The Handsome Ahjussi: Hyun Bin’s Sexy Abs and Best Style Choices

Hyun Bin

Meet The Handsome Ahjussi!

Hyun Bin is an actor whom no one would confuse with a teenager, he has become an Ahjussi and is senior to all the new artists. Hyun Bin became popular because of his work in Secret Garden. He also contributed to the soundtrack for the drama with the song “That Man”, which peaked at number one in eight Korean music portals.

This handsome ahjussi has been well-liked by all the pretty women from his debut until now, when he’s 36 years. Especially when he played in dramas with so many beautiful actresses, his fans and the public think that he’s had a relationship in every drama that he played in. Because of his charisma, he’s had relationships with beautiful artists such as Song Hye-kyo and Kang Sora. Recently he completed his latest drama, Memory of the Alhambra, with actress Park Shin-hye, and as a result, rumors started circulating that they were dating.

Hyun Bin is still looks handsome and young, and he’s still very attractive to most women, from his style choices to his body type. In this article Channel-Korea will tell you all about the handsome Ahjussi, Hyun Bin. So, stay tuned!

Hyun Bin’s Sexy Abs

Hyun Bin abs

Being a successful idol really means needing something interesting to show the public, and that may be even more true to become a successful actor. An actor must be able to maintain their mood, expression, and of course have a face and body shape that’s well proportioned. For male actors, one of the the most important things for getting female audiences attention is a great set of abs.

Usually, before entering the screen industry actors first become models for many magazines and have abs. But in Hyun Bin’s case, he went directly into the acting field. He’s called a shy actor, but he has and shows off his abs in dramas or photoshoots, so can we really call him a shy actor?

Here are some photos of Hyun Bin’s sexy abs!

Hyun Bin Abs
Hyun Bin abs
Hyun Bin abs

Hyun Bin’s Workout Routine and Diet Tips

If Hyun Bin has abs, surely he also has his own way building and maintaining them. It turned out that the secrets of Hyun Bin’s workout only usied simple tools, such as ropes and stairs. This was seen when he was cast as King Jeongjo in The Fatal Encourage. He used stairs, ropes, and training to build his back muscles, rather than using sports equipment.

Hyun Bin worked hard to form his body muscles for The Fatal Encourage or The King’s Wrath. Actually, besides workout he was also on a strict diet for 3 months to form the perfect back muscles. When he played a drama with SNSD’s Yoona, he also got demands to diet, but he’s never gone on the record to talk about the sort of diet he used.

Check Out Hyun Bin’s Best Style Choices!

Fashion is one of the crowning glories for people who appear in public. Fashion shows us something about the character of a person; so many people want to look a good and comfortable with it, including actor Hyun Bin. Let’s take a look at some of his best style choices.

Airport Fashion

Hyun Bin Fashion

the photo above was taken when Hyun Bin was at Incheon Airport before going to Germany for the Berlin Film Festival. He wore a brownish jacket and yellow t-shirt, with a backpack.

Hyun Bin Fashion
Hyun Bin Fashion

in the shots below, he wore a long navy coat and black sunglasses. At that time these pictures were taken, he was at Gimpo Airport, on February 14, 2013.

Hyun BIn Fashion

Casual Style

Hyun Bin Fashion
Hyun Bin Fashion
Hyun Bin Fashion