Calling All ‘HunRene’ Shippers! See all the Best Moments Between Red Velvet’s Irene and EXO’s Sehun!

Details About Red Velvet’s Irene and EXO’s Sehun’s Relationship

Irene is the leader of the idol girl-group Red Velvet. She was born in 1991. Sehun is the youngest member of the idol group EXO, and was born in 1994. Sehun and Irene work under the same big agency, SM Entertainment, which houses both Red Velvet and EXO. In 2012, EXO first debuted as a boy-group from SM with the song Mama. In 2014, Red Velvet debuted with the single Happiness.

Both groups have since gained tremendous popularity among K-pop fans. Coming from the same agency, their schedules are sometimes very similar. Some fans loved it when they shared moments between the two groups, especially those between Sehun and Irene. The shippers called them HunRene, as they sometimes have a cute moment as Noona (older sister) and Dongsaeng (younger brother).

Meet The Fantasy Couple Made by Fans, Red Velvet’s Leader, Irene and EXO’s Maknae, Sehun

SM Entertainment is famous for managing artists who have beautiful faces and extraordinary talent, so much so that some people call it the SM Flower Garden. Likewise, Sehun and Irene both have unusual visuals that really stay with people.

Irene was born on March 29, 1991. Sehun was born on April 12, 1994. Although Irene is three years older than Sehun, fans like to see them together. Besides that, the difference in height between the two became a source of discussion among netizens. Petite Irene is only 158 cm, and Sehun is 183 cm tall, making shippers think they look cute together.

Irene was a trainee at SM for five years, joining SM in 2009, while Sehun auditioned in 2008 and was a trainee for four years. Their trainee periods overlapped, giving them a chance to become close even before their groups debuted.

Irene and Sehun’s Photoshoot

Netizens were amazed by a collaboration the two idols did for Ceci magazine. As models in Ceci magazine, they showed interesting chemistry. The photoshoot was with Louis Vuitton and UNICEF (UN agency for children), and aimed to help children throughout the world. Sehun and Irene wore jewelry from Louis Vuitton, necklaces and bracelets, with the idea that the jewelry they wore would be sold and the proceeds would be donated to UNICEF.

This social campaign was called Make A Promise, and used Sehun and Irene linking their little fingers while wearing jewelry. Sehun and Irene looked elegant in formal attire. In an interview, they explained the campaign, “Hello, this time Irene Noona and I shoot a cover for children around the world. It’s such an honor to be able to do this photoshoot,” Sehun explained.


Sehun and Irene’s Moments and Interaction

In addition to their cute closeness in the Ceci and Unicef photoshoot. Sehun and Irene have had other cute moments at several events. One of them was when SM Entertainment held a workshop for all its employees in Hawaii. The two of them were seen covering their faces with blankets so people wouldn’t figure out who they were. Sehun’s face was pretty clear, but not with the woman walking next to him. While in Hawaii, the members of Red Velvet always covered their heads to hide their hair color because, at the time, Red Velvet would be making a comeback with a song called Russian Roulette. The fans believe that the woman walking beside Sehun was Irene, because Irene never showed her hair color while in Hawaii and she always used the same hat.

HunRene shippers’ belief increased when Sehun once mentioned that his ideal type was older women who were bubbly, neat, and looked innocent. Fans immediately suspected that the woman he meant was Irene. Sehun had been seen secretly watching Irene who was nearby, and so was Irene who glanced at Sehun several times. And below is a compilation of the moments and interactions of leaders from Red Velvet and the maknae of EXO. Check it out!