Did ‘True Beauty’ Actor Hwang In-yeop Have Plastic Surgery? Check Out His Past and Current Visual Appearances Here!

hwang in yeop plastic surgery

Hwang In-yeop: Between the Captivating Visual and Plastic Surgery

Do you know actor Hwang In-yeop? He is one of the most popular rookie actors nowadays, especially after he starred in the dramas 18 Again and True Beauty! He has such an ethereal visual and looks forever young despite being in his 30s. However, people started to wonder whether his visual is pure or did he undergo any surgery.

Through this article, Channel Korea will explain to you regarding Hwang In-yeop’s plastic surgery, so keep on reading!

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Actor Hwang In-yeop and the Plastic Surgery Rumor

hwang in yeop plastic surgery

Let’s get to know him first! Hwang In-yeop, also stylized as Hwang In-youp, is a rookie actor and model under Key East Entertainment. Initially, he started his career as a model thanks to his flawless visual and the amazing height that he has!

But, did you know that he used to dream of being a fashion designer? Long before his modeling career, Hwang In-yeop went to university and studied fashion design. As time went by, he became a model, and it also led him to challenge himself in acting. Despite his shy personality, her father also assured him to pursue an acting career.

hwang in yeop plastic surgery

After several supporting roles, Hwang In-yeop raised his fame through his role as Han Seo-jun in the romantic-comedy drama True Beauty! Hwang In-yeops’ chemistry with Moon Ga-young in ‘True Beauty’ also gained a lot of attention. Moreover, people also praised his visual, saying that he looked like a real Webtoon character. However, some people are skeptical about the realness of Hwang In-yeop’s beauty, even considering him having had plastic surgery.


Hwang In-yeop’s Pre-Debut Appearance

hwang in yeop plastic surgery

There is no official statement from Hwang In-yeop or his agency regarding the plastic surgery rumor, and he has many fans that don’t believe he underwent any plastic surgery. As a kind of evidence, there are several pictures from before he debuted starting from his childhood, teenage years, to his current appearance. Check them out here:

hwang in yeop childhood plastic surgery

Hwang In-yeop once shared his childhood picture on Instagram, @hi_high_hiy! We have noticed that his tiny eyes remained the same, right?

hwang in yeop pre-debut plastic surgery

There is a comparison picture of Hwang In-yeop in 2011 and 2020! Overall, his visual appearance hasn’t changed much, just way different on his hairstyle!

hwang in yeop predebut plastic surgery

Some people accused him of having a nose job, and they noticed that Hwang In-yeop’s jaw is more pointed currently. However, some features on his face are quite the same! What do you guys think?

Fan Reactions about Hwang In-yeop’s Pre-Debut and Current Appearances

hwang in yeop plastic surgery

Regardless of the pros and cons of Hwang In-yeop’s plastic surgery rumor, many fans have always praised his visual! Especially with his great fashion taste, Hwang In-yeop was born to be a star, right? Some fan reactions to his visuals are written as:

“Hwang In-yeop, a unique visual”

“HIY’s visual is godtier”

“Hwang In-yeop’s visual never disappoints!”

“Hwang In-yeop’s visual is just insane”

“This visual god omg”

“His visual is out of this world”

“His visual yall are you kidding me?!”

That is everything about Hwang In-yeop and the plastic surgery rumors! Despite the controversy and any opinion about his visual, let’s just focus on his career and stay supporting him endlessly! Well, which side are you on? Do you believe that Hwang In-yeop didn’t undergo plastic surgery? Or, do you believe that he did? Leave your comment down below, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!