Hot Issue: Profile, Facts, Debut

Hot Issue

Everything You Need To Know About the South Korean Girl Group Hot Issue!

South Korea is very famous for many K-pop groups that debut from time to time, and now they are still competing with each other to get the best titles and enough promotion from their respective agencies to be K-pop stars later.

In this article, you will find more detailed information about one of the K-pop girl groups that was formed by a former JYP and Cube Entertainment chairman. This girl group has 7 members who are very talented. Who are they? Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about Hot Issue’s full profile, fun facts, and latest news in the article below!

Hot Issue’s Nahyun’s Profile

Hot Issue's Nahyun

Real Name: Kang Na-hyun (Hangul: 강나현)

Stage Name: Nahyun (Hangul: 나현)

Birth: January 25, 2002

Star Sign: Aquarius

Position in the Group: Leader, Vocalist

Nationality: Korean

Hot Issue’s Nahyun’s Facts

  1. Hot Issue’s Nahyun is from South Gyeongsang Province, South Korea
  2. Hot Issue’s Nahyun attended High Up Vocal Academy
  3. Hot Issue’s Nahyun was accepted in the first round of auditions for JYP Entertainment, FNC Entertainment, Jellyfish Entertainment, WM Entertainment, and Starship Entertainment
  4. Hot Issue’s Nahyun is a former trainee of Cube Entertainment (2016) and Source Music (2017)
  5. Hot Issue’s Nahyun is friends with Bada from HINAPIA and Dia from PIXY

Hot Issue’s Mayna’s Profile

Hot Issue's Mayna

Real Name: Shào Xī Mēng Nā (邵西蒙那)

Stage Name: Mayna (Hangul: 메이나)

Birth: May 12, 2000

Star Sign: Taurus

Height: 170 cm (5’7″

Weight: 47 kg (107 lbs)

Position in the Group: Dancer, Rapper, Vocalist

Nationality: Romanian

Hot Issue’s Mayna’s Facts

  1. Hot Issue’s Mayna has lived in Spain
  2. Hot Issue’s Mayna’s parents are from Zhejiang
  3. Hot Issue’s Mayna can speak Chinese, Korean, and Spanish
  4. Hot Issue’s Mayna was a trainee under Yuehua Entertainment, Yin Yuetai, and SDT Entertainment
  5. Hot Issue’s Mayna was a Produce 101 China contestant finishing at rank 54

Hot Issue’s Hyeongshin’s Profile

Hot Issue's Hyeongshin

Real Name: Kim Hyeong-shin (Hangul: 김형신)

Stage Name: Hyeongshin (Hangul: 형신)

Birth: May 3, 2002

Star Sign: Taurus

Height: 167 cm (5’5”)

Blood Type: O

Position in the Group: Vocalist, Rapper, Dancer

Nationality: Korean

Hot Issue’s Hyeongshin’s Facts

  1. Hot Issue’s Hyeongshin’s hobbies are exercising, listening to music, and watching movies
  2. Hot Issue’s Hyeongshin can speak English
  3. Hot Issue’s Hyeongshin plays tennis and basketball
  4. Hot Issue’s Hyeongshin lived in Australia as a child
  5. Hot Issue’s Hyeongshin was a contestant on Mnet’s CAP-TEEN where she ranked #7

Hot Issue’s Dana’s Profile

Hot Issue's Dana

Real Name: Jang Da-Na (Hangul: 장다나)

Stage Name: Dana (Hangul: 장다나)

Birth: December 25, 2003

Star Sign: Capricorn

Blood Type: A

Position in the Group: Vocalist, Rapper

Nationality: Korean

Hot Issue’s Dana’s Facts

  1. Hot Issue’s Dana can compose and write lyrics and was credited on the group’s B-side “Hide in the Dark”
  2. Hot Issue’s Dana is a former trainee of YG Entertainment
  3. Hot Issue’s Dana’s MBTI is ENFP
  4. Hot Issue’s Dana’s nickname is Snowball
  5. Hot Issue’s Dana’s baptismal name is Anisia

Hot Issue’s Yewon’s Profile

Hot Issue's Yewon

Real Name: Park Ye-won (Hangul: 박예원)

Stage Name: Yewon (Hangul: 예원)

Birth: January 11, 2004

Star Sign: Capricorn

Height: 169.8 cm (5’7″)

Position in the Group: Vocalist

Nationality: Korean

Hot Issue’s Yewon’s Facts

  1. Hot Issue’s Yewon appeared on Global Junior Show (스타 주니어쇼 붕어빵) in 2013
  2. Hot Issue’s Yewon is a former trainee of Fave Entertainment
  3. Hot Issue’s Yewon is a former member of FAVE GIRLS
  4. Hot Issue’s Yewon and Nahyun are roommates
  5. Hot Issue’s Yewon’s nicknames are Best Singer Kuromi and Baby Pine Marten

Hot Issue’s Yebin’s Profile

Hot Issue's Yebin

Real Name: Kim Yebin (Hangul: 김예빈)

Stage Name: Yebin (Hangul: 예빈)

Birth: November 1, 2004

Star Sign: Scorpio

Position in the Group: Vocalist, Rapper, Dancer

Nationality: Korean

Hot Issue’s Yebin’s Facts

  1. Hot Issue’s Yebin is a former trainee of Source Music
  2. Hot Issue’s Yebin attended ON Music Academy
  3. Hot Issue’s Yebin can belly dance
  4. Hot Issue’s Yebin has two hamsters
  5. Hot Issue’s Yebin’s hobby is to balance on a gym ball

Hot Issue’s Dain’s Profile

Hot Issue's Dain

Real Name: Jeong Dain (Hangul: 정다인)

Stage Name: Dain (Hangul: 다인)

Birth: December 15, 2004

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 166.6 cm (5’5”)

Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs)

Position in the Group: Rapper, Dancer, Maknae

Nationality: Korean

Hot Issue’s Dain’s Facts

  1. Hot Issue’s Dain was a contestant on Mnet’ CAP-TEEN where she ranked #43
  2. Hot Issue’s Dain earned a GED to complete her education rather than graduate high school
  3. Hot Issue’s Dain’s hobbies are taking photos of foods and playing the gayageum
  4. Hot Issue’s Dain is a former trainee of P-NATION Entertainment
  5. Hot Issue’s Dain’s nickname is Apeach