Hwang Jung-min’s Profile and List of Movies

Awards Hwang Jung-min

Year Award
2002 3rd Busan Film Critics Association Award


22nd Korean Film Critics Association Award – Rookie Idol Award


1st Korean Film Award – Best Supporting Actor


23rd Blue Dragon Film Award


5th Director’s Cut Award – Best New Actor

2005 4th Korean Film Awards – Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor


42nd Grand Bell Awards – Best Supporting Actor


26th Blue Dragon Film Awards – Best Actor

2006 29th Golden Picture Awards – Best Actor


3rd Max Movie Awards – Best Actor

2007 28th Blue Dragon Film Awards – Popular Star Award
2009 4th Golden Ticket Awards – Best Male Actor
2011 45th Taxpayers Day – President Citation


15th Montreal Fantasia International Film Festival – Best Actor

2013 34th Blue Dragon Film Awards – Best Actor
2015 35th Golden Cinema Awards – Grand Prize


52nd Grand Bell Awards – Best Actor


15th Director’s Cut Awards – Best Actor


2nd Korean Film Producers Association Awards – Best Actor


8th Seoul Senior Citizen Movie Awards – Couple Award



Career Hwang Jung-min


The theater has been a large part of Hwang’s life, and he made his debut in 1994 with the musical Subway Line 1. After starring in various plays, he started to transition into the movie industry. Hwang made his movie debut in the movie The General’s Son in 2001. However, this movie didn’t get a good response. Then, he starred as a supporting actor in the movies Shiri and Waikiki Brothers. Both movies got a great response even though Waikiki Brothers became a sleeper hit and was not as famous as Shiri.

Hwang has played diverse roles. In the movie Road Movie, he acted as a gay man on a road trip with friends. In the movie You Are My Sunshine, he acted as a farmer that fell in love with a girl with AIDS. Among his movies, the movie that made him the most famous was Ode to My Father. This movie had 14.26 million viewers in Korea itself. After that, he continued to act in movies with over a million viewers, such as Veteran, The Himalayas, A Violent Prosecutor, The Wailing, Asura, and The Battleship Island. Because most of his movies have over a million viewers, he became a member of the million viewer club, following actor Oh Dal Su and Song Kang Ho.



There’s no secret for his successful career. But, Hwang revealed that he carefully chooses his scripts. Based on his interview with Yonhap News (7/24/2015), he said that he chooses screenplays like he is choosing an interesting book that makes him want to give it to another person as a present. For him, movies are not for actors or directors, but for audiences. So, he looks for projects from the audience’s perspective.

He also added, “I believe if I’m happy and we (the cast and staff) are happy while filming, viewers will also be happy.”

Netizens speculate that Hwang never takes a break because he always has projects coming out that always become a hit. When asked whether he’s a workaholic or not, he just reacted to this statement positively.

“It’s true that Hwang Jung Min isn’t feeling very tired because he is happy when he works.”

Other than working as an actor, Hwang also works as a musical director. He directed the musical Assasin in 2012 and Okepi in 2015. With his wife, Kim Hye Mi, Hwang established their own company named SEM Company in April 2010. Their company is an entertainment group and produces musicals and plays. Other actors that work under SEM Company are Kang Ha Neul, Park Jung Min, Jeong Hoon, Han Jae Young, and Baek Ju Hoon.



SEM Company has produced some musicals such as Romeo and Juliet in 2016 and Richard III in 2018 that also star Hwang Jung-min.