From NU’EST to Wanna One, Learn More About Hwang Min-hyun’s Rising Worldwide Popularity

Debut with Wanna One and Gaining Popularity Around the World

After months of anticipation, Wanna One finally debuted on August 7th, 2017, with their debut track “Energetic.” Their debut showcase was held at Korea’s biggest stadium, Gocheok Sky Dome, proving their popularity right off the bat. The stadium is composed of four different floors and could seat up to approximately 17 thousand people. The stadium is usually used for festivals, award shows, and year-end ceremonies, for essentially a rookie group to debut in such a venue is unheard of. Even with such a large capacity, tickets for their debut showcase were all sold out, with some scalpers eventually reselling tickets for amounts of up to USD $3000.

Following their explosive debut in Korea, the group started performing internationally as well, with appearances at Mnet’s flagship music festival abroad, K-Con, in the US and Japan. The group went multiple times and even headlined some of those festivals. Not only they toured all around Asia, and the US, but several other countries in between, proving that their popularity extends the bounds of Korea. This earned them recognition at the year-end award shows, with awards, such as the Global Popularity Award and the Popularity Award adorning their resume.

Wanna One’s Disbandment and NU’EST’s Comeback

As per contract and agreement between all the agencies involved, Wanna One promoted for a whole year and a half and was set to disband on New Years Eve 2018, no longer a group as the clock turns midnight. This was a sad time for fans but for some, they felt excitement as it meant Minhyun would finally return to Nu’est. This thought caused quite a stir among the fans because right as the clock stroke midnight, Pledis Entertainment, home of Nu’est, dropped a cryptic teaser titled NU’EST W Epilogue, signaling the end of the four-membered subunit and anticipating Minhyun’s return.

Fans felt this was insensitive to the fandom which was at the time mourning the disbandment of Wanna One. Not only that, the fandom had been quite split on the notion for a while, with some of Minhyun’s fans gaining a bad reputation for wanting him to never return to NU’EST, and this teaser just sparked the fire that could’ve been avoided by better management and planning on Pledis’ side. What was worse was that NU’EST was due for contract renewal in the first quarter of the year, thus Minhyun’s return was as good as up in the air at the time, as well as the other members’ decision regarding the future of the group.

Fortunately, Minhyun and the other NU’EST members renewed their contract came March and were able to once again promote as a five-member group. Minhyun officially returned to group activities as of March, with the group’s first solo concert since their debut. Not only that, but they also teased fans with new fan club membership goods and teasers for their comeback in April, a long-awaited return as a full group.

The group is also slated for a comeback in the month of April, having released the prologue track “A Song For You” and another one being Minhyun’s solo. Despite all these plans, fans could not help but feel anxious and have thoughts of their own about Minhyun’s return, causing quite a stir up in their fan cafe right before their comeback.


“Universe” is Minhyun’s solo pre-release track that was set out as a prologue for the group’s upcoming comeback. The music video was shot beautifully in Europe and follows Minhyun in his whirlwind of a romance, that took cues from the movie Eternal Sunshine of A Spotless Mind. The music video also set up the storyline for the upcoming group comeback and closed the storyline from previous NU’EST music videos.

Despite the anticipation, some fans felt that this is giving unfair treatment to the other NU’EST members. Fans of the other members felt that he is being given an opportunity that the other members are not able to get and the production level is way out of league, compared to other NU’EST music videos. In their perspective, it is unfair that he got all of the privileges just because it is his grand return to the group.

Minhyun’s Sister

Minhyun’s sister, Hwang Su-jin, is one of the most significant figures in his life as they are very tight, have a small age gap and spend a lot of time together. Minhyun often appears on his older sister’s Instagram page and so forth, proof that they are very close with one another and don’t mind spending time with each other. The two are very close despite Minhyun’s busy schedule and not being able to stay in contact often.

During his appearance on Knowing Brothers, Minhyun talked a little bit about his older sister; talking about how he communicates with his sister during his busy schedule and also answering questions regarding introducing his sister to his fellow members. He revealed that his older sister is only a year older than him and his members chimed in by saying they look a lot like each other. He talked about them not communicating much recently and also how she asked him to introduce her to EXO’s D.O.

Latest News About Minhyun

Recently, Minhyun has made a comeback with NU’EST, for the first time since he went on a hiatus to promote with Wanna One. The title track “BET BET” is a moody, future EDM track that is reminiscent of their songs before their appearance on Produce 101, combined with the more heavy bass found in the NU’EST W songs. The music video brings a sense of finality to the saga the group has built with previous songs, such as ‘Overcome” and “Love Paint.” Not only that, but Minhyun also did a solo pre-release, titled “Universe,” that blazed through the charts.

As for his solo promotions, Minhyun has also recently appeared in an episode of I Live Alone, marking NU’EST’s first appearance on the show. After his promotions with Wanna One, it seems that he has chosen to live apart from his members for more privacy using his earnings from the project group. Through the show, he shows off his very clean and meticulous personality that borderlines OCD. He cleans every surface until it is spotless, dusts each and every corner, and cannot stand anything being just a hair out of place.

In the fall, Minhyun is slated to make his debut as a musical actor, starring in the musical Marie Antoinette. The musical tells the story of Marie Antoinette and fictional character Margrid Arnaud’s dramatic lives. Minhyun has been cast for the role of Axel von Fersen, a Swedish count who is in love with Marie Antoinette. Despite his busy schedule, Minhyun has reportedly been making time to receive individual vocal training to prepare for his musical debut, a big step for any idol in the industry. With music by Sylvester Levay, Marie Antoinette premiered in Korea in 2014 in front of a total audience of about 140,000 and is set to return on August 24th, 2019 and be shown till November 17th, 2019.