HOTSHOT’s Taehyun: Full Profile, Fun Facts, Appearance In ‘Produce 101’, etc.

About HOTSHOT’s Taehyun’s Personality

Roh Taehyun is full of talents. He was part of the krump dance crew Monster WOO FAM and made a name for himself in the underground dance scene as Kid Monster before debuting with HOTSHOT. Ever since he started his career as a musical actor, he seems to have fallen in love with the musical.

Focus Fan-cam

Fan-cams typically focus on a single particular group member as they sing and dance, and they’re wildly popular on Twitter as a way to promote the group. A focus fan-cam is also a thing that enables you to see your favorite idol up close. Below, Channel-Korea presents you with a focus fan-cam of HOTSHOT’s Roh Taehyun. Check it out!

Check out the compilation of fans’ reactions to Taehyun’s focus fan-cam, here:

  • Taehyun, are you a genius? What can’t you do?ᅮHyuni, it’s so nice to see you on stage after a long time.ᅮᅮᅮᅮ
  • TAEHYUN shines more on stage *crying emojis*
  • He is finally back after the disbandment of JBJ I still listen to JBJ no matter what
  • thank you for coming back hotshot <3
  • Roh Tae Hyun is the best. He’s so cool.ᅲᅲ
  • Roh Tae-hyun’s real tone is crazy, the dance line is crazy, and you’re crazy😍
  • After all, Roh Tae-hyun tone expression dance singing ability is the best cool
  • I love Tae Hyun-ah, so beautiful❤️❤️
  • It is Roh Tae-hyun after all… The stage smashed as well my heart
  • How do I dance like that?

HOTSHOT’s Taehyun’s Solo Debut

On January 24th, 2019, Taehyun released his debut solo extended play Birthday. The EP consists of four tracks such as “biRTHday,” “I Wanna Know” (title track), “Love Lock,” and “하늘별 (Haneulbyeol).” It marked the beginning of his career as a solo artist.

Check out Roh Taehyun’s “I Wanna Know” music video, here:

Music Video

Focus Fan-cam

Check out the fans’ reactions to Roh Taehyun’s solo debut song and appearance on music shows:

  • For who doesn’t know him, he’s hotshot member and produce 101 finalist, and I have to say he’s the best dancer at produce 101
  • HIS VOCALS ARE LIT IM NOT JOKING Even when he was in JBJ, his vocals are really outshining the others! His voice is really dynamic and trendy! 8 is a low rank for Roh Taehyun! Stream his music video, let’s support him!
  • I never expected him to go solo but it actually suits him!!! ♡
  • his vocal tone is so unique! I love hearing him sing!
  • first time hearing this song.. but this song is so good…. hope this time he could get better achievement
  • He looks so happy. I feel like he’s really in his element. I’m really glad he’s doing solo stuff, too. His voice is one of my favorites.
  • I’m pretty sure JBJ fans would not let Taehyun down (and HOTSHOT fans of course). Taehyun is such a great vocalist and I hope that he’ll do well for the next songs that he will be releasing!
  • hotshot should try this concept, its amazing! I’m proud of you Taehyun!
  • Shout out to joyfuls and hotshot fans out there!😌 congratulations to our leader solo debut!😭💜
  • remember when he was Kid Monster the main dancer who got barely any lines in hotshot songs, now look at him getting his solo debut I AM SO PROUD OF HIM
  • Nice clickbait Mnet. Taehyun’s smile is 😍😍
  • he slayed the live singing while dancing like that WOW


HOTSHOT’s Taehyun In Produce 101

noh taehyun

In March 2017, Roh Taehyun appeared on Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 2 along with his HOTSHOT fellow member Ha Sungwoon. They both got an A-rank as the result for the next stage. They had a very captivating audition and left the other participants in admiration.

Check out their audition for Produce 101 Season 2, here:

Also, check out Roh Tae Hyun’s iconic choreography for Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You,” here!

Fans’ reactions:

  • If Kim Jonghyun is the nation’s leader then Noh Tae Hyun is the choreography leader
  • This is Noh Taehyun, He choreographed this, He led this team to the very best of his abilities. This is also Noh Taehyun who is not even close to the top 11! What is wrong with people?! Please vote him up and don’t let his talent go to waste! We don’t know if he will have a future as an idol after this…He is just as deserving as some of the guys at the top!
  • Why are people still sleeping on him when he did that amazing freestyle krump, make the geography for an entire performance. After all he did, don’t you guys think he should debut, plus he’s talented…

Unfortunately, Roh Taehyun was eliminated in Episode 10. But then, on October 18th, 2017, he released his album Fantasy and made his debut as a member of JBJ. JBJ was a boy group of cast members of Produce 101 Season 2.


Taehyun seems to have joined a clay workshop. It’s like a handmade project by crypt. Check out his latest Instagram feed, here!

Based on his Instagram post, fans have missed him. His Instagram comment section was filled with fans’ missing Taehyun because he rarely posts on SNS.

The comment section was filled with posts along the lines of, “hey, hyonie 🙁 I miss you, can you post something ?” “I miss u 😡😡😡😡😡😡😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭,” “I hope Taehyun posts something again T^T,” and “Please take care of yourself💖💖💖,” etc.



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