Meet Hyuna and Hyojong, The Sexiest Couple in the Korean Entertainment Industry Right Now

Hyuna and Hyojong’s Latest News

In mid-January 2019, an industry insider revealed that Hyuna and Hyojong are looking for an agency. The source explained that the couple wants to find different agencies after considering their long-term goals for growth, “Both of them look for agencies that will support them steadily as they are both very passionate about work.” Many agencies have offered their contracts to Hyuna, whereas Hyojong is in discussion to join an overseas agency.

Contrary to the initial report, Hyuna and Hyojong have been reported to have signed with PSY’s New Label P Nation on January 27th, joining the female rapper Jessi J, who was the first artist of the agency. The news was announced by PSY through the photos of two hands with ink on the thumbs along with Hyuna and Hyojong with the simple caption, “Welcome.”

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Soon after signing with the new agency, Hyuna, Hyojong, and PSY’s name rose up on the real-time search rankings of Korean portal sites on the third, fifth, and first place respectively, which Hyuna posted on her Instagram.

Through Instagram Live Broadcast, Hyuna who was having a vacation with Hyojong in Bangkok, Thailand expressed what she felt after accepting PSY’s offer to join his agency, “I was very nervous, but it felt strange to be able to deliver good news today. I always want to work hard and learn. I have a lot of desire to do things. Maybe that is why I want to always show fans my good side. I am gaining strength by looking at the comments from fans. This is a very meaningful day,” to which Hyojong added, “I will work hard. Hwaiting.” Best of luck for Hyuna and Hyojong!