Learn More About TXT’s Huening Kai’s Korean-American Parents

TXT's Huening Kai's Parents

All Things You Should Know About TXT’s Huening Kai’s German-Korean Parents

TXT or also known as Tomorrow X Together is a 5-members K-Pop group under Big Hit Entertainment. One of their members, Huening Kai can really be noticed because he visually looks different from the other members.

For your information, TXT’s Huening Kai is not pure Korean and he also has mixed blood from his parents. Are you curious about TXT’s Huening Kai’s parents and his family background? Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more in this article below!

TXT’s Huening Kai’s Came From Adorable Family

TXT's Huening Kai's Parents

Huening Kai was born and lived in Hawaii, America for one month. He briefly returned to South Korea to meet his extended family before moving to China and living there for 7 years. He moved back to South Korea when he was 8 years old.

“After I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, my family and I immediately moved to China. My mother is South Korean and my father is a singer in China (Brazilian who has German blood). Automatically, I know Korean songs (because his mother is a Chinese singer). South Korea),” TXT’s Huening Kai stated.

TXT's Huening Kai's Parents

He also said that the singer’s bloodline from his father and mother who came from South Korea made him venture to go to South Korea and audition for Big Hit.

“At first my family was very worried, but I remained confident because in my opinion, I have lived in Korean culture and can speak Korean,” he said.

TXT's Huening Kai's Parents

With a mixed family background, it’s no wonder that Huening Kai is multilingual. He is fluent in Mandarin, Korean, Portuguese, and English.

TXT’s Huening Kai’s Father: Nabil David Huening

TXT's Huening Kai's Parents

Nabil David Huening is German-born in Brazil and raised in America. Huening Kai also has Polish and Scottish ancestry from his father. Nabil Huening himself is a singer and celebrity in China. He even released an album titled ‘Virtues In Us’ in 2007 in English and Chinese.

After Huening Kai debuted as a TXT member in 2019, it was revealed that Huening Kai was Nabil David Huening’s son. They are widely known for their very father-son look, but this is the first time their demeanor and laughter have been compared.

TXT's Huening Kai's Parents

Huening Kai and his father not only have a similar appearance, but they also have the same laugh, and all the fans love it. Many comments from fans were surprised to see the similarities between the two of them, such as:

“In the past, I didn’t really think they looked very similar visually, but when you watch videos of him, you understand. They’re like the same person,”

TXT's Huening Kai's Parents

“Wow, his father is very handsome. He looks like an actor,” said another netizen. “The power of genetics,”

“The way they act and the way their mouth moves,”

“They both look like a character from an American teen drama.”

“He looks like Huening Bahiyyih too,”

TXT’s Huening Kai’s Mother: Jeong Yeonju

TXT's Huening Kai's Parents

TXT’s Huening Kai stole the attention of many people because of its visual which looks like a mix of blood. Actually, he also has a pure Korean mother, named Jeong Yeonju. Unlike his father, TXT’s Huening Kai’s mother’s identity is never revealed.

However, TXT’s Huening Kai still maintains the privacy of his family well and fans also respect the privacy of his personal life.

Well, that was all for the information about TXT’s Huening Kai’s parents. He is a multitalented idol who has a supportive and warm family background, right? Let’s keep sending love and lots of support for him, hopefully, his future career can shine even more!