Find Out More About The “How Did I Get Here? W/ Jae of Day6” Podcast

A Podcast That Makes You be Knowing More But Not Feeling All That Much Smarter

Are you a fan of K-pop music but are tired of the content from your favorite K-pop groups? Feeling bored with the lists of K-dramas that you want to watch but don’t have enough time to finish them? Do you want some refreshment beside doing streaming or getting updated on the news from your favorite Korean oppas and noonas? Well, it’s time for you to listen to a new podcast.

The podcast came from Dive Studios, and it’s called How Did I Get Here w/ Jae of Day6. You might have heard about podcasts before, but this podcast is different from the other podcasts out there. Not only is it hosted by Jae, the genius guitarist and vocalist from the band called Day6 from JYP Entertainment, but also because this podcast will make you think harder about life.

What kind of podcast is How Did I Get Here? w/ Jae of Day6? Is it really that good? Is it really worth of your time? Will you sleep well after listening to the podcast? Instead of just wondering about it, why don’t we take a look at the details of How Did I Get Here? w/ Jae of Day6!

How Did I Get Here? w/ Jae of Day6

How Did I Get Here? w/ Jae of Day6 is a weekly podcast that will be released every Tuesday. You can see the host’s name in the title. Yes, it’s your boy Jae of Day6, or we can just call him Jae.

For those of you who don’t know about our host, Jae is a guitarist, vocalist, and the oldest member of Day6, a South Korean rock band under JYP Entertainment. Jae was born and raised overseas, which is why he’s fluent in English and hosted this English-language podcast.

The podcast only has one official host, but Diane Kang, the writer or producer of the podcast, also gets the mic, so that Jae has a co-host. The interaction between Jae and Diane will make you feel like you are all sitting together at a table, talking about the topic and sometimes talking about things that are completely unrelated to it.

How Did I Get Here? w/ Jae of Day6 brings up topics that you might have googled or explore from the Internet, the random thoughts you get at 2 AM when you should be sleeping but your brain is wondering about what the placebo effect is, or who came up with the idea of the question mark. Well, on this podcast, Jae (and Diane) talk about all those random thoughts and figure out what things are, or whether something is true or just a myth.


Jae, who usually has a laptop in front of him, reads the article about a topic and talks about it more deeply. Diane usually knows more about the topic and makes you, the listener, as well as Jae, the host, think, “Hmm, interesting.

Let’s explore How Did I Get Here? w/ Jae of Day6 by taking a look at some of the highlights of each episode.

The Times when Jae Blows Not Only His, But Also Your Mind

The 2 AM thought can be the most random thought ever. You could be suddenly thinking about something that is not related to your daily life, but that thing makes you curious and you suddenly really want to know about it. That’s more or less what How Did I Get Here? w/ Jae of Day6 is. All of the things about this podcast will make you think hard about life.


Just like the tagline of the podcast, How Did I Get Here, the show lets us live our best life on the Internet come out the other side knowing more, but not feeling all that much smarter. You probably don’t really understand the tagline at first, but by the end of the show, you (hopefully) will.

Instead of just talking about it, let’s take a look at some episodes where Jae talks about things that might blow your mind.

This is the episode where Jae talked about the placebo effect. What is the placebo effect and is it really effective? Find out more in the highlight below!

Jae debates which one is better, nature or nurture? Jae claimed that he prefers nurture better, but what made hims tart thinking about it? Find out on the highlight of the episode down below!

This is where Jae finds out that the night owls tend to have a higher IQ than those who go to sleep earlier. What is the reason behind it? Find out more in the highlight below!

Do you know that when you feel low-key about something, it means that your level is high enough, while when you’re bragging about something it means that you haven’t gone that far? It’s the Dunning-Kruger Effect, everyone!

Or When We Get to Know Jae Better Thanks to HDIGH

Listening to How Did I Get Here w/ Jae of Day6 not only lets us know about interesting facts out there, but also to learn interesting fact about our host, Jae. There are questions that are asked at the end of the episodes, usually the questions wanting Jae’s opinion about something. Sometimes, while discussing the topic for an episode, Jae talks about his preferences and reveals facts about himself that he probably never revealed to anyone else before.

This is the episode where Jae said that his bandmates Sungjin and Young K have caught Jae talking and doing weird things in his sleep.

Does Jae have any pet peeves? Find out the answer in the video below!

When Jae shocked everyone by saying that he doesn’t have an inner monologue.

Jae was once named Brian when he was a kid, did you know that? What do you think Jae will be naming his future daughter? Let’s find out on the video below!