Hong Soo-hyun’s Profile and Facts: Plastic Surgery, Drama, Married and TV Shows

Did Hong Soo-hyun Have Plastic Surgery?

If you look at Hong Soo-hyun’s beautiful face, you might wonder about whether or not she has had plastic surgery. There has not been any official statement from Hong or her agency regarding this issue. But if you compare the pictures below, you may conclude that she has not had plastic surgery. Check this out!

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The first picture was a pre-debut Hong Soo Hyun, and the second one is a recent picture. It shows that there have been no particular changes to her face. Her eyes and nose look exactly the same. If you see slight differences, it might be caused by the makeup she wears on her face. Her beautiful face does indeed come naturally, and she has not had it changed by a surgeon.

Hong Soo-hyun’s S-Line body

In early 2012, Hong appeared in the SBS martial arts drama Salaryman Cho Hyunji playing the role of chief researcher Cha Woo-hee. Woo-hee is a senior researcher of the New Drug Research Institute of Tianhe Group and a cold-blood woman.

The film was shot at a sports center in Gangnam, Hong appeared in a martial arts stamp to do exercise, with hot pants and a tank top, attracting the gaze of all men. She revealed her S-line body when practicing the martial arts with a rope and stick.

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After filming, she said, “As an actress, I would be a burdened god, but I played it naturally, so I was able to get good images on my camera.” Hong Su-hyun also said, “I was not able to exercise for a few days because of the shooting schedule.” But it seems that her body is looking perfect, even with the lack of exercise. Hong maintains a healthy body.

Hong Soo-hyun’s Relationship

Who is dating Hong Soo-hyun? Until now, Hong Soo-hyun has never publicly stated anything about her boyfriend. There has been no news or official statements from her agency either. Hong only focuses on her career and family, or maybe she’s just dating someone secretly.

We just hope Hong Soo-hyun will find someone who can make her happy, and support her hard work in the entertainment industry!