Get the Details About Actress Hong Soo-hyun’s Relationship with Rapper Microdot


Let’s Get Acquainted More Closely With South Korean Beautiful Actress Hong Soo-hyun

Hong Soo-hyun was born on February 15th, 1981. She is a South Korean actress. She is best known for her roles in Dae JoyeongThe Princess’ Man, and Goodbye Dear Wife.

After she debuted as a magazine model in high school, Hong Soo-hyun appeared in a Johnson & Johnson commercial in 1996, and began her acting career in 1999. In the following decade, true stardom remained elusive as she mostly found herself restricted to supporting roles. Then Hong Soo-hyun received strong reviews for her back-to-back strong performances in the 2011 period drama The Princess’ Man in the role of Princess Kyunghye, and the 2012 quirky comedy History of a Salaryman, as well as Goodbye Dear Wife (2012).

Everything You Need To Know About South Korean Rapper Microdot

Shin Jae-ho was born on November 21st, 1993). He is better known by his stage name Microdot. He is a South Korean rapper and singer. He debuted as a member of the duo All Black, with Dok2, in 2006. He has also appeared in Show Me the MoneyUnpretty Rapstar, and Tribe of Hip-Hop.

Actress Hong Soo-hyun and rapper Microdot Confirmed to be Dating!

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Actress Hong Soo-hyun and rapper Microdot have officially confirmed that they are dating!

An industry representative has confirmed that the two developed a friendship after appearing together in the fishing variety show, Channel A’s The Fisherman and the City, last October. Microdot is a permanent cast member of the show, while Hong Soo-hyun only made a guest appearance.

The source says that the couple recently confirmed their feelings for each other and have become a couple! In fact, Hong Soo-hyun’s agency confirmed too, that the two progressed their friendship after the show by hanging out with friends and have recently begun dating as they continue to get to know each other.

“Hong Soo-hyun and Microdot met in a variety show. They often hung out together and naturally improved their relationship from friends to courtship, recently. They are still in the stage of getting to know each other,” said Hong Soo-hyun’s agency.

Hong Soo-hyun is known for her roles in popular dramas, including Dae Joyeong, The Princess’ Man, and Goodbye Dear Wife, while Microdot is a famous rapper who first debuted as a member of the duo All Black with Dok2 in 2006. Interestingly, the couple has an age difference of 12 years, as Hong Soo-hyun was born in 1981, and Microdot was born in 1993, but no doubt this couple will make it work!

The rumors first began to circulate following some flirtatious messages the two have shared over their social media accounts, and it’s exciting that the two have taken their relationship to the next, official level!

“They made a friendship after appearing in The Fishermen and The City fishing program in October last year. They just confirmed their feelings for each other and became partners,” said the source.

The news of the relationship between the two also attracted the attention of many parties. What’s more, not a few were surprised to find out the age gap between the two of them, which is 12 years. As is known, Hong Soo-hyun was born in 1981 while Microdot was born in 1993.

“I think going out with a younger man is becoming a trend nowadays,” wrote one netter. “Just from the picture, you can see the age difference is quite far. But I think they are suitable for each other and I hope the two of them can have a happy relationship,” another netter said. “Everyone says going out with younger men is becoming a trend nowadays. But with Hong Soo-hyun’s beauty, she can beat many women who are in their 20s,” the others said.

Rapper Microdot and Hong Soo-hyun Meet for the First Time in the Show The Fishermen and The City


Good news came from actress Hong Soo-hyun and rapper Microdot. Not long ago the two were reported of having a love affair.

The news was revealed by a source from the entertainment industry on Sunday, July 1st, 2018. “Both (Hong Soo-hyun and Microdot) began to be good friends after appearing in a fishing variety show, titled The Fisherman and the City in October of the year before then,” explained the source. “And recently the two expressed feelings of liking each other and then became lovers.”

Shortly after the news circulated on social media, Hong Soo-hyun’s agency immediately spoke up. They also confirmed the news about the artist’s love affair.

“Hong Soo-hyun and Microdot met in a variety show,” explained the agency. “Their friendship has developed naturally while hanging out with their other friends and recently they started dating. Right now they are in the process of getting to know each other.”

Confirmed to be Dating, Hong Soo-hyun & Rapper Microdot Apparently Gave a Hint on Their Instagram?


Hong Soo-hyun and Microdot had previously had the chance to code their relationship through social media. Microdot once mentioned the name Hong Soo-hyun to do the Ice Bucket Challenge and when the actress uploaded the action to do the challenge, Microdot left a comment in the form of a heart symbol.


In addition, Microdot is also known to have written a comment that reads, “Good night” completed with rose emoticons. Hong Soo-hyun replied with a good evening in Korean.

Hong Soo-hyun Responds to Marriage Rumors with Rapper Microdot!


Hong Soo-hyun recently talked about the marriage rumors involving rapper Microdot. Rumors about the marriage of the couple who have been in a relationship for 3 months have emerged due to the latest Instagram posts from Microdot. The photo shows Microdot and Hong Soo-hyun having dinner with veteran actor Lee Duk-hwa.

Netizens claim that Lee Duk-hwa’s paper looks like a wedding invitation. Hong Soo-hyun and Microdot have also been seen wearing the same finger ring in the latest photos.

However, rumors of marriage turned out to be wrong. Hong Soo-hyun’s agency said in the TV Report on October 3rd, “Rumors of them getting married, are not true.” Hong Soo-hyun and Microdot, who met on the City Fisher variety show, confirmed their relationship in July.

Rapper Microdot to Feature as a Guest on MBC’s Reality Program I Live Alone

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Rapper Microdot is featuring as a guest on MBC’s reality show I Live Alone.

On November 1st, reports revealed Microdot has already wrapped up filming for the show and sat down with the Rainbow Live hosts to talk about their everyday. Viewers will recognize the rapper from The Fishermen and the City, Visiting Tutor, and Come See Me, where he’s made a name for himself in the variety world.

In other news, Microdot recently released his track “You” featuring Jung Joon-young.