Everything about Hyuna and Dawn’s Beautiful Engagement That You Need to Know

hyuna and dawn

Fans’ Favorite K-Pop Idol Couple Hyuna and Dawn Get Engaged!

The iconic K-Pop idol couple, Hyuna and Dawn, finally got engaged! For those of you who haven’t known yet about them, both Hyuna and Dawn are K-Pop singers and soloists. They were popularly known as members of 4Minute and Pentagon respectively before they got ‘kicked out’ from their past agency and left the group due to their dating announcement.

The couple has been through lots of ups and downs in their relationship, career, and struggle to keep their life in the entertainment industry. However, it doesn’t change their relationship thus it makes their bond getting stronger.

Many fans have been surprised by the engagement news, even though they are curious about further details regarding that matter. In this article, Channel Korea will explain to you everything about Hyuna and Dawn’s engagement news, so keep on reading!

Hyuna and Dawn’s Engagement Announcement on Instagram


Hyuna and Dawn might be the bravest couple ever in the K-Pop music industry who freely announced their relationship to the public. In 2018, Hyuna and Dawn confirmed that they were dating, and it was also revealed that the two of them have dated since 2016. Although Hyuna is slightly older than Dawn, their relationship remains solid and they have been through so much to get to the current stage.

After the two of them got kicked out from Cube Entertainment due to the dating announcement, Hyuna and Dawn continue their career as soloists under P Nation, a label founded by PSY. Aside from being soloists, both Hyuna and Dawn have always spoiled their fans with various content such as their single collaboration, their daily vlogs, and other projects as well.


Both Hyuna and Dawn actively shared their moments and activities through their Instagram account, including the shocking news of their engagement! On February 3, 2022, Dawn shared a picture of two rings on his Instagram with the caption, ‘Marry me’, as well as Hyuna’s hands with a beautiful ring on her ring fingers.

On the other hand, Hyuna shared the same pictures with an excited caption, ‘Of course, it’s a yes’. Both Hyuna and Dawn’s Instagram posts got overwhelmed with various comments from the fans, and how people excitedly congratulates the couple for their engagement news!

Hyuna and Dawn’s Gorgeous Engagement Ring


Aside from the engagement news, many people are curious after they have a glance at Hyuna and Dawn’s engagement rings. Of course, it is look beyond gorgeous, not to mention the luxury design which makes people wonder how much the cost.

Turns out, the designer of the rings, Yueun Esther Shin, has revealed that Dawn chose the ring by himself. The singer also chose opal for the ring’s stone, something like a hidden gem that portrays how special their relationship is. For those of you who might want to have the same engagement ring as them, it is from the brand Diligems.


Furthermore, Yueun Esther Shin explained that the rings were custom-made and can’t be duplicated. Well, you can see how exclusive it is! According to Yueun’s explanation, the rings are set with opals, seven diamonds of different shapes and colors. The rings are also filled with much love, effort, and time in the making process.

Fans’ Reaction about Hyuna and Dawn’s Engagement


Just like us, fans of Hyuna and Dawn all over the world got swooning after their idols announced engagement news. They have congratulated the couple on their social media as well as given other comments regarding that matter just as written below:


That’s everything about Hyuna and Dawn’s engagement details! After such a long wait, the couple eventually decided to step up their relationship to the next level. We do hope that they will live happily ever after and get married very soon!

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