HyunA and Jang Hyun-seung’s Performance, ‘Trouble Maker’


Find Out More About The Sexiest K-Pop Duo – Trouble Maker

Hyuna and Jang Hyun-seung shocked the Korean music industry with their trademark sexy and provocative choreography. The co-ed Trouble Maker duo will forever be remembered for their successful singles, “Trouble Maker” and “Now.”

Trouble Maker invented their sexy choreography and performed at various live events. Hearing their songs isn’t complete without watching their music videos or watching their stage performances.

In this article, Channel-Korea will talk about the sexiest K-Pop Duo – Trouble Maker. So stay tuned!

Cube Entertainment’s Hottest Duo Trouble Maker


Trouble Maker is arguably the sexiest co-ed K-Pop idol duo. The duo was formed by Cube Entertainment and consists of sexy-icon Hyuna and Jang Hyun-seung. Hyuna was a former Wonder Girls and 4Minute member while Jang Hyung Seung was a former member of idol group Beast.

Before their actual debut, Hyuna and Jang Hyun-seung released several singles, teaser photo albums, and teaser performances that led to the revealing of their duo name, Trouble Maker on December 1st, 2011. The duo announced their group name as Trouble Maker and later released its debut mini-album titled Trouble Maker. Hyuna maintained her name brand while Jang Hyun-seung changed his stage name to Jay Stomp or JS.

Initially, Trouble Maker’s stage performance was criticized for showing provocative choreography. Cube Entertainment decided to slightly alter the choreography to adapt it for mainstream TV audiences.

Trouble Maker’s debut single peaked at the No. 1 position on various music charts. It sold more than 4.4 million copies and received numerous music awards.

Trouble Maker released their official music videos for “Trouble Maker” on December 1st, 2011.

Extended Plays

Title Album details Sales
Chemistry Produced: October 28th, 2013

Label: Cube Entertainment

KOR: 30,934
Trouble Maker Produced: December 1st, 2011

Label: Cube Entertainment

KOR: 36,427



Title Year Sales Album
“Trouble Maker” 2011 KOR: 4,408,787 Trouble Maker
“Now (There Is No Tomorrow)” 2013 KOR: 987,754 Chemistry


Awards and Nominations

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
2012 Mnet 20’s Choice Awards Hot Performance Star Trouble Maker Won
14th Mnet Asian Music Awards Best Collaboration Performance Won
4th Melon Music Awards Song of the Year Nomination
Best Global Artist Nomination
Best Music Video Nomination
Hot Trend Song Won
27th Golden Disk Awards Best Dance Performance Won
MSN International Award Nomination
2014 World Music Awards World’s Best Song Now Nomination
World’s Best Video Nomination
Singapore Entertainment Awards Most Popular K-pop Music Video Nomination
2015 3rd European K-POP/J-POP Music Award Best TV Stage Performance Won


Cube Entertainment’s stock fall and the criticism from fans brought both the artists and the label company to hold a meeting to discuss their relationship which resulted in canceling the previous announcement. One month later, on October 5th, 2018, Hyuna and E-Dawn ended both of their contracts with Cube Entertainment, resulting in the end of the Trouble Maker duo.

Stage Performances

Trouble Maker

Trouble Maker’s “Trouble Maker” was widely known as one of the most iconic K-Pop choreography. Hyuna and Jang Hyun-seung’ on stage choreography showed slightly sexually provocative moves. Both Hyuna and Jang Hyun-seung touched each other’s body parts at most of the choreography. Hyuna is known for her sexy body and excellent dancing skills. When performing on the stage, most of the time she wore a mini one-piece dress or some combination of a revealing top and hot pants. Let’s take a look at their memorable live performances on TV shows and music awards.

Trouble Maker performed at Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook for the Summer Special Episode. When Hyuna and Jang Hyun made their entrance, the audience was surprised by Hyuna’s sexy outfit. Most of the male audience couldn’t believe their eyes by Hyuna’s dance moves and sexy image.

Hyuna and Jang Hyun-seong performed at MBC’s music show. Jang Hyun-seung looked extremely comfortable with their performance. Occasionally, he would grab the attention of the main camera with his charismatic stare. Hyuna’s outfit was one of the least provocative outfits when performing “Trouble Maker.”

Hyuna and Jang Hyun-seung entertained the audience of the Golden Disc Awards with their sexy performance. Hyuna wore her trademark mini-monotone-one-piece dress. Both of their stage outfits and makeups complemented each other very well.


Hyuna and Jang Hyun-seung performed on the off-stage Golden Bell program. Both of them surprised the audience that consisted of school students. The entire audience was immersed in Trouble Maker’s performance.

Trouble Maker performed “Now” at the 2013 MAMA in Hongkong. Hyuna made an entrance with her female dance group as if they were a group of wanted criminals. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Jang Hyun-seung emerged from the bottom of the stage as the intro of “Now” was being played. Jang Hyun-seung stole the show with his long leather coat.

At the peak of their popularity, Trouble Maker performed “Now” at the 2013 KBS Entertainment Awards. Jang Hyun-seung and Hyuna wore matching black outfits and entertained the audience with their sexy choreography.