Let’s Take a Look at Before and After Hwang Jung-eum’s Plastic Surgery!

Hwang Jung-eum rumor

Hwang Jung-eum’s Plastic Surgery Rumors

Hwang Jung-eum is one of the most popular actresses in South Korea. She is well-known for her appearances in the KBS2 drama Secret Love, the MBC drama Kill Me, Heal Me, and She was Pretty. As an actress that the public and the world all know, rumors of plastic surgery were sure to come up sooner or later. Let’s check out Hwang Jung-eum transformation through time.

Hwang Jung-eum’s Changing Looks, Through Time

Pre-debut Photos

hwang jung eum predebut
hwang jung eum young

Hwang Jung-eum’s Sugar Era

Hwang Jung-eum as Sugar member
Hwang Jung-eum as Sugar girlgroup

Hwang Jung-eum as an Actress

hwang jung eum she was pretty

Hwang Jung-eum: Plastic Surgery Clarification

Hwang Jung-eum plastic surgery clarification

On November 14, 2015, an episode of KBS2’s Entertainment Weekly shared an exclusive interview with Hwang Jung-eum. During the interview, the interviewer asked her to rate her own appearance. When she rated her current appearance as a C, the interviewer disagreed, and made her change her rating to a B+. When the interviewer asked Hwang Jung-eum about the plastic surgery rumors, she stated that she hasn’t had any surgery. You can watch the video below!