Hwang Shin-hye’s Profile and Facts: Plastic Surgery, Graduation Picture, Movies and TV Shows

Hwang Shin hye’s Movies and TV Shows

Movies List:

  • Family (2002) – Oh Hae-suk
  • Love Bakery | Ju No-myeong Bakery (2000) – Han Jung-hie
  • Bedroom and Courtroom | Saenggwabu uijaryo cheonggu sosong (1998) – Ms Lee
  • A Killing Story | Jugineun iyagi (1998) – Marie
  • Push! Push! | Sanbuingwa (1997) – Jung-Yeon Han
  • Korean National Flower | Mugunghwaggoti pieotseubnida (1995)
  • 301/302 | 301, 302 (1995) – Yun – Lives in room No. 302
  • Absolute Love | Jeoldae salang (1994)
  • Theresa’s Lover | Theresaui yeonin (1991)
  • Seoul Evita (1991)
  • The Woman Who Walks on Water | Mulwireul geodneun yeoja (1990)
  • The Dream | Ggum (1990)
  • Gagman (1989) – Oh Son-yong
  • Our Sweet Days of Youth | Gibbeun woori jolmeunnal (1987)

TV Shows list:

  • Father and Son (1983/MBC)
  • MBC Bestseller Theater – The Windmills of My Mind (1984)
  • MBC Bestseller Theater – Three Women Under the Umbrella (1984)
  • True Love For Wife (1984)
  • Eulalia Grass as Hae Bang-Yi (1985)
  • First Love as Jang Hye-Jin (1986)
  • Terms of Endearment as Kim Won-Joo (1987/KBS2)
  • A Happy Woman as Song Yeo-Kyung (1989/MBC)
  • 똠방각하 as Ryu Choon-Hye (1990)
  • Years of Ambition as Han Ji-Hye (1990)
  • Do You Know Eun Ha-Soo as Han Eun-Ji (SBS/1991)
  • Calendula as Han Ji-Woo (1992)
  • Ambitions on Sand as Yoo Hye-Min (1992)
  • There Is No Love as Lee Hwa-Young (1994)
  • Thaw as Kang Hyun-Jung (1995)
  • Korea Gate as Suzy Park (1995)
  • Lovers as Yoon Yeo-Kyung (MBC/1996)
  • Cinderella as Jang Hye-Jin (1997)
  • Legends of Love as Jung Young-Hee (SBS/2000)
  • Rookie as Jo Soo-Mi (2000)
  • Man in Crisis as Park Geum-Hee (MBC/2002)
  • Match Made in Heaven as Hwang Jong-Hee (2004)
  • The Queen Returns as Jang Gong-Shim (2009)
  • Home Sweet Home as Mo Yoon-Hee (2010)
  • Bachelor’s Vegetable Store as Choi Kang-Sun (2011)
  • Channel A (2011)
  • Family as Woo Shin-Hye (KBS2/2012)
  • Passionate Love as Hong Nan-Cho (SBS/2013)
  • The Producers as Herself (ep.1-2) (KBS2/2015)
  • It’s Okay Because I Am a Mom as Na Jong-Hee (MBN/2015)
  • Legend of the Blue Sea as Kang Seo-Hee (SBS/2016)

Lee Jin yi, Hwang Shin hye’s Daughter

Lee Jin yi (before Park Ji Young) gets her beautiful face from her mother, Hwang Shin Hye. Born in 1999, she also follow her mother career path and became model and actress. She started her career through modelling, and played a role in MBC’s Ruler: Master of the Mask in 2017 as Yeon Joo.

Once, this mother-daughter pair had a photo shoot together. This was the first time Hwang had ever revealed pictures of her daughter. After the photos were released, there was a swarm of reactions due to the exhibition the beauty of both of them. It’s almost unbelievable that they are a mother-daughter combo, due to Jin yi’s maturity and Hwang Shin Ae’s youthfulness.

On September 19, Hwang and her daughter had a photo shoot for InStyle magazine. Ji Young had on full-makeup with a bright, red lipstick and oozed charisma next to her mother.

In Style

Hwang Shin Hye is considered one of the most stylish women in the world. This mother-daughter duo showed off five classic items during the photo shoot, and had a “style battle.” The items include a trench coat, leopard print, tweed jacket, and more as the mother and daughter showed different ways to stylize those items.

Asian Wiki

Jin yi’s exceptional chic-ness and mature beauty at her young age is becoming an increasing hot topic. Her various facial expressions and her teen youthfulness mixed with a 20’s maturity are leading reasons behind the growing interest in her.

On the other hand, Hwang showed her motherly love by telling the director, “It doesn’t matter about how I look- please pick the photos where Ji Young looks best.” How lovely!