She Has a Body Like a Model, How Tall is After School’s Nana?

After School Nana

An Idol with Ideal Body Proportions: After School’s Nana

What do you think when you see members of Korean girl groups? Most of them have a great body, tall stature, slender legs, slim body, and other good things that we can’t probably mention one by one. Among the female idols, After School’s Nana is one of the many who have the ideal body proportions, just like a model that every girl could get jealous of. Not only she has been receiving a nomination at “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces” by TC Candler every year from 2014 to 2018, but she also has a body of a model that adds to her points. Are you curious about Nana’s body proportions? Let’s take a look at them!

Nana’s Height

After School Nana Height

As we all know, Nana is among the female idols with tall stature. To be exact, she has a height of 1,71 m, a piece of information she revealed in Beatle’s Code 3D that was broadcasted by Mnet on April 8th. With this, she is one of the tallest members within her group, After School.

Because of her height, she has gotten many opportunities to star in many advertisements as well as being active in the modeling field. It is also easy to spot her in a magazine photo shoot where she beautifully shows her great body figure. Here are a few photos of her as a model in magazine photo shoots:


After School Nana Allure


Nana in CeCi
Nana in Cosmopolitan

Nana’s Body Proportions

After School Nana Cosmopolitan

On the April 8th broadcast of Mnet’s Beatle’s Code 3D, Orange Caramel and Crayon Pop appeared on the show as guests. While examining Orange Caramel’s unique looking sushi themed outfit, Nana revealed her body measurements, namely her height, weight, and waist size.

Nana revealed that her height is 171 cm (5 ft 6 in) while her weight is 49 kg (108 lbs). She also added that her waistline is 25 inches. Furthermore, Nana said that the dress size that she was wearing at that time was 55 (medium) after the MCs mentioned that the outfit seemed too small even for a mannequin. When Shin Dong-yeob jokingly asked if the distribution near the chest area is big, Nana hilariously replied that it is really big, which caused laughter in the studio.

As she has a great body figure, it is not a rare sight for her to star in a health product advertisement or advertisement that has a connection with sports. It is also common for her to have an advertisement for clothes or a photo shoot that is related to summer. Here are some more photos of her:


After School Nana Juvis Advertisement
After School Nana Legging Advertisement
Nana in BNT
Nana in bnt

Netizens’ Reaction

After School Nana

When Nana’s body proportions were revealed, there were various reactions that were given regarding the topic.

On Instiz, a netizen posted various photos of Nana’s photo shoots, behind-the-scenes photos, even fan taken photos to show her great body figure. Regarding these photos, there were many positives comments for her showing admiration for her great body figure. There were many comments, such as “I wish I could pay to have her body,” “Her bone structure and proportions… She’s so gifted…” “What a crazy body she has,” and many others that compliment her great body figure.

This shows that even the netizens acknowledge that Nana, indeed, has a great body figure that everyone could get jealous of. Are you also jealous of Nana’s body figure?

What do you think about Nana’s body proportions? Do you also want to have a body just like Nana’s? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about After School’s Nana’s height in the comment section!