Everything About South Korea’s Gag Woman; Hong Yoon-hwa’s Full Profile And Her Latest News!

Latest News about Hong Yoon-hwa

Hong Yoon-hwa is active on Instagram, sharing her daily life, latest projects, and connecting with her fans. Go follow her on @yunhwahong to get her most recent updates, since she posts frequently!

Here’s one of her recent posts with her husband, Kim Min-ki:

Such a beautiful couple, don’t you think? We wish them all the happiness in the world!

The Salty Tour’s Casr Park Myeong-su, Han Hye-jin, and Hong Yun-hwa studded Rongxia with 180 Freshwater Crayfish


Park Myeong-soo, Han Hye-jin, and Hong Yun-hwa enjoyed the studded Rongxia made of 180 freshwater crayfish.

In TVN’s The Salty Tour, broadcast on the October 28th, 2019, Park Myeong-soo, Han Hye-jin, and Hong Yun-hwa are depicted enjoying the stupendous Longsha.

Kim Jun-ho said, “I will use the spicy ratio in the evening.” If you succeeded in the simsimbi mission you could eat Maralongsha. The mission was to pour water into a cup with a long kettle, which showed the tea show.

However, Kim Jun-ho saw that it was difficult to succeed and suggested that the team be divided into three teams. As a result, Kim Joon-ho, and Park Myung-su divided the team to play the game. However, all the members wanted to be a team with Park Myung-su and laughed.

Eventually, Kim Joon-ho, Kyu-hyun, and Sam Hammington became one team, and Park Myeong-soo, Han Hye-jin and Hong Yun-hwa became one team. The victory went to the Park Myeong-su’s team.

Park Myung-su, Han Hye-jin, and Hong Yun-hwa enjoyed 180 crayfish and eight flavors of Longsha. Park Myeong-soo said, “This is the food that came out of the crime city.”

Park Myeong-su was surprised when the ordered Rongxia came out and said, “I’m not the person who takes the food picture, but I think I should take this picture.” Han Hyejin admired, “I’m too full to see.” At that time, the clerk put dry ice in the center to create a more mysterious atmosphere.

Hong Yunhwa said, “It tastes much better than shrimp. I think I’ll eat half a plate by myself.” Park Myeong-soo said, “It’s big, but I was surprised to see the freshwater crayfish in it.”

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