Find Out More About The “How Did I Get Here? W/ Jae of Day6” Podcast

And When Guests Visited Jae’s Weekly Podcast and Talk About Interesting Topics

You will never get tired listening to Jae’s podcast because every week you will be served a different type of episode. Not always hosting solo, sometimes there are episodes where Jae talks about things with a guest that stops by.

This is when the Korean singer AleXa came to How Did I Get Here W/ Jae of Day6 and educate Jae and the listeners about how to wash our hands properly.

Let’s find out if Jae and Eric Nam can multi-task. Is it really important to be able to multi-task? Check out the video down below!

Have you ever experienced a lucid dream before? Do you know that you can actually control your dreams? But how to do that and how to notice that? Jae and Dave from The World of Dave talked about it in the video below!


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