Here’s Why You Need to Watch the Netflix Sensation ‘Hyo-ri’s Bed and Breakfast’ with Lee Hyo-ri and Her Husband!

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Details about Lee Hyo-ri’s Show, Hyo-ri’s Bed and Breakfast

In this article, we will give you a run-through of the television show that features Korean singer, Lee Hyo-ri and her husband, Lee Sang-soon.

For your information, Lee Hyo-ri is a multi-talented South Korean singer, record producer, activist, actress, and television presenter. She was born in Cheongwon, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea on May 10th, 1979. She debuted as a member of the popular South Korean girl group Fin.K.L, but has since become a solo artist. In 2006, she became South Korea’s highest-paid female singer. And in 2013, she married Lee Sang-soon.

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Hyo-ri’s Bed and Breakfast

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Hyo-ri’s Bed and Breakfast, or people also know it as Hyo-ri’s Homestay (효리네 민박), is a South Korean television program starring celebrity couple Lee Hyo-ri and Lee Sang-soon, aired on JTBC and Netflix. The show is set at their residence in Jeju Island, where they opened a Bed and Breakfast. The first episode aired on June 25th, 2017, on JTBC. This show has been directed by Jung Hyo-min, Ma Geon-young, Kang Mi-so, Kim Hak-min, Park Ji-ae, Kim Soo-jin, Park Sung-hwan, Ha Na-ryong, Kim Ji-yoon, and Park In-ho.

According to QUARTZY, when one of the biggest K-Pop stars gets married, withdraws from the limelight, people in the world are naturally curious. Then, four years after Lee Hyo-ri moved to Sogil-ri in Jeju island with her husband, they decided to open up their home to cameras, crew, and strangers to run a bed and breakfast with the help of other celebrities as guests.

Hyo-ri’s Bed and Breakfast has been a hit sensation on Korean television since its first airing in 2017, it has set the new rating records for its network, JTBC, over its two seasons and also won the Best Entertainment Program Award at Korea’s Golden Globes, and the Baeksang Arts Awards.

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In the first episode, Hyo-ri said to her husband, “They must have been curious about this house, right? While we’re at it, we can satisfy what they were curious about. Maybe people will stop ringing our bell after this.”

But no, they won’t, Lee Hyo-ri.

The concept of this television show is really basic and common. A famous star that has gained modern relevance with a reality TV show, and the end of the product is like an American reality show. This show revealed its charm with the beautiful setting and relatable characters, including Korea’s famous celebrities as their guests.

Main Cast

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  • Of course, our Lee Hyo-ri is one of the main cast members, as the ‘chairman’ of her B&B.
  • Lee Sang-soon, the ‘President’ of the B&B. Before, Lee Sang-soon was the guitarist for the group Roller Coaster, a modern jazz-rock band.


hyori b&b

Of course, Lee Hyo-ri and her husband, Lee Sang-soon didn’t do this television show just the two of them. The producers send them some celebrities to help them make this television show successful.

  • Lee Ji-eun, or people know her as IU, is a famous Korean Singer, who in 2014, according to Billboard, got the No.1 song of any K-Pop artist and held the K-Pop record for the most weeks at No.1, too. She is also extremely good at acting, too. Throughout filming, she reveals herself to be drastically different from her K-Pop persona. She’s quirky, quiet, and prone to zoning off when left to her own devices. She’s not really good at cooking, but so devoted to her job.
  • Im Yoon-ah, or Girls’ Generation’s Yoona, joined the 2nd season of Hyo-ri’s Bed and Breakfast. She’s quite talented as a chef, impressing the others with her recipes and various kitchen gadgets.
  • Park Bo-gum, a South Korean movie star, also joined the second season to assist Hyo-ri and Yoona for a few days. He wins over Hyo-ri, Yoona, even the guests and Lee Sang-soon with his thoughtfulness and sweet behavior.

The Guests

Season 1
Guests Episode #
Gimhae Girls 1 – 3
The Explorers 2 – 8
Seoul Siblings 4 – 7
Haman Elder Couple 3 – 6
Wangsimni Flower Boys 5 – 8
Seoul Sisters 6 – 8
Seongnam Couple 8 – 10
Jung Dami 9 – 10
Daegu Coworkers 10 – 12
The Police Women 11 – 12
Music Major Students 12 – 13
Incheon Twins 12 – 14
Long-Distance Couple 12 – 14


Season 2
Guests Episode #
The Judo Quintet 2 – 5
Yeon Sisters 3 – 5
Surfer Team 3 – 8
Backpacker Team 5 – 10
Daejeon Fin.K.L 6 – 8
Surgery Team 6 – 8
Father and Son 8 – 11
Wedding Photography Couple 8 – 11
Highschool-friend Soldiers 10 – 11
First Foreigner
(First guests of season 2.5, the Spring edition)
12 – 15
Motorbike Duo 12 – 15
15-year Female Friend Couple 14 – 15
Four-member Family 14 – 15


Why You Have to Watch Hyo-ri’s Bed and Breakfast?

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According to some of the audience, this is a highly recommended show to watch. And some of them have even stated their reasons why you should watch this show. According to them, this was more than a reality show. It was also a reminder that being kind and open-minded are virtues and that the simple life can be achieved in everyone’s real life.

Next, Lee Hyo-ri is so fascinating and funny. She’s warm, and down to earth. She always makes sure people have eaten and always tries so hard to make a good impression on everyone.

Lastly, there wasn’t any unnecessary drama. Just a breakfast, with Hyo-ri giving yoga classes, the other celebrities helping in cooking their breakfast. There were just a lot of love, friendships, and the amazing Lee couple.