Hwang Bo-ra’s Profile and Facts (Plastic Surgery, Dramas, Movies, and TV Shows)

Hwang Bo-ra

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Hwang Bo-ra is a South Korean actress. Hwang made her acting debut in 2003, and became popular after she played a quirky-looking “cup noodle girl” in a ramyeon commercial. In 2007, Hwang played the daughter/narrator in the black comedy Skeletons in the Closet (also known as Shim’s Family), for which she won Best New Actress at the Busan Film Critics Awards and Director’s Cut Awards.

Because of this, she was offered several roles in dramas. This was followed by supporting roles in films and television dramas such as Arang and the Magistrate (2012), The Firstborn (2013), and Cunning Single Lady (2014). From there, she has been gaining more and more popularity. It lead her to her appearance as the lead in the ghost romance Jumunjin (2010; which reunited her with Rainbow Romance co-star Kim Kibum), revenge drama Dangerous Women (2011), and horror movie Navigation (2014).

She is one of the leading actresses of her generation, with mysterious, beautiful looks and excellent performances. And not only has she achieved major success as a television star, but she has also worked on many feature-length films as well. Fans will hopefully see her in another feature film soon, but until then she can be seen in the ongoing series, Arang and the Magistrate.

Not many people know this, but she was once a trainee with SM Entertainment for what would become Girls’ Generation, although this would not last long and resulted in her becoming an actress.

Hwang Bo-ra’s Profile

  • Name: Hwang Bo-Ra
  • Hangul: 황보라
  • Birthdate: October 2, 1983
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Height: 164cm
  • Weight: 101 lbs. (46 kg)
  • Blood Type: O
  • Education: Dongguk University
  • Agency: Fantagio (2014–2016) and UL Entertainment (2016–present)
  • Family: Father is Kim Yong Gun and his older brother is actor Ha Jung Woo.

Hwang Bo-ra’s Plastic Surgery

For South Korean artists, having plastic surgery is a common thing. It is because as celebrities, they depend on their appearances for their work, which means their body and face has to look a certain way. Hwang Bo-ra is a South Korea artist. She has appeared in numerous TV series, shows, and movies. Are you curious about her background? Did she get her beautiful face from surgery or is it natural? Take a look at these pre-debut pictures of Hwang Bo-ra!

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What do you think? Do you think Hwang had surgery? Her transformation seems more like a puberty than a surgery. Until now, there has been no official statement from Hwang Bo-ra or her agency about the plastic surgery issue.

In 2016, she gained lots of public attention because of her selfies. On a recent online community, pictures were uploaded along with the caption, “Hwang Bo Ra’s self-photos look like they are from an R-rated movie.”

They were revealed to be pictures that Hwang Bo Ra had uploaded onto her personal homepage in July with the caption, “Good night.

In the photos, Hwang Bo Ra shows off her milky skin. In particular, she shows off her neck and collarbone line.

Netizens’ responses to the photos include, “I fell for her sexy self-photos,” “I discovered a different side of her through these photos,” “She looks perfect.”

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Hwang Bo-ra’s Movies and TV Shows

Movies List:

  • Phantom Detective | Tamjung Honggildong: Sarajin Maeul (2016) – used book store woman
  • The Phone (2015) – Kim Hye-Jin
  • Ordinary People | Sosimin (2015)
  • Chronicle of a Blood Merchant | Heosamgwan (2015) – Kye-Hwa
  • Navigation (2014)
  • Petty Romance | Jjae Jjae Han Romaenseu (2010) – writer interviewee (cameo)
  • Joomoonjin (2010) – Ji-Na
  • The Relation of Face, Mind and Love | Eolgulgwa Maeumgwa Sarangui Gwangye (2009) – Tae-Young
  • Dachimawa Lee (2008) – Strange Girl
  • Radio Dayz | Raduio Deijeu (2008) – Myung-Wol
  • Skeletons In The Closet | Johji-anihanga (2007) – Yong-Sun (daughter)

TV Series and Shows:

  • What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim | Kimbiseoga Wae Geureolgga (tvN / 2018) – Bong Se-Ra
  • The Miracle We Met | Wooriga Mannan Kijeok (KBS2 / 2018) – Song Sa-Ran
  • Borg Mom (MBC / 2017) – Koo Seol Soo Ji
  • Fight for My Way | Ssam Maiwei (KBS2 / 2017) – Chan-Sook (cameo)
  • Blow Breeze | Booleora Mipoonga (MBC / 2016) – Jo Hee-Ra
  • Entourage (tvN / 2016) – style director (ep.3)
  • My Horrible Boss | Wookssinamjunggi (JTBC / 2016) – Jang Mi-Ri
  • Mr Baek | Miseuteo Baek (MBC / 2014) – Yoo Nan-Hee
  • Cunning Single Lady | Angkeumhan Dolsingnyeo (MBC / 2014) – Kang Min-Young (Ae-Ra’s friend)
  • The Eldest | Madi (JTBC / 2013-2014) – Park Soon-Geum
  • Arang and the Magistrate | Alangsattojeon (MBC / 2012) – Bang-Wool
  • Love Rain | Sarangbi (KBS2 / 2012) – Hwang In-Sook in the 1970s
  • Dangerous Woman | Wiheomhan Yeoja (MBC / 2011-2012) – Kang So-Ra
  • Smile Mom | Wooteoyo Eomma (SBS / 2010) – Kim Mi-So
  • Road No. 1 | Rodeu Neombeowon (MBC / 2010) – girl from Jong-Ki’s hometown (special appearance)
  • Matchmaker’s Lover | Yeonae Keolheun (KBS2 / 2008) – Kim Soon-Young
  • My Girl (SBS / 2005-2006) – Ahn Jin-Sim
  • Rainbow Romance | Reinbowoo Romangseu (MBC / 2005-2006)
  • Lawyers | Byeonhosadeul (MBC / 2005) – Shin Ji-Na
  • A Man and A Woman | Bimilnamnyeo (MBC / 2005)
  • The Land | Doji (SBS / 2004)

Music Videos:

  • 2005 “Struggle” by F&F
  • 2010 “My Name’s Woman” by Bi Girl

Hwang Bo-ra is Dating Actor Cha Hyun-woo

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In 2014, Hwang Bora and actor Cha Hyun Woo (real name Kim Young Hoon) announced that they have been dating for about a year, after meeting at church.

One source close to the couple told Star Today, “The two share the same faith and have been seeing each other like normal people. Since they are both in their thirties, they are dating sincerely.”

Hwang Bora recently signed onto Cha Hyun-woo’s agency, Fantagio Entertainment, but the two had been dating before that happened. The two also had roles in the 2010 MBC drama “Road Number 1.”

Their agency confirmed that the two met at church ,and have been dating for a year, but denied any rumors of marriage.