Learn More About Hyuna’s Debut Days with Wonder Girls

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Learn More About Sexy and Talented Singer, Hyuna

I’m sure all of us know Kim Hyun-ah or HyunA, the solo singer who has been in the K-Pop industry for a very long time. HyunA is a senior singer who is known for her sexy image and her undeniable rapping skills. Let’s get to know her better!

Hyuna’s Profile

Name: Kim Hyun-ah
Stage name: HyunA
Date of Birth: June 6th, 1992
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 43,1 kg

This solo artist is currently a hot topic in the K-Pop world after announcing her relationship with a former member of Pentagon, E’dawn. In spite of that, she is always a hot topic because of her songs and performances.

Hyuna’s Career

Previously, HyunA was a member of a girl group under CUBE Entertainment named 4Minute. The group consisted of five members, namely Ji-hyun, Ga-yoon, Ji-yoon, HyunA, and So-hyun. The group debuted in 2009 but unfortunately, they disbanded in 2016. HyunA’s position was visual of the group and also a rapper. The group was known for their unique music and fashion style.

Fuse TV

HyunA gained a lot of popularity since her debut with 4Minute. She was also active in variety/reality shows in Korea. In these shows, she was able to showcase her charm as a cute and funny girl rather than the sexy image she was known for. But do you guys know that HyunA was originally a member of Wonder Girls?


Wonder Girls is a group that debuted in May 2007 under JYP Entertainment. The group’s final line-up members were Sun-mi, So-hee, Yu-bin, HyunA, and Yenny. The group was introduced to the industry through a program in MTV titled MTV Wonder Girls. HyunA participated in Wonder Girls’ mini-album and also hosted various music programs. Her position was the group’s main rapper.

As time went by, Wonder Girls experienced member-changing. The same year of their debut, HyunA was diagnosed with gastroenteritis and faint spelling so she decided to leave the group and agency, due to her health concern.

After her recovery, she joined CUBE Entertainment and debuted with 4Minute, two years later. The group gained so much popularity and in 2011 she released her solo mini-album Bubble Pop. After being active for seven years with 4Minute and as a solo artist, 4Minute disbanded and HyunA focused exclusively on her solo career. She has also participated in the unit group Troublemaker with Hyun-seung of B2ST and Tripe H with Pentagon’s E’dawn and Hui.

2018 is such a roller-coaster ride for HyunA because she and her boyfriend, E’dawn, left CUBE Entertainment as a result of the confirmation of their dating scandal.

Whatever her decision is, let’s hope for the best for her!