interest in her and are very thrifty with their money (SBS Power FM’s Cho Hwa-jung’s Power Time).
  • Although she doesn’t see her family very often, she is very close with her mother and grandmother.

HyunA’s Personalities & Habits

  • She is optimistic and hard-working.
  • When Hyuna left WG, a lot of unthoughtful rumors came out, and there was a time when she wrote on her Cyworld saying that she did not want to live anymore.
  • When 4Minute first debuted, it was so overwhelming that she nearly cried.
  • She is said to have an onstage and offstage personality. When she’s onstage, it’s been said she turns into a fierce vixen, but while offstage, she’s just like any other girl her age.
  • When Hyuna is sad, she hides it with a smile, but the members always know when she is sad.
  • Sohyun used to be scared of Hyuna. Hyuna didn’t talk much because she was shy, but Sohyun took it the wrong way.
  • She washes the least, according to former 4MINUTE members.
  • She likes getting revenge.
  • She listens to music according to her mood.
  • She sleeps without shorts at night.
  • Happy-go-lucky, optimistic, and hardworking are the words she’d most likely associate herself with.
  • Jihyun said in an episode of Mr. Teacher that Sohyun and HyunA are really sneaky. They like to touch their unnies’ body parts, especially onstage.
  • Sohyun said that they were always late to school because of HyunA.
  • Gayoon has said that HyunA is the most mischievous member in 4Minute.
  • Triple H members find it scary how HyunA can be so different when she’s working, apart from her usual self. She is very professional when she’s hard at work.

HyunA’s Tattoos

  • Left shoulder: “My mother is the heart that keeps me alive.”
  • Right arm: “Tempus” (Latin: Time) & “Faith” (in Hebrew)
  • Lower back: “Fatum” (Latin: Fate)
  • Left arm: Cross symbol
  • Back of her right ear: Small love symbol
  • Across her ribs: “199X :)”
  • On the inside of her wrist: Saturn and little stars
  • Above her left elbow: The word “i’m”
  • Above her right elbow: The word “special”
  • On her hand: The letter ‘H’
  • On her middle finger: The letter ‘A’
  • Inside of her arm: ‘FUN’ in the colors of Triple H (blue, yellow, and red)
  • Down her wrist: The emojis ‘😐 😊 😣 😵’ on her wrist/forearm
  • Around her ring finger: A thin line
  • Around her middle finger: Two thin lines
  • Around her pinky finger: A thin line
  • Around her arm: A red thin line
  • Right side of her body: “XEER” with a smiley emoji

Hyuna’s Close Friends

  • Despite leaving Wonder Girls, she is still good friends with all of the members. During a music program, HyunA met Sunye backstage and they hugged each other.
  • Back in February of 2008, Yubin and Yeeun attended HyunA’s middle school graduation.
  • HyunA attended Sunye’s wedding in 2013.
  • HyunA took around 2 months off when she left WG. When she returned to training, she became very close with G.Na. HyunA pretty much followed her to CUBE almost immediately.
  • G.NA used to share the same dorm with HyunA and 4Minute until her debut.
  • Sohyun was her actual roommate, but HyunA was the one who slept in the room with G.NA.
  • HyunA and G.NA are closest to CUBE CEO Hong Seungsung.
  • She’s friends with the members of 2AM and actually had vocal lessons from Changmin.
  • HyunA and SNSD’s Sunny are like best friends. She likes Sunny so much that she wanted to be Sunny’s sister.
  • HyunA and B2ST’s Dongwoon are best friends even though he is a year older than her. Their birthdays are on the same day. HyunA was born on June 6th, 1992. Dongwoon was born on June 6th, 1991. They also attend the same university, Konkook University.
  • Her other good friends including LE (EXID), Jia (former Miss A), Hara (former KARA), F(x) members, Gain (BEG), Yuri (SNSD), Sunhwa (former Secret) and Hyomin (former T-ARA).

HyunA’s Interests & Talents

  • Languages: Korean, Japanese, English (Basic), Chinese (Basic)
  • Instruments: None
  • Hobbies: Cooking, watching movies, fashion, and selcas
  • She does a fantastic impression of Pikachu.
  • Her drinking capability is one can of beer.
  • Specialties: Rapping, dancing, choreography, and singing

HyunA’s Favorites & Dislikes

  • Favorite musicians: The Pussycats Dolls, Beyonce, Rain (Bi), and Lee Hyo Ri
  • Favorite colors: Red and yellow
  • Favorite animal: Harp seal
  • Favorite food: Granola bar
  • Favorite drink: Apple juice
  • She dances to reduce her stress.
  • She’s too scared to bungee jump.
  • She is apparently scared of chickens. In fact, she’s easily scared in general.
  • Rather than having a Ferrari or Mclaren as her dream car, HyunA’s dream car is a Hummer H2.
  • She dislikes sandals and exercising.

HyunA’s Love Life & Dating Rumors

  • HyunA had two boyfriends in the past. One was an ass and dumped her and the second one she dumped.
  • One of HyunA’s ex-boyfriends cheated on her, but she still dated him because she liked him.
  • In the past, she was rumored to be dating fellow singer, actor, and model Lee Joon (Former MBLAQ). At that time, it was reported that a flight attendant had witnessed the singers getting a little too friendly on an airplane. Two years later, Lee Joon finally cleared things up from the misunderstanding, stating that they were just taking selcas together and it would be weird for him to sit apart after getting close filming the “Bubble Pop” MV.
  • HyunA was also rumored to be dating VIXX’s Ravi, according to fans with their detective skills. After checking their Instagram accounts, multiple similarities including posing with similar friends and items caused fans to suspect that the two might have a closer relationship than they’ve let fans believe. There’s no official confirmation about whether the rumor was true or false.
  • She was sometimes also rumored to be dating Sehun of EXO. It started in 2014 after some netizens found out many similarities between Sehun’s and HyunA’s Instagram posts. There’s no confirmation about these rumors either.
  • The last rumor is about duo TROUBLEMAKER, which were seen holding hands and spotted together many times. Yes, Hyunseung was also one of the victims for this unfounded rumor.
  • HyunA’s ideal type is someone who can accept her flaws and has a big heart.
  • But, in another interview, she also said she really doesn’t have a particular type. However, she prefers someone who can connect well and gets along well.
  • Hyuna really has a positive view on marriage. Hyuna thinks about marriage as a family.
    She will do anything to protect the marriage no matter the situation.
  • Her ideal situation of dating is to keep it very quiet and a secret even though her management doesn’t have restrictions on that.
  • During an interview, HyunA talked about her dating style and experience. She said, “When I am dating someone, my life revolves around them. I don’t have a lot of experience in dating, but I do talk a lot about it with my closest friends. Actually, it’s been a while since I’ve considered dating. I like it when relationships happen naturally. I don’t like forced dates and would prefer to spend time doing things that I like.”

HyunA’s Miscellaneous Facts

  • Hyuna’s Hanja name is “泫我”. However, her Chinese teacher told her that it sounded bizarre in Mandarin (pinyin: Xuàn Wǒ, it could be translated as “I weep”) and recommended she adopt the characters “泫雅” (pinyin: Xuàn Yǎ) as her name for promotional activities in Taiwan. Hyuna agreed to the change after commenting that “泫雅” sounded adorable.
  • On February 17, 2017, during the fan meeting ‘Fantopia HyunA Land’, in honor of the 10 years since its debut, HyunA announced the name of the fan club, ‘A-ing’.
  • HyunA said her fans are mostly girls.
  • HyunA’s solo career has been described as “performance-oriented music”.
  • She received a necklace with her name on it from B2ST.
  • Back in 2007, HyunA’s waist was 22 inches. As of now, it’s 23 inches.
  • Her brand ‘HyunA x SPICYCOLOR’ was launched on March 30th, 2012. She appeared at the launch party wearing a blue lace dress and a black floral garment, a chic and retro look that has been seen often in her clothing line.
  • Her earring falls off in 4Minute’s MV for “HuH”. Fans can see it at around the 0:48 mark, though if you blink, you may miss it.
  • She had bruises and injuries from shooting the “Muzik” music video for 30 hours.
  • She wasn’t in one episode of 4Minute Travel Maker for a very good reason. She was busy filming “Gangnam Style” and “Oppa Is Just My Style” with PSY.
  • She was a member of the one-time sub-unit Dazzling RED with Nicole (former KARA), Hyosung (former SECRET), Nana (AFTER SCHOOL), and Hyorin (former SISTAR).
  • HyunA was also in a one-shot promotional group called 4Tomorrow, a promotional group for Samsung’s Anycall phone with GaIn (Brown Eyed Girls), Seungyeon (former KARA), and Uee (former After School).
  • Once, she weighed 40 pounds more than usual. Considering that, she started making changes in her lifestyle and diet. She stopped eating food items made from flour (starch-based food). On top of that, HyunA also started taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Dancing continued to be her main exercise. She was successful in her weight loss goals.
  • Hyunseung said in an interview for Young Street Radio that more than half of B2ST members are HyunA’s fans.
  • On the MBC program Section TV, when asked if she wanted to act, she said: “Acting is not uncommon for me, and I already act on stage, so I do not have a strong desire to act at the moment”.