Let’s Take a Look at the Before and After of Hong Jin-young’s Plastic Surgery!


All About Hong Jin-Young’s Plastic Surgery

Looking perfect is the everyone’s dream, being more beautiful or more handsome. Having plastic surgery is pretty common in South Korea. Some people are even required to do it, to perfect their looks, especially if they want to become an idol.

One of those people, Hong Jin-Young, was a singer who debuted in 2006 under Music K Entertainment. In an interview, she casually confirmed to the public that she had three different procedures on her face. “I fixed two areas [on my face], but I got my nose twice for a total of three plastic surgeries,” she said.

Let’s look at the changes in Hong Jin-Young’s face, before and after her plastic surgery!

Hong Jin-Young Before and After Plastic Surgery

Now, let’s look at Hong Jin-Young’s facial changes before and after her plastic surgery. We can see that the shape of her eyes before and after look different. Jin-Young’s eyes look smaller before, but after having surgery, her eyes look bigger and have eyelids.


Jin-Young’s jaw also changed, and looks a little thinner than before. It looks like she had her jaw  corrected to look smaller and thinner.


She also had work done on her nose, so that she could see more than before. In fact, she claimed to have done more than procedure to get her nose’s look the way she wanted it.


Well, what do you think? Does Jin-Young look prettier than before?