Take a Look at Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin’s Chemistry in ‘Crash Landing on You’

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The Strong Chemistry Between Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin Through Crash Landing on You

Crash Landing on You aired its final episode on February 16, 2020. Since the first episode was broatcast, the drama became really popular and has gained a lot of attention from the viewers. Most of that attention has been because the story-line and the chemistry between Hyun Bin and Son Ye-ji, who played the main character in this series. Through this article, Channel Korea will give you the details about, so keep on reading!

Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin already knew each other before they started working together in this series. They also appeared together in a previous project, a film with the title The Negotiation, in 2018. Since the film’s release, people have been in love with Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin’s strong chemistry, and that only became more true during their romantic-comedy appearance in Crash Landing on You! Let’s take a look at Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin’s romance through their roles as Ri Jeong-hyuk and Yoon Se-ri!

Crash Landing on You


Let’s talk a little about the storyline of Crash Landing on You first! The drama told a story about Yoon Se-ri (played by Son Ye-jin), a successful businesswoman who owned her own clothing line, Seri’s Choice, and also came from chaebol (rich family) from South Korea. Unfortunately, she was an illetigimate child from her father. Even though her father loved her, the relationship between Yoon Se-ri, her two older brothers, and her mother wasn’t in a good condition.

Meanwhile, there’s also Ri Jeong-hyuk (played by Hyun Bin), a captain in the North Korean military. He was known as a stiff and skilled captain, and he also came from a powerful family, where his father worked in the General Politic Bureau. Actually, he was learning to be a piano player in Switzerland, but due to his older brother’s death, he went back to North Korea and joined the military to follow his brother’s military career.


One day, Yoon Se-ri went paragliding. She used to go paragliding every time she felt stressed and under a lot of pressure. However, one day when she went paragliding, the weather was really bad. Yoon Se-ri was stuck in a tornado, and it caused her to accidentally land in North Korea.

She was confused and lost until Ri Jeong-hyuk accidentally found her in a tree while he was on his area patrol. Ri Jeong-hyuk explained to her that she had landed in North Korea, even though Yoon Se-ri didn’t trust him at first. Ri Jeong-hyuk also involuntarily helped Yoon Se-ri to hide herself, and also found a way to return Yoon Se-ri to South Korea.

Here’s the official poster for Crash Lading on You, and some general information about the drama:


Title: Crash Landing on You / Sarangi Bulsichak (사랑의 불시착)

Genre: Romance, Drama

Directed By: Lee Jeong-hye

Written By: Park Ji-eun

Starring: Hyun Bin, Son Ye-jin, Seo Ji-hye, Kim Jung-myun, etc.

Episodes: 16

Official Network: tvN, Netflix

Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin’s Romantic Moments in Crash Landing on You


In Crash Landing on You, Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin were given own couple nickname. They were called Ri-Ri Couple, which came from their characters’ names: Yoon Se-ri and Ri Jeong-hyuk.

Son Ye-jin was cast as Yoon Se-ri, a successful businesswoman who owned a clothing line called Seri’s Choice. Even though she came from a chaebol family, Yoon Se-ri also felt lonely and kept herself busy with her own work. She also had a bad relation with her mother and her two brothers, as well. She dated a lot of men, but her relationships never worked at all.


Meanwhile, Hyun Bin was roled as Ri Jeong-hyuk. He had an older brother who was in the military named Ri Moo-hyuk (played by Ha Seok-jin). Ri Jeong-hyuk was originally studying to be a piano player, but after his brother’s death, Ri Jeong-hyuk joined the military to take his brother’s place.


His family was also very powerful, Ri Jeong-hyuk’s father was the director in the General Politic Bureau. While he was in the military, Ri Jeong-hyuk was investigating his brother’s death, because he thought that there was something odd about it.

Ri Jeong-hyuk accidentally found Yoon Se-ri in North Korea after she accidentally landed after she had gone paragliding from South Korea. At first, Yoon Se-ri was about to run away alone and try to get back to South Korea. Ri Jeong-hyuk involuntarily ended up helping her, and eventually they found a way out together.


They were experiencing a lot of problems and struggling to returning Yoon Se-ri to South Korea. Many of those issues were due to the strict conditions in North Korea, which made it hard for them to do a lot of things. However, as time went by, Yoon Se-ri and Ri Jeong-hyuk fell in love with each other. Yoon Se-ri’s cheerful side melted Ri Jeong-hyuk’s cold side, as well.

Their feelings were strong, even though there were a lot of obstacles in their love story, such as Ri Jeong-hyuk’s father being angry because he was secretly hiding a stranger from South Korea, Yoon Se-ri’s plan to get back to South Korea, and many more! People were also really fascinated with the strong chemistry between Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin, and many of them thought that Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin would make a good couple in real life!

The Most Awaited Moments: Kissing Scenes and Another Romantic Scenes!

Let’s take a look at some of Hyun Bin and Son Ye-ji’s romantic scenes in Crash Landing on You here:


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