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Lee Ho-won, Singer and Actor

Lee Ho-won, more commonly known by his stage name, Hoya, is a South Korean singer. He began his journey in the entertainment industry as a former trainee from JYP Entertainment. More recently, he’s ended his contract with his current agency, Woolim Entertainment. Hoya is known by his rap, vocals, dancing, and acting. He is the main dancer in Infinite (a K-pop boy-group who debuted in 2010). He then formed a sub-unit called Infinite H with his fellow Infinite member, Dongwoo. He made his acting debut in the tvN drama, Reply 1997, and since his debut he has had roles in a number of dramas.


From 2015 to 2017, Hoya starred in several variety shows and sitcoms. He starred in SBS’s melodrama Mask. He also became a contestant in Mnet’s dance survival show, Hit The Stage. He was cast in the sitcom Strong Family in 2017. Unlike his fellow group members in Infinite, Hoya chose not to renew his contract with his agency, Woollim Entertainment, and he decided to depart from the group. In September, he made his musical debut in Hourglass, a play based on the mega-hit Korean drama Sandglass. He then starred in MBC’s cop drama, Two Cops.


Currently, Hoya is working under Glorious Entertainment. The agency is home to other celebrities, such as Ji Chang-wook and Hyun Woo. The reason why he chose Glorious is that they were willing to let him released an album. He said, “By mere chance, I was able to meet the president and talk with him. He said he wanted to sign a contract with me because he thinks I can do various things, since I can sing, dance, and act. So I told him, ‘I don’t have to act, but I must release an album,’ and he willingly said he would let me do it. He said, ‘I don’t know anything about music, so do whatever you want,’ so I thought this was the best path for me to take in order to do the music I want. The agency has no intention of making money through my album anyways, so I think I can make money for them by acting while doing music I want. In reality, I am currently making an album without my agency interfering. It’s definitely a lot harder, but it’s more fun.”


In 2018, Hoya made his solo debut on March 28 with his first mini album, Shower. The mini album consist of 6 songs, Shower (Intro), Angel, All Eyes On Me, 점 (Reply), 한숨 (Sigh), 춤 (DANCE) (Outro).

He was then cast in the romantic comedy drama Devilish Charm. In the midst of it all, Hoya also went on Immortal Song 2, which was broadcast on August 4 and eventually won the episode by getting the highest scores there.

Hoya also became a dance mentor on the KBS variety program, Dancing High. Dancing High is a variety show focused on teaching and mentoring the teens in Korea in dance.Team Hoya consists of NCT’s Ji Sung with Eun Min, Hyeon Woo, Yun Joon, Dong Hyun, Se Hyun and Joon Hee. On one occasion, Coach Hoya treated his newly adopted kids to a samgyupsal feast and proclaimed a free pass to visit his brother’s restaurant anytime.

On September 12, Hoya also released a digital single, titled ‘Baby U’, featuring Kriesha Chu in the music video.

He recently uploaded his cover of Paul Kim with the title song, Me After You, on his personal YouTube account.

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