Meet Hyuna and Hyojong, The Sexiest Couple in the Korean Entertainment Industry Right Now

Hyuna and Hyojong’s Magazine Photoshoot

In mid-December 2018, Hyuna and Hyojong graced pages of Dazed as they were chosen to be the models of the magazine. Their pictorials were released in the January issue and were marked as their first time ever after going public with their relationship.

As you can see, Hyuna and Hyojong do not hide their affections for each other, which makes their photoshoot even more adorable.

A month later, Hyuna and Hyojong posed for the style magazine MAPS for its February issue. Notably, Hyuna has become the magazine’s cover model several times.

Not only the pictorials have colored photos, but they also include black and white shots of Hyuna and Hyojong’s candid moments.

Netizens’ Reactions to Hyuna and Hyojong’s Relationship

After the revelation of first Cube couple Hyuna and Hyojong, the international netizens generally accepted the matter amicably, saying that the open relationship between the lovebirds is cool and refreshing to see as they are very different compared to most Korean celebrities’ relationships, which are forcibly ousted by Dispatch or The Facts. On the other hand, Korean netizens disagree with Hyuna’s decision to contact the journalist and reveal her relationship with Hyojong, stating that she is a selfish and egotistical woman, who is not considerate of her boyfriend’s career and has mocked Pentagon’s fans prior to her relationship’s announcement.

Moreover, Korean netizens often ridiculed Hyuna and Hyojong’s appearances every time the news about them popped up in the news outlet, “Why does Hyuna’s face shape look like this in all her pictures all of a sudden; did she lose weight? She has a horse face now.” “Why does E’Dawn always look like a druggie…?” “They both look diseased…’’ and “They are both weird… like they are both 4-dimensional…”

While the Korean netizens’ reaction seemed to be overall negative and condemning, we can see why they opposed Hyuna and Hyojong’s relationship, especially after knowing the cause of its revelation. Although seeing two idols go public with their romance may be considered an eye-opener in South Korea, Hyuna and Hyojong have broken the fundamental rules of their former agency, Cube Entertainment, which led to their contracts being terminated. It was obvious that Cube has known that Hyuna and Hyojong have been dating for two years yet they still protected the couple for the sake of their careers by denying the dating news.

However, Hyuna, who may feel upset after being attacked by Pentagon fans who comprised the evidence of her being touchy with Hyojong during their sub-unit activities decided to contact the journalist to reveal the details of her relationship, which made all Cube’s efforts in vain. We believe that, unlike most Korean netizens affirmed in their negative comments, Hyuna is a lovely person who is understandably head-over-heels in love with her boyfriend, hence the lack of logical thinking. Her public relationship with Hyojong undeniably made Pentagon unstable despite their prior success of the hit song “Shine,” evidenced by the cancelation of some of the group’s activities and the absence of Hyojong after the scandal broke out.

To conclude, we support Hyuna and Hyojong’s carefree and spiritful relationship because who doesn’t like cute people in love?! However, we dislike Hyuna’s decision to expose her relationship because it seemed to be a thoughtless and inconsiderate action regarding Hyojong’s career and Pentagon fans. In addition, we also hate the netizens’ negative reactions toward Hyuna and Hyojong, especially when they mocked the pair’s appearance. We believe that no one should be treated rudely, including celebrities because after all, they are humans just like us, don’t you agree, dear readers?