Get the Details About Actress Hong Soo-hyun’s Relationship with Rapper Microdot

Rapper Microdot’s Recording For the Show City Fisher Canceled Amidst His Parents’ Scam Scandal


While we didn’t want to believe it initially, it has been revealed that rapper Microdot‘s parents are in fact responsible for the scamming accusations brought forth by several victims.

The rapper’s parents are responsible for scamming several people they used to be neighbors in a small village, and the amount has been reported to be nearly $2 million.

Microdot initially denied the accusations and stated that he would be taking legal action against those who spread false rumors. However, he recently came forth and admitted that the accusations are true and that he would like to meet the victims in person to apologize for causing additional harm by threatening to take legal action.

And according to Channel A, his recording for the show City Fisher has been canceled.

South Korean authorities have currently begun reinvestigating the case and have stated that a collaborative investigation with the authorities of New Zealand is being considered.

After Several Months of Dating, Hong Soo-hyun and Rapper Microdot Reported to Have Broken Up!

KBS World

A source claims the couple grew apart since Microdot’s scandal broke out.

On December 21st, a Korean media outlet reported that Microdot and Hong Soo-hyun had broken up after Microdot’s parent’s fraud scandal.

“The couple began to grow distant after Microdot’s scandal and they eventually broke up. They will be spending time apart during the end of the year as well.”

The relationship of the two stars began developing after meeting each other in the program, The Fishermen and the City, last October. The couple has since announced their relationship and even created a #Lovestagram, posting sweet comments on each other’s posts. Then, Microdot became involved in a controversy surrounding his parents’ fraud scandal, which is yet to be resolved as the whereabouts of Microdot’s entire family is still unclear.

Amid the confusion of Microdot’s situation, reports have claimed that the couple has separated and while nothing has been confirmed, a change made to Hong Soo-hyun’s Instagram may suggest that the rumors could be true. On November 4th, Hong Soo-hyun posted a photo of herself at an exhibition and captioned it, “Alone not knowing where my boyfriend went.”

On the morning of December 21st, when reports of the couple’s breakup were released, the caption for the post was deleted and only the photos remain. Meanwhile, Hong Soo-hyun’s agency has stated that the actress is currently traveling abroad and therefore, it is difficult to reach her to confirm the facts.

“Hong Soo-hyun is currently abroad on vacation. The agency is trying to get a hold of her but it is difficult to confirm the breakup as of now.”