Hong Ri-na: Profile, Appearance in ‘Jewel in The Palace’, Husband, Etc.

hong ri na profile

The South Korean Actress Who Acted Cold Yet Caring in ‘Dae Jang Geum’

Hong Ri-na is an actress from South Korea that debut with the drama ‘Blue Classroom’ in 1987. She has actively contributed in acting career for a really long time. Hong Ri-na also became more popular after acting as Choi Geum-young, a competitive friend of Jang Geum in the drama ‘Jewel in The Place’ or ‘Dae Jang Geum.’

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Hong Ri-na’s Full Profile

hong ri na profile
  • Name: Hong Ri-na (Hangeul:홍리나)
  • Chinese name: 洪莉娜 / Hong Li Na
  • Born: South Korea, February 7, 1968
  • Height: 170cm
  • Weight: 49kg
  • Star sign: Aquarius
  • Blood type: A
  • Family: Husband and a daughter
  • Academic: Dept. of Broadcasting & Entertainment at Suwon Women’s College
  • Religion: Catholic

6 Hong Ri-na’s Fun Facts

hong ri na profile

1. Hong Ri-na’s hobbies are watching movies and listening to music.

2. She had awarded as Outstanding Performance in Sitcom on SBS Drama Awards in 2003.

3. Hong Ri-na was also got Special Award on MBC Drama Awards in 1997.

4. Hong Ri-na is also got Best New Actress Award on KBS Drama Awards in 1987.

5. She got married in 2005 to a businessman.

6. Her Catholic christened name is Katarina.

Hong Ri-na’s Appearance in Hits Drama

hong ri na profile

She appeared in many dramas since 1987 and got several awards regarding her skill in acting. Although she ever experiences accidents during the shooting, Hong Ri-na kept come back to acting. She is also could claim 1 billion won from MBC due to injury during the shooting.

In 1988, she got into a traffic accident. A year passed, she appeared drama ‘Guest in Autumn’. Then on 1997, Hong Ri-na was also got an accident during the suicide scene in the drama ‘Mountain’ and fall off 30 meters. She got severe bruising, spinal, and broken injury. After 10 months, she returned to acting in the drama ‘King of The Wind’ while also doing treatment for two years. Such a strong and persevering actress!

Hong Ri-na’s in ‘Jewel in The Palace’ or ‘Dae Jang Geum’

hong ri na profile

Hong Ri-na played Choi Geum-young in the drama ‘Jewel in The Place’ or ‘Dae Jang Geum’. This drama is about the true story of a legendary girl Jang Geum who became the royal physician with good cooking skills in the Chosun Dynasty.

Her role is really set fire to the main cast as Jang Geum. She acted as Choi Geum-young, a cold-hearted yet caring competitive friend of Jang Geum. Such a wonderful skill!

Hong Ri-na’s in ‘Three Wives’

hong ri na profile

In 2004, Hong Ri-na played the main role of Jang Jin-ae in the drama ‘Three Wives.’ The drama is about Kim Jeong-kang, Jang Jin-ae, and Yang Pil-soon, who work together to find evidence that their husbands are unfaithful and get revenge on them.

Hong Ri-na’s in ‘King of The Wind’

hong ri na profile

Hong Ri-na was also played the main role in the drama ‘King of The Wind’ as Princess Hye Kyeong. The drama which is started in 1998 is about the complex relationship of King Youngjo, the 21st King of Joseon Dynasty.

Hong Ri-na Married to Successful Businessman

hong ri na profile

Hong Ri-na was getting married in 2006 to Bae Jung-won, a businessman from Silicon Valley, USA. This wedding announcement has made her fans happy because she met her true love, yet Hong Ri-na decided to leave the entertainment world.

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Hong Ri-na Retired From Entertainment Industry

hong ri na profile

Since her announcement of the wedding, Hong Ri-na moved to Silicon Valley, USA to be with her husband. Hong Ri-na is not come back to entertainment and retired as an actress. No more news for her since her leaving the country for the United States. Hong Ri-na must has been live happily with her husband and her daughter in the USA.

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