‘True Beauty’ Actor Hwang In-yeop: Profile, Facts, Dramas

Hwang In-yeop’s Viral Pre-debut Photos

hwang in yeop

In January 2021, Hwang In-yeop’s pre-debut photos suddenly went viral on Twitter. A Twitter user revealed Hwang In-yeop’s identity as a student of the Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai International School in Davao, Philippines. The account also uploaded Hwang In-yeop’s photos in their yearbook and class photos.

hwang in yeop

In the post, a Twitter user admitted that he initially did not believe the person in the photo was Hwang In-yeop. However, this was confirmed by the teacher from the school.

After graduating from high school, Hwang In-yeop is known to continue studying at the Philippine Women’s College Davao, Philippines. He majored in Fashion Design because he aspired to become a fashion designer.

The Twitter account also revealed that Hwang In Yeop used an “English name” while studying in the Philippines. Hwang In-yeop is known as Ryan Leon by his friends and teachers.

hwang in yeop

As a student in the Philippines, Hwang In-yeop often participated in various organizations and activities. He was a member of the Fine Arts Student Organization, Supreme Student Council, and PWU-PWC Alumni Foundation of Davao.

The user then posted Hwang In Yeop’s old photo before he became famous, which caused a number of reactions from fans.

On the same day as this Twitter post, a YouTube video was uploaded revealing an old video of Hwang In-yeop.

In the video titled “Hwang In Yeop – Pasayawa Ko Day (during their Intramurals) Davao Philippines,” the actor can be seen acting with a woman accompanied by a song in Tagalog.

It turned out that Hwang In-yeop and his female partner were taking part in the “Mr. & Ms. Intrams” event held at his high school. In the video, the two of them are seen wearing stickers that read the number four. Through his yearbook, Hwang In-yeop is known to have won the event and won the Mr. Intrams 2008.

Hwang In-yeop was also seen acting together with three of his female friends for a school project. In the video titled “HWANG IN YOUP IN DAVAO CITY PHILIPPINES – A video with his classmates for their school project,” he flirts with one of the three female friends.

In the caption, the YouTube user revealed that Hwang In-yeop’s video was recorded in 2009. He can be seen wearing brown glasses which were a hit at the time.

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