Find Out More About HyunA and Dawn Being the Most Romantic K-Pop Idol Couple Ever!

hyuna and dawn dating

The Lovey Dovey Relationship From HyunA and Dawn That Received Much Support From Fans That You Should Know

Are you familiar with the K-pop idols HyunA and Dawn? Yes, of course, when you hear the two names, you immediately think that they are both very iconic K-pop idols that appeared as a couple! HyunA and Dawn are like a package, they are often seen together, whenever and wherever.

This makes fans always support the two of them, and there are other people who comment about their relationship. Why is HyunA and Dawn’s relationship always stealing people’s attention when they appear together? And, what do the two of them look like in public? Well, without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about HyunA and Dawn’s relationship as a couple in this article below!

HyunA and Dawn in Triple H

CUBE Entertainment debuted the Triple H trio in 2017 with HyunA and Pentagon’s Hui and DAWN (formerly known as E’Dawn). During their active period, they released two mini-albums. Triple H (Hangul: 트리플 H) promoted several singles such as “365 Fresh” and “Retro Future.”

While still active as a member of Triple H, DAWN was still a member of Pentagon and entered into a relationship with HyunA. Their relationship was revealed when Triple H underwent promotions for the second mini-album.

The K-pop group Triple H consisting of HyunA, and Pentagon’s Hui and E’Dawn opened the curtain of its popularity. With its new song “365 Fresh,” they gained a lot of support from fans of all ages. Especially, Triple H gained popularity among female fans in their 30s. According to Newsen Korea, Triple H got a fan rating of 0.721% among female fans in their 30s and at the same time managed to climb to the first rank.

In other news, Triple H also took first place among female fans in their 30s with a rating of 2.278%. This, of course, led to Triple H also being supported through their reality show program. On the other hand, HyunA, Hui, and E’Dawn in Triple H could target support for their market, and they also gained high expectations from their fans.

A post on the online community site Pann highlighted HyunA and Dawn’s interactions during the Triple H promotion period. The couple, who are two years apart in age, showed indifference to sweet interactions in front of the camera.

On the other hand, Hui could only watch while HyunA stroked DAWN’s cheek or as the two looked at each other. Seeing this, netizens were made to laugh but also sympathize with Hui.

“They should have just let Hui play with his cellphone or what,” commented netizens. “Wow, but seeing them like this, fans must feel cheated, hahaha. They are dating openly like that while avoiding fans’ gazes and joking themselves,” said another netizen.

“I didn’t really think about anything, but I laughed at Hui’s photo,” a netizen said. “Seeing them like this makes me wonder how lonely Hui is. I understand that Hui is dating Soo-jin ((G)I-DLE),” added another.

K-pop fans were made excited after HyunA and E’Dawn were rumored to be dating. Their agency, CUBE Entertainment, denied the news, but finally, HyunA opened her voice and confirmed the news through her personal Instagram. Apparently, not all parties were happy, and the confirmation of the relationship of the two idols apparently had a big impact on the agency and their group mates.

After the news spread widely, suddenly Triple H’s agency, CUBE Entertainment, announced that the unit’s promotion period was over. CUBE Entertainment commented on August 4, 2018, “It’s true that ‘Music Core, ‘Inkigayo,’ and scheduled fansign events have all been canceled. Promotions for this album ended on August 4 with ‘Music Bank’ as the last one.”

HyunA and Dawn Leave Cube Entertainment

HyunA and E’Dawn’s conflict with their agency CUBE Entertainment has a long story. Starting as a rumor, the departure of HyunA and E’Dawn became a reality. On October 5, 2018, Ilgan Sports released a report about HyunA and E’Dawn leaving the agency.

According to sources, HyunA was in the process of parting ways with CUBE Entertainment. She decided to terminate her exclusive contract because she was unable to remedy her conflict with the company.

The conflict in question is about CUBE’s decision to expel the former member of 4Minute without discussing it with her first. In addition, HyunA and CUBE also brought up the case of renewing advertising contracts.

“HyunA is already hurt after learning from the news about her expulsion from CUBE without any discussion. Even though the board members at CUBE had different opinions, the atmosphere was like they ended the contract. There wasn’t much time left on her contract, so they ended it naturally,” said a source in the music industry.

Another report said that HyunA had told acquaintances that she was thinking of ending her relationship with CUBE Entertainment at this time.

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Previously, CUBE Entertainment released an official statement regarding HyunA and Pentagon’s E’Dawn being removed from the agency on September 13, 2018. However, on the same day, the company’s CEO also released an official statement that it had not yet been determined so it will be reconsidered.

HyunA and Dawn Confirm Their Relationship

The South Korean entertainment world at that time was shocked by the news of HyunA and Pentagon’s E’Dawn dating. When a dating rumor circulated, HyunA and E’Dawn had denied it on August 2, 2018. However, the two decided to be honest about their relationship the next day on August 3, 2018.

Not only that but CUBE Entertainment also confirmed the dating news. HyunA and E’Dawn are known to have been dating for two years since May 2016.

Although the news of their relationship was just confirmed, who would have thought that HyunA and E’Dawn have shown signs of their love all this time?

On several occasions, E’Dawn and HyunA looked very close to each other. This series of old moments shows HyunA and E’Dawn showing affection for each other.

In Lipstick Prince, Hui and E’Dawn have a mission to give HyunA a natural blush effect. When E’Dawn was the first to enter the room, HyunA smiled shyly. Even E’Dawn said HyunA didn’t need any makeup at all because she was already so pretty.

When HyunA, E’Dawn, and Hui had an ASMR session, they decided to play a game. All three were asked to choose one of two options. The funny thing is, HyunA and E’Dawn always chose the same choice while Hui would choose a different choice and make it look clunky.

While Hui looks focused on the camera, E’Dawn can be seen patting HyunA’s curly hair. HyunA also looks normal as if not bothered.

In the program broadcasted on MBC, Triple H was invited to talk about the picnic concept. Before the three of them appeared in one frame, HyunA made a special sandwich for E’Dawn and Hui. While eating HyunA’s sandwich, E’Dawn said he really liked it because there was a lot of strawberry jam. “Actually, I really like strawberry jam, and this sandwich has a lot of strawberry jam,” E’Dawn said.

E’Dawn and HyunA often do photoshoots together. Even though they had to hug and be close to each other, the two of them didn’t seem awkward at all during promotions with Triple H.