HOTSHOT’s Hojung: Full Profile, Fun Facts, Focus Fancam, etc.

Find Out Detailed Information About The Hotshot Member With The Best Body—Hojung

Hotshot is a Korean boy band that debuted with the release of the single “Take A Shot.” Hotshot was formed by Star Crew Entertainment and debuted on October 29th, 2014.

Hotshot consists of six members: Junhyuk, Timoteo, Roh Taehyun, Sungwoon, Yoonsan, Hojung. Among the Hotshot members, Hojung was known for his visual. He has a great smile, sharp eyes, a tall frame, and muscular washboard abs. He oftentimes flaunted his body to fans while performing on the stage. Hojung participated in the idol survival program The Unit and ranked 3rd overall.

In this article, Channel-Korea will introduce you to everything there is to know about Hotshot’s lead vocalist Hojung. So, stay tuned!

Full Profile of HOTSHOT’s Hojung

Name: Go Hojung

Stage Name: Hojung

Date of Birth: October 20th, 1994

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 67 kg

Blood Type: O

Zodiac: Libra

Position: visual, maknae, lead vocalist, lead dancer

Education: Myeongji Vocational University, majoring in Theater

Instagram: @kkkhjM_

Fun Facts about HOTSHOT’s Hojung
  • He was born in the seaside city of Yeosu, South Jeolla Province
  • He is a multilingual idol and is able to speak Japanese and Thai
  • He went as far as ranking third overall in the idol rebooting program The Unit
  • His favorite girl type is someone like beautiful actress Han Yeseul who has a small face and prominent facial features
  • He has a very confident personality and considers himself to be the best in everything
  • Aside from having talent in language, he can play different kinds of music instruments He can play the piano and the guitar really well
  • He loves teasing fans by winking at them and flashing his washboard abs
  • He is currently enrolled in military service. Hojung is expected to finish his service on November 28th, 2021.
  • He was cast at Kangnam station when meeting his friend
  • He gained weight during the promotion with The Unit
  • He shared a room with Eujin in Hotshot’s dormitory
  • He gave a cup holder to Yoonsan as a birthday present and shared the present on an Instagram post.
  • Hojung participated in the 2017 Muscle Mania Orient Championship
  • Hojung was criticized for gaining a lot of weight during the promotion of UNB
  • He can change his image only by arranging his hair downward or upward
  • Hojung looked cute and dorky when he arranged his hair downward, but looked manly when he styled his hair upward
  • He is the third tallest member of Hotshot but he has the smallest face amongst all the members
  • Hojung is a close friend with UNB’s Ji Hanseol since their childhood days

About HOTSHOT’s Hojung’s Personality
  • Hojung is the member with the cutest act
  • He loves exercising and he often posts his exercise activities on Instagram
  • His main charming point is smiling eyes. Fans love his eyes and think that his eyes are very pretty
  • He is very close to addiction to exercising. He has the best body among Hotshot member
  • On the third anniversary of Hotshot’s debut day, he wore a schoolgirl uniform and a headband. He looked pretty in the uniform and fans loved his cute act

Focus Fan-cam

Hojung performed “That’s What I Like” as a member of the UNIT B group. All the performers were dressed in dapper suits like the spy in the Kingsman movie. Hojung captivated the crowd with his masculine look and tall frame. Aside from looking sexy and handsome, he also looked smart when wearing eyeglasses.

UNB performed on the stage of the M Countdown music program. The show was broadcast on April 12th, 2018. Hojung became the main performer and stood out among other idols. His maroon suit, wavy hair, and energetic dance were the main reason behind the excellent performance.

UNB chose a simple and casual outfit during the shooting of M Countdown. Hojung wore black training pants and a red-black sleeveless shirt. Underneath, he wore a comfortable white Ramones T-shirt. In the show, UNB performed “Black Heart.”

Hojung captured the attention of viewers during the performance in the Simply K-Pop music program. The program was broadcast in December 2018. Among all the Hotshot members, Hojung was the most stylish member. He wore a dapper and sleep purple suit. Perhaps, he should consider adding another profession as a fashion model because he looked handsome and dandy in the purple suit.

HOTSHOT’s Hojung’s Interview

Hojung widened his path in the Korean entertainment industry by acting in a web drama. He acted as the male lead actor in the historical drama Thank You My Friend. During the interview, Hojung wore an ordinary Korean soldier uniform. He looked manly and handsome in the uniform. However, when the announcer asked him to greet the viewers, he totally forgot his soldier character and greeted viewers with a very cute and casual greeting.

In the drama, he performed the role of a young Korean soldier that was dispatched alongside other soldiers in Vietnam during the Vietnam war. The drama was a Korean-Vietnamese collaboration drama. Thank You My Friend focused on the story of a young Korean soldier who fell in love with a Vietnamese woman during the war. There were many incidents that occurred because of the love story.

Hojung said that he endured difficult times during the shooting because the shooting was done outside in the field. He was out and exposed to the sun all day long. His skin turned into a slight tan and darker than usual. He immediately felt the actual life of a real soldier.

As time went by, he became more and more immersed in his character. He understood that all the soldiers felt lonely and missed their family and home country very much. Hojung said that his character was introverted but he had a deep passion and great responsibility and care for loved ones.

In the drama, Hojung acted alongside Gina of Laboum. Both of them were awkward during the first reading session. He already knew her from a music program but it was the first time to look at her closely.

Regarding his future project as an actor, Hojung wished to get involved in an action and musical drama or a movie project.

HOTSHOT’s Hojung in The Unit

Hojung and Timoteo participated in the idol survival program The Unit. The program was broadcast by KBS2 from October to February 2018. Hojung showed his incredible talent and gained 3rd overall rank in the final episode. Due to his achievement, he got the chance to promote as a UNB member for seven months. Also, he could go back to his original idol group when UNB wasn’t promoting.

In the 7th and 8th episode, Hojung claimed 4th overall position. He slid to rank 6th in the 20th episode, but in the final episode, he finally achieved 3rd rank.

During the audition for The Unit, Timoteo explained the situation behind Hotshot’s lack of progress in the idol industry. He said that at the time of their debut, there were not many opportunities and that their agency wasn’t in great condition.

On the audition day, Timoteo and Hojung made a cover of EXO’s “Ko Ko Bop.” The duo made an energetic performance and captivated the audience with their overflowing energy. Due to their performance, the audience gave a special ticket called the Super Boot ticket. It was a super rare audition ticket which meant that nearly 90 percent of the audience gave their vote for Hojung and Timoteo. It was a great achievement from the two Hotshot members. Upon gaining the ticket, Timoteo and Hojung could proceed directly to the main program without the need for any votes from the judges.

Rank Chart
Episode Rank Progress Vote and Remark
FINAL 3 90,510 vote
25~26 3 ▲2 146,376 vote
23~24 No ranking
21~22 5 ▲1
19~20 6 100,178 vote
17~18 No ranking
15~16 6 ▼1
13~14 5
11~12 No ranking Field Vote
146 vote
9~10 5 ▼1
7~8 4 Unit Red
1~6 No ranking Super Boot

Military Service

On May 26th, 2020, Hotshot’s Hojung was officially enlisted to military service. Star Crew Entertainment announced the news through their website. Before the enlistment, family and close relatives spent their last moments together before Hojung headed to the military base. With a determined heart and high hopes, Hojung wished that he can complete his service without any problems or accidents.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, his agency decided against holding a farewell event. The company hoped that fans understand the decision and wished all the best for Hojung. In fulfilling his mandatory duty, Hojung hopes that he can return as a mature guy and wished fans to support him with a warm heart.

Hojung wrote a handwritten letter that expressed his heartfelt emotions to fans. It was a long time since he had shared any news. At that time, he was nervous and worried about the imminent enlistment. He understood the worry feelings of fans and he was regretful for not being able to meet all the fans in person. Finally, he asked fans not to worry too much about him and take care of each other’s health. Finally, he thanked and expressed all his love to fans.

That was all the information about the Hotshot member with the best body, Hojung. Find out more, detailed information and specialties of other Hotshot members in the collection of Channel-Korea articles.