Meet the #HunSoo Couple: Jisoo and Sehun’s Ship Name, Dating Rumors, Joint Projects, Moments, and More!

exo's sehun and blackpink's jisoo

Is There Any Spark Between EXO’s Sehun and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo?

Are you one of the #EXOPINK Ship fans? If you are, then this article is right on cue! Many EXO and BLACKPINK fans like to match their idols, even making such a cute nickname for them. One of the most popular paired couples is Sehun and Jisoo! They have the same flawless visuals level, one of the rising K-Pop stars, even capable of acting. Let’s find out the truth about BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and EXO’s Sehun’s relationship through this article by Channel Korea!

Meet The Visual Couple of the #EXOPINK Ship, Jisoo and Sehun!

exo's sehun and blackpink's jisoo

Oh Se-hun is a rapper, singer, actor, and member of EXO from SM Entertainment. He gained popularity after debuting with the boy group EXO and is widely known as the visual of the group. Despite his shy and cold appearance, Sehun is lively once you get to know more about him! Throughout the course of his career, Sehun has been involved in dating rumors with several female idols.

On the other side, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo is a singer, songwriter, and actress under YG Entertainment. She debuted as a BLACKPINK member in 2016 in the position of visual and lead vocalist – thanks to her ethereal beauty and angelic voice. Then, how can Jisoo and Sehun be intertwined?

jisoo and sehun

Many K-Pop fans have praised their visuals and somehow shipped them as a couple. It is part of supporting them and nothing particular. They even called them The Visual Couple of the #EXOPINK couple ship!

Are Jisoo and Sehun Dating For Real?

exo's sehun and blackpink's jisoo

K-Pop fans most likely are found to match couples from their idols, just like what EXO-Ls and BLINKs have done; a couple of ships of Jisoo and Sehun! All of a sudden, the dating rumor between Jisoo and Sehun started after some sources spread the news that the two of them are dating; a rumor that went as far as claiming that they were even caught by Dispatch.

However, the news isn’t true. Even though many fans have wished for them to be paired, it hasn’t happened in real life. The rumors seem to be completely made up by fans, and there is no official statement regarding the two artists dating. Currently, Jisoo and Sehun are not dating anyone and are strongly focused on their activities as artists.

Fans’ Reactions To the #HunSoo Couple

exo's sehun and blackpink's jisoo

Many fans would be very happy if Sehun and Jisoo were dating in real life, but in this case, it just hasn’t happened. But they are still fond of the thought of the two of them together. Here are some reactions from the fans about that:

“Jisoo and Sehun, the K-Pop industry’s top visuals”

“Dreamed of Sehun and Jisoo dating”

“OMG Sehun and Jisoo are dating???”

“Y’all out here saying Jisoo and Sehun are dating??”

“Jisoo and Sehun together can they start dating please”

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and EXO’s Sehun for ‘Pasha de Cartier’

exo's sehun and blackpink's jisoo

Despite the euphoria of Jisoo and Sehun’s dating rumors, both EXO-Ls and BLINKs are extremely excited after Jisoo and Sehun have been confirmed to have a collaboration together! This time, it’s not a music collaboration, but something as exciting as it sounds: they are involved in the ‘Pasha de Cartier’ digital project by the luxury brand Cartier!

jisoo and sehun

It was a digital project to commemorate the renewed launching of Cartier’s iconic watch named ‘Pasha de Cartier’. Jisoo and Sehun were chosen to be two out of the three Korean millennials to represent the project!

jisoo and sehun

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo was the first artist who decorated the project, and the second was EXO’s Sehun. There were a few teasers for the project which the fans noticed how remarkable they are. Not to mention that Jisoo and Sehun are popularly known for their mesmerizing visuals. Check out their portraits, here.

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BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and EXO’s Sehun’s Moments Caught by Fans!

blackpink's jisoo and exo

There are a few moments where Jisoo and Sehun have been caught together by the fans; and even though there is only a little interaction, the fans think that it was very memorable. Take a look at Jisoo and Sehun’s moments, here:

Jisoo was the MC of SBS’s Inkigayo with other K-Pop artists and interviewed EXO members including Sehun at that time!

Mostly, their moments have been spotted in music programs attended by both BLACKPINK and EXO. Even from far away, the fans could notice that Sehun and Jisoo were possibly looking at each other. Well, do you guys also think so?

Wanna Know The Similarities Between Jisoo and Sehun? Find More Details Here!

blackpink's jisoo & exo's sehun

We all know that Jisoo and Sehun are the visuals of their group, but they also have other similar things that fans have noticed, and here are the things:

DIOR Brand Ambassadors

jisoo and sehun

Jisoo and Sehun once became brand ambassadors for the luxury brand DIOR! Sehun was a DIOR Ambassador for some time and even he wanted to show his version of how to style DIOR products. Jisoo also got the same chance to be the global ambassador for DIOR’s fashion and beauty!

Puppy Lovers

jisoo and sehun

Do you know that Jisoo and Sehun are puppy lovers? Sehun has a lovely dog name Vivi and they have shared many cute moments! Jisoo also owned a cute dog name Dalgom or also known as Dalgomie. Both Vivi and Dalgom are fluffy white puppies that have received a lot of love from their owners!

Bright Smile

jisoo and sehun

Jisoo and Sehun can turn from an elegant person to a bubbly aura with their bright smiles! Once they start smiling, their eyes are tiny and they look super cute!

That is everything about Jisoo and Sehun’s dating information! Even though they aren’t dating in real life, we must agree that their visuals and togetherness are captivating! Do you think that Sehun and Jisoo look good together as a couple? Kindly drop a line with your comment in the section below, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media.