All You Need to Know About HOTSHOT Members Profile (Name, Age, Height, Religion and Etc)


The Group With Undeniable Talents, HOTSHOT!

HOTSHOT is a South Korean boy-band managed by Star Crew Entertainment (formerly K.O Sound and Ardor & Able). The group consists of 6 members without any lineup changes since their debut. There are Junhyuk, Timoteo, Taehyun, Sungwoon, Yoonsan, and Hojung. They officially debuted in 2014 with a digital single titled “Take A Shot” which was produced by Shin Hyuk, who composed EXO’s Growl.

In 2017, more than half of the members participated in survival shows to earn more popularity. Taehyun and Sungwoon participated in “MNET’s Produce 101 : Season 2” in early 2017, meanwhile Timoteo and Hojung participated in “KBS’s The Unit : Idol Rebooting Project” in late 2017. Unfortunately, at the end of both shows, only Sungwoon and Hojung successfully managed to join the final temporary boy group “Wanna One” and “UNB”. Taehyun was also added into the fan-imagined group called JBJ, which was managed by Fave Entertainment.

HOTSHOT Official Accounts:
Facebook: 2014Hotshot
Twitter: @starcrew_ent
Instagram: @officialhotshot



Agency / Label : Star Crew Entertainment (formerly K.O Sound and Ardor & Able)
Debut Date : October 29th, 2014
HOTSHOT Official Fan Color : Burgundy
Number of Members : 6

Before their official debut, the group began building their name and releasing a series of videos called ‘HOTSHOT VOLUMES’, plus a webtoon called ‘HOTSHOTTOON’. They also held fan signing events in 20 different places around Korea.

A HOTSHOT is defined in the dictionary as a person who is exceptionally talented or successful in his or her field like sports. They chose the name “HOTSHOT” because on foreign charts, the word HOTSHOT is placed next to breakthrough songs and singers. They wanted to be viewed as a hotshot by the public.


Choi Jun-Hyuk


Real Name : Choi Jun Hyuk (최준혁)
Stage Name : Junhyuk (준혁)
Nicknames : Choi Giraffe (최기린), Choi Leader (최리더)
Position : Leader, Main Vocalist
Birthdate : April 21st, 1992
Birthplace : Ulsan, South Korea
Zodiac Sign : Taurus
Nationality : Korean
Height : 183 cm (6’0″)
Weight : 66 kg (145 lbs)
Blood Type : B
Education : Sehan University
Languages : Korean
Instruments : Piano
Favorite Food : Meat
Siblings : N/A

Social Networks : TwitterInstagram / Youtube Account : 최준혁 / Soundcloud (2)

 Interesting facts about Choi Jun-Hyuk

  • “I’m HOTSHOT’s leader, main vocal, father, and dictator.”
  • Former trainee of SM Entertainment with Timotheo.
  • He appeared in Double K’s “랩운동” MV.
  • Junhyuk participated in “Superstar K2”, reaching #24 at the end of this program (2010).
  • He likes to give orders.
  • His hobbies are playing the piano and buying clothes.
  • He enjoys composing and is a great singer and songwriter.
  • He can imitate Hojung’s voice.
  • He can touch his nose with his long tongue.
  • He write songs.
  • Complex: Abdominal flash (flank).
  • The past he wants to forget : First debut stage.
  • First love: 2012.
  • Bad luck : 2012 (first love).
  • Things he dislikes : “When I have to patch things at home”.
  • Happiest / Tough moment : First debut stage, First comeback stage.
  • Special ability : Composing own songs.
  • Attractive area : Lips.
  • Supporting moment : The time when fans tell me to work hard.
  • Motto: “It’s a long way to go”.
  • Calls the fans “My Loves”.
  • “It’s not really a habit, but I go to Lotte World Mall often. It’s near our dorm, so I enjoy people watching and window shopping.”
  • The HOTSHOT leader has an uncanny resemblance to actor Ryu Ju Yeol. When the
    interviewer told him this, he laughed and said, “I think I hear that more than three
    times a week. I even think we look alike. Personally, I really like it.”
  • Ideal Type : “I seem to like girls who look a little bad & have an Oriental look. Also, girls with sense of humour.”

 Kim Timoteo


Stage Name : Timotheo (티모테오)
Real Name : Kim Moon Kyu (김문규)
Nickname : Timo, Timo Kim
Position : Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, Face of the Group
Birthdate : January 25th, 1993
Birthplace : Seoul, South Korea
Zodiac Sign : Aquarius
Nationality : Korean
Height: 180 cm (5’11”)
Weight: 63 kg (139lbs)
Blood Type : B
Education : Sehan University, Korean Art High School, Seoul School of Performing Arts
Languages : Korean, Chinese, Japanese
Instruments : N/A
Favorite Color : Blue
Favorite Drink : Bubble tea (Royal tea)
Siblings : Older sister

Social Networkings : Twitter / Youtube Account : 김티모테오

 Interesting facts about Kim Timoteo

  • “I’m in charge of housewife’s eczema and personal connections in HOTSHOT.”
  • He was formerly an SM Entertainment trainee and was supposed to be the member of EXO. He left EXO because he got sick of waiting and stress from parents.
  • He’s dubbed as the second Kim Kibum (Super Junior).
  • He was a kid ulzzang, a child actor and a dancer.
  • He appeared in TVXQ’s “HAHAHA song” along with EXO’s members. He also appeared on Double K’s “랩운동” MV, and The Grace’s “My Everything” MV.
  • He participated in the Korean variety show “Truth Game”.
  • Starred in a KBS short drama with Sulli.
  • Some of his close friends are SHINee’s Taemin, EXO’s Kai, TEEN TOP’ Niel, VIXX’s Ravi, etc. He is also close with VIXX’s Hongbin (as girlfriend) and SJ’s Zhoumi (as dad).
  • He is also friends with Amber of f(x), Johnny of SR14B, Sehun of EXO, Bohyung of SPICA, Henry of Super Junior M, Kyuhyun of Super Junior.
  • He’s in charge of cooking and cleaning, meanwhile the other members just sit and do nothing.
  • Timoteo and Taehyun secretly read webtoons in the practice room whenever they could. One day they got caught and made up excuses about how popular webtoon was and advised to use it as a promotional platform, but the staff liked the idea.
  • His hobbies are shopping / buying clothes.
  • He has the habit of touching his nose when he gets nervous / embarrassed.
  • He can make a fruit washing sound.
  • Was baptized Timothy (Timoteo), after a saint.
  • Can do an impression of Park Hyoshin.
  • Complex : Big nose.
  • The past he wants to forget : First debut stage.
  • First love : Mom.
  • Bad luck : First broadcast.
  • Favorite things : Famous restaurant.
  • Things he dislikes : Can’t go to a famous restaurant.
  • Happiest / Tough moment: First debut stage.
  • Special ability: Heodang’s personality (a person who looks perfect but is actually sloppy).
  • Attractive area : Shoulder.
  • Supporting moment: Support of Dad, Mom, Noona.
  • Motto : “With Feel!”.
  • Shoes’ size : 260, Clothes’s size : L.
  • “The members like to drink together often, but my body can’t tolerate alcohol very well, so I only drink a glass of beer.”
  • Timoteo was a participant in ‘The Unit: Idol Rebooting Program’. In the end he ranked 10th.
  • Although he didn’t place in the top nine, Timoteo says he still gained something valuable. He revealed, “The biggest feat was being able to make our name HOTSHOT more known at least one more time. I was always referred to as “Taemin’s friend” or “Ha Sung Woon’s member” more than by my own name, but I am happy I was able to make my name more well-known to the public through this opportunity.”
  • “The Unit was a program where I really devoted all of my passion. Because I did everything I could, I feel relieved despite the outcome. I will remember it as the best thing I did in my 20s.” Also he said he wouldn’t be able to put a price on his six-month experience on the show.
  • Ideal type : “I prefer sexy girls, who seem strong but will treat me well after we become close… a style like San? *laughs* Overall, It will be good is she is mature.”

Noh Tae-Hyun


Real Name : Noh Tae Hyun (노태현)
Stage Name : Kid Monster (키드몬스터)
Nicknames : KIMON (키몬), Taebong (태봉), Noh Sensei (노센세)
Position : Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist
Birthday : October 15th, 1993
Birthplace : Seoul, South Korea
Zodiac Sign : Libra
Nationality : Korean
Height : 168 cm (5’6″)
Weight : 55 kg (121 lbs)
Blood Type : A
Education : Korean Art High School
Languages : Korean, Chinese, Japanese
Instruments : N/A
Siblings : One sister

Interesting facts about Noh Tae-Hyun

  • “I’m in charge of dance and mischief.”
  • He is a former YG Entertainment trainee.
  • He joined his current label from his singing skills, instead of his dancing skills (He majored in vocal back in high school).
  • No Taehyun started dancing in 9th grade, and joined the best Krump Dance Crew in Korea, ‘Monster Woo Fam’ in 10th grade, making him the youngest member there from 2007-2008. Participating in various battles, competitions, and concerts.
  • He appeared in Rude Paper’s “Fight like the lion” MV.
  • He can do dance with a ballad song.
  • He twisted his leg and tore his ligament while filming their Music Video debut.
  • He likes cartoons and comics.
  • He can do finger waves.
  • He can produce a growling sound from his throat.
  • Can do a ‘hat dance’ and do various impersonations.
  • Can imitate the Joker.
  • Things he dislikes : Mudfish soup.
  • Happiest / Tough moment : First debut stage (we’re on diet but we eat chicken), First debut stage (rehearsal).
  • Special ability : Culinary program, Watch the culinary programs, Krumping.
  • Attractive area : Eyes (that look like Jindo dog’s eyes), Nose.
  • Supporting moment : Handshake at the fanmeeting.
  • Motto : “When you do it, then do it!”, “Call it a round”, “Work hard while having fun!”.
  • He is friends with Girls Day’s Minah & Brave Girls’ Noh Hyeran.
  • His old stage name was Kid Monster but he announced on VLive that he changed his stage name to Noh Taehyun.
  • He appeared on ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ but has been eliminated on episode 10.
    Noh Taehyun debuted with JBJ (a group requested by fans, all made of trainees who ranked from 20-30 on ‘Produce 101’) in September 2017.
  • “It feels like I received a cosmetic surgery through the show. I feel like I came out as a completely different person and therefore, I think I should work even harder.”
  • Taehyun got into several controversies during his promotion with JBJ. During a radio show that JBJ was on, he used a term that’s used to talk informally about people of lower rank to describe his fans, and his statement in general seemed to look down on the way most fans think. He was also causing a stir about commenting on hitting ex-fans. Though he was likely joking, some netizens are taking issue with the idol star’s actions, calling them thoughtless and requesting a response from JBJ’s agency.
  • Ideal type : “I like girls who are kind inside and has a kind appearance too.”