Hwang Jung-min’s Profile and List of Movies

Personal Life Hwang Jung-min

Hwang got married in 2004 with his longtime girlfriend Kim Hye Mi, and they have one child together named Hwang Sae Hyun. His wife works as a musical actress. Their love started to spark after working in the same musical, Cats. They dated for 5 years.



While they were dating, Hwang revealed that he didn’t have much money to ask her to go on date, so he visited his wife’s practice room and played the saxophone for her. He also did not have much money when they were about to get married. He promised Kim they would get married with the limited money that he had, and then he started to become very famous. Hwang also revealed that he didn’t propose to his wife because of his personality. In order to make up for his mistake, he proposes to his wife on their wedding anniversary every year. In the show Healing Camp, Hwang showed his wedding photo of himself and Kim with swapped attire. The photo was displayed at the entrance of their wedding, and people laughed at the celebration.



Regarding his family, Hwang has one brother named Hwang San-joon.


Fun Facts Hwang Jung-min

  • Hwang is a big fan of baseball. His favorite team is the Doosan Bears.
  • Hwang is left handed except for when writing. He writes with his right hand.
  • Hwang’s specialties are playing basketball and musical instruments.
  • Hwang’s known as a fool for his son. While promoting the movie Asura, he made time to attend his son’s athletic day.
  • Hwang’s skin is naturally colored light tan.
  • Hwang’s close friends are Ji Jin Hee and Jo Seung Woo. Here are their photos while they were traveling, which was posted by Ji Jin Hee in Jo Seung Woo’s fancafe.