About Hong Eun-hee: Profile, Husband, Wedding, Movies and TV Shows


Who is Hong Eun-hee ?

As Korean drama is becoming more and more famous, there are also more actors and actresses in South Korea. But there are some senior actors and actresses who became role models for those who are just starting their acting careers. One of them is actress Hong Eun Hee. Having been in the acting industry for almost 20 years, Hong Eun Hee has appeared in several dramas and movies, as well as theater and variety shows. Let’s find out more about actress Hong Eun Hee.

Actress Hong Eun-hee’s Profile 2018


Birth Name : Hong Eun Hee

Birth Date : February 17, 1980

Age : 38 years old

Birth Place : Jeongeup North Cholla Province, South Korea

Active Year : 1998 – now

Last Education : Seoul Institute of Arts

Who is Hong Eun-hee’s Husband ?

hong eun hee

Hong Eun-hee’s husband is not just an ordinary man. Hong Eun-hee’s husband is also a senior actor, just like her. He is actor Yoo Jun-sang. The actress has been married to actor Yoo Jun-sang since 2003. Although actor Yoo Jun-sang is 11 years old older than her, they  have maintained their marriage for 15 years.

When actress Hong Eun-hee appeared on SBS’s “Healing Camp”, she shared her relationship with her husband. She revealed that they met when she was still a rising star and had just become the model for an airline company. Their love then started to bloom.

Hong Eun-hee’s Wedding, In-Laws, and Family

hong eun hee

After getting married to actor Yoo Joon-sang, actress Hong Eun-hee revealed that their marriage is not that smooth. When she appeared on “Healing Camp”, MC Lee Kyeong-gyu said “We heard that your mother-in-law fainted at the news of your marriage”.  Eun Hee explained that she hadn’t fainted, but she was angry. However, her husband, actor Yoo Joon Sang, put in extra effort and now she can finally get a long well with her in-laws.

Even after having 2 kids, named Yoo Dong Woo and Yoo Min Jae, they still have a very happy family. Hong Eun Hee still gives her husband romantic support, which was on display when actor Yoo Jun Sang starred in the movie “Touch”.