Everything You Need To Know About HyunA’s Net Worth, Real Estate, Investments and Copyrights

hyuna net worth

Check Out Hyuna’s Net Worth and How She Made a Fortune

Hyuna belongs to one of the earliest generations of Korean idols. Compared to other idols of her generation, she always shines the brightest. To be at her level, Hyuna always reinvents herself and improves her talent. Since appearing in the music video for PSY’s songs “Gangnam Style” and “Oppa Is My Style,” her popularity reached a whole new level.

Not only her popularity but her fortune also reached a new level. Hyuna became the face and brand ambassador of renowned brands. Her YouTube channel gathered more than 2.5 million subscribers in less than 3 years. How much does she earn in a month? Find out about her income and her net worth in this article. Stay tuned!

How Much Does Hyuna Make?

hyuna net worth

Hyuna has been working in the Korean entertainment industry since 2007. She became a member of several idol groups and later became even more popular after choosing a solo career. Her popularity catapulted to global stardom after appearing in PSY’s MV “Gangnam Style.”

hyuna net worth

Since debuting as a Korean idol, Hyuna became one of the commercial queens. Her commercial contracts range from food beverages, gaming, electronics, to makeup. Recently, Hyuna was selected to promote a global cosmetic brand, YSL. With her boyfriend, Dawn, they became the faces of Calvin Klein’s lingerie line. Appearing on the front cover of a fashion magazine or gracing the commercial board at a popular spot is nothing unusual for the queen, Hyuna.

One of Hyuna’s earning avenues is her YouTube channel. Her channel, HyunA, boasts more than 2.5 million subscribers. She started her channel in September 2019 and has received nearly 300 million views by July 2021. On average, a channel with a million subscribers makes about $5000 monthly. It is safe to assume that Hyuna receives more than $12000 monthly from her YouTube channel alone.

Hyuna’s House, Real Estate, and Investments

Compared to prominent actors and singers, Hyuna seems to have little interest in investing in real estate or the stock market. Most celebrities invest in real estate by buying old buildings at strategic spots, renovating them to lease, and later selling the building at a much higher price. Apparently, Hyuna doesn’t want to be bothered with investing in real estate. She’d rather invest her time in making music or performing at concerts. Just take a look at her house while she was working under Cube Entertainment.

Hyuna’s Music Copyrights

hyuna net worth

Hyuna started writing songs and composing music in 2012. Her earliest works included “To My Boyfriend” and “Very Hot.” Most of the time, she writes songs or music for herself or for her groups, 4Minute, Trouble Maker, and Triple H. In total, she has written nearly 40 singles or 15 albums.

In 2019, Hyuna signed an exclusive contract with P Nation entertainment, and she has been working with the PSY-owned agency ever since. She made a long-awaited comeback and her first album with P Nation after releasing the mini-album I’m Not Cool.

Hyuna’s Net Worth

hyuna net worth

As of July 2021, Hyuna’s net worth is estimated to be around 12 million USD. She made the most of her fortune as a singer, dancer, songwriter, and commercial icon. Hyuna is currently the brand ambassador of global brands such as Calvin Klein and YSL. Since her popularity continues to soar as one of the Korean Wave icons, Hyuna will continue to accumulate her fortune.

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Fans love Hyuna because she is always a productive and multi-talented singer-dancer. She constantly evolves and comes out with a fresh and new project. As a person, she has two images, one is a sexy but classy image and one is a shy image. In front of the camera, she turns into a sexy goddess, but behind the camera, she is just a shy woman. With her creativity and her productivity, she will continue to exist and re-invent herself.

hyuna net worth

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