Hwang Shin-hye’s Profile and Facts: Plastic Surgery, Graduation Picture, Movies and TV Shows

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All You Need to Know About Hwang Shin-Hye

Hwang Shin-hye is a South Korea senior actress. Before becoming a celebrity, she studied to become flight attendant at Inha Technical College (an annex to Inha Institute of Technology, which is parent institution of Inha University). She initially started her career through modelling for Taepyeongyang Cosmetics.

In 1983, while still a student, she made her acting debut in the television drama Father and Son, and quickly gained fame as “the most perfect face in Korea.” Her first film was Bae Chang-ho’s 1987 melodrama Our Sweet Days of Youth, in which she played a divorcee who marries her true love. She would also go on to star in a large number of films by director Park Chul-soo, beginning with The Woman Who Walks on Water. A recent drama series that she played in was SBS’s Legend of The Blue Sea in 2016, where her roles were becoming Lee Min Ho and Lee Ji  Hoon’s mother. Hwang has one daughter from her first marriage named Lee Jin Yi, who ended up following her mother’s career path and becoming a celebrity.

Hwang Shin Hye’s Profile

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  • Name: Hwang Shin Hye
  • Hangul name: 황신혜
  • Birthday: 15 December 1963
  • Birth place: Seoul, South Korea
  • Age: 55 Year
  • Height: 166 Cm
  • Weight: 49 Kg
  • Blood Type: A
  • Education: Inha Technical College
  • Spouse (s): Park Min-seo (m. 1998–2005), Lee Jeong (m. 1987–1988)
  • Children: Lee Jin-yi
  • Talent agency: SM C&C Management

Hwang Shin-hye’s Ageless Face and Body

Hwang Shin Hye is known as an ageless actress because she maintains a face with no wrinkles which has not changed from her past, along with a toned and firm body. Her skin and body look no different from when she was in her twenties, and proves that age is just a number because she is 55 years old now.

Some of her past pictures show that she has not changed much. Having continued to maintain a beautiful face and good body, she is also known as a ‘preservative beauty’. In an interview, she revealed the secret to her youthful skin: her rice water cleansing routine. She stated the fact that rice contains many vitamins and minerals that are helpful for the skin, and said that consistent cleansing with this water will allow skin whitening as well as lessening of blemishes or scars on the face.


She added that cleansing with rice water is beneficial for various aspects of skin care because it improves the skin’s cell activity that tightens and firms the face, while calming blemishes and acne. If you have really dry skin, especially in winter, and have to apply a high-saturated serum product, she added that it is important to find an ampoule product that suits your skin type that will moisturize and calm the skin.

In 2011, Hwang Shin Hye was featured on the TV show “Let Me In”, a show that gives participants a complete makeover with whatever necessary plastic surgery to make them look beautiful. Not only do they improve in terms of physical beauty, they receive professional diagnoses and therapy from highly respected doctors.

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During the TV Show, Hwang Shin Hye expressed her thoughts regarding plastic surgery. She stated, “Through the program I am meeting a lot of people who are experiencing a lot of discomfort in their lives, even though they are very talented and intelligent. People who appear on our show have a lot of problems carrying out normal everyday activities like eating. Through their physical transformation, many of their inner issues become healed. I think that is the secret of how our show was able to continue on to our third season.”

The show “Let Me In” breaks away the participants’ complexes and gives them a new chance at life. However, the highly controversial topic caused them to receive a lot of criticism from a number of viewers. Especially now that there are a significant number people who are addicted to undergoing plastic surgery procedures.