Hyorin’s Life After Sistar, What’s Her Upcoming Project?


What’s Hyorin’s Upcoming Project?

As of May 2017, it was confirmed that Sistar will be disbanding after releasing their final album Lonely. This news certainly made fans feel sad, but the members promised that they will always support each other even when they go their own ways. One of Sistar’s members, Hyorin, is known as a Korean female singer with a beautiful voice. Are you curious about her recent activity after Sistar’s disbandment? But, first, let’s take a look at her profile for a short while!

Meet the Sexy Singer with a Sexier Voice, Hyolyn

Hyolyn High Cut

Hyorin is a singer-songwriter who was born on December 11, 1990, with Kim Hyo-jung as her birth name. She is best known as a former member and leader of Sistar. Hyorin has loved singing and dancing since her childhood, but as no one was around to help her she started going to auditions on her own. Before she joined Sistar, she auditioned for JYP Entertainment twice and accepted after placing first in it. But, when her debut was set with Secret’s Jieun, EXID’s Hani, and Bestie’s Ulji, the plan was canceled. After that, she left JYP Entertainment and joined Starship Entertainment, where she began her career as Sistar’s member.

While being active as Sistar’s member and leader, she was also being active as a solo by releasing an album titled Love & Hate in 2013. Not only that, she also often contributes by singing for soundtracks for various dramas such as Master’s Sun, My Love from the Star, Uncontrollably Fond, and many others. She also participated in many television shows including I Am a Singer Season 3, Unpretty Rapstar Season 2, Fantastic Duo 2, King of Mask Singer, etc.

Hyorin’s Life After Sistar

Hyolyn Dally

After Hyorin left Starship Entertainment and Sistar disbanded, Hyorin decided to create her own agency called Bridge despite receiving many offers from other well-known agencies. According to an inside source from Bridge, Hyorin created her own agency in hopes of making music with diverse creative directors of different fields. Not only that, the name of her agency itself held very deep meaning. In music, the bridge plays an important role in connecting the climax of the song. Just like the bridge, Hyorin wished that her agency could connect her music to the public.

After going solo, Hyorin released a three-part project consisting of three separates singles. The first one is To Do List that was released on February 2018. The second one, Dally, is a song featuring Gray and was released on April 2018. The music video garnered over one million views in less than 24 hours of its release. Her last single of the three-part project is a song titled See Sea. On September 2018, she released another single titled Bae.

Not only releasing singles, she also participated in singing for drama’s soundtrack, such as Wind Up Watch for tvN drama Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me on December 2017 and Dreamy Love for MBC drama Money Flower on January 2018. She also often has photo shoots with various magazines. She loves to share her photoshoot scene on her official Youtube account, so if you want to watch it, you can see it here!

Even though she has left Starship Entertainment, she never forgets to thank the staff of her former agency and obviously, Sistar’s members who had worked with her in the past and brought her to where she is now.

The Truth About Sistar’s Disbandment

Hyolyn High Cut

After building her own agency, Hyorin still maintains a good friendship with her members. According to her interview with High Cut, Sistar has agreed with each other that they had worked hard for seven years and decided to go their own ways while still supporting one another. She also said that with the track that she released soon after she left Starship Entertainment, To Do List, she poured her feelings about farewell. Not only about men and women breaking up, but the song can also be interpreted as farewell between her and the members of Sistar. She shared that she showed her song to one of the members, Dasom, and admitted that she included the other members to her song.

On her appearance in MBC FM4U’s Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon back on July 23, 2018, she opened up about how she missed her members very much. She said that as she used to live together with them for a long time, she thinks about them all the time. For example, if she were to eat or see something that each member’s like, the thoughts of the other members will just pop out in her head. She also shared that Dasom is the member who contacted the most, as she used to be the youngest member of Sistar, she is really expressive of her affections towards the other members.

Hyorin’s Instagram

Hyolyn New Comeback?

Hyorin actively uses social media not only to promote her works but also to share her happy moments with her fans. On her latest post, she posted a photo of her posing with another dancer with an icon of video as the caption. Maybe it was a hint that she will have a comeback soon? Well, it seems that we have to wait for the official announcement to know that! You can see the post here.

Hyolyn Birthday

She also shared her birthday moments on Instagram. She uploaded a photo of her reuniting and celebrating her birthday with her members. Not only with her members, she also thanked her fans by posting a fan-made poster for her birthday. It seems that she also received many gifts for her birthday! You can see her posts on her birthday here.

Hyolyn and Simba

To her fans, it was well known that Hyorin kept many cats in her house. Recently, she uploaded a photo of her with one of her cats, Simba! You can find the post here.


Not only active in the music field, she also actively held a campaign for those in need. One of the campaigns she attended is the campaign for those who had dystrophy. You can see the post about it here.

Hyolyn First Concert

She also actively promoted her first solo concert, True, on her Instagram. After holding her concert, she posted a thank you message to everyone who attended her concert. She also posted a photo of her stage in her Instagram. You can check photos of her cool performance here!

If you want to see more of her photos, you can visit her Instagram account @xhyolynx!

Hyorin’s Latest News

Hyolyn First Concert

Recently, Hyorin held her first solo concert, True, on November 11, 2018. At her solo concert, her fellow members Bora and Soyou came in order to support her. Bora also actively posted about their reunion at her concert on her Instagram and shared her feelings after watching Hyorin at her concert.

On December 11, all of Sistar’s members gathered again to celebrate Hyorin’s 29th birthday. Hyorin shared this happy moment on Instagram. You can see a photo of them celebrating Hyorin’s birthday here!

According to her newest updates on Instagram, it seems that she is in the middle of shooting a music video. In a photo, she posed in a sexy and charismatic way with another dancer as well. Maybe, we will hear her new song sometime soon!

So, what do you think about Hyorin’s activities after Sistar’s disbandment? Are you excited to see her new work as a solo artist? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section!