Hong Ah-reum’s Profile: Drama, Boyfriend and Facts

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Who is Hong Ah-reum?

Hong Ah-reum is a South Korean actress. She starred in many television dramas. She debuted in 2006 through a MapleStory commercial, and then launched her acting career. She worked under the Urban Hills Company. Up until now, Hong Ah-reum always gave an outstanding acting performance. She made herself known as the most popular actress in Korean soap operas. Her most popular dramas, such as A Bird That Doesn’t Sing, Samsaegi, and Dal Soon’s Spring have garnered much attention from the public. Now, let’s take a look at Hong Ah-reum’s profile!

Hong Ah-Reum’s Profile

  • Name: Hong Ah-reum
  • Profession: Model and actress
  • Birthdate: March 28th, 1989
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Height: 164cm
  • Weight: 45kg
  • Star sign: Aries
  • Education: Jamsin High School, Seoul Institute of the Arts majoring in Broadcasting

Hong Ah-reum’s Acting Career


Hong Ah-reum is a South Korean actress with a natural style of acting who came to prominence for staring in several television dramas, especially My Precious You, Samsaegi, and Tears of Heaven. She was nominated in the Best Young Actress category by “KBS Drama Awards” and Excellence Award, Actress in a Serial Drama category by “MBC Drama Awards” in 2010 for her performances. Her talent was more recognized when this young actress was nominated in the Best New Actress category for her performance in the KBS series My Precious You.

Hong Ah-reum is a 29-year old Actress. In her early career, she has starred in popular Korean drama TV series like “Dream”, “I’ll Give You Everything”, and “Rock Rock Rock”. Her show, “Soldier”, was an instant hit soon after it’s release. It portrays historical events that took place during the Mongol’s invasion of Korea. Hong Ah-reum plays the role of Son Wol Ah, the deceased fiancee of Kim Joon, the show’s protagonist.

Her natural style of acting is what makes Hong Ah Reum so successful in her work. The show provides an excellent story for Hong Ah-reum. She portrayed a character who battles with the ramifications that come with her unconditional love for her son as well as the attachment she has to her first love. The drama did an excellent job of showcasing her ability to adapt to different characters.

In the drama “Tears of Heaven”, Hong Ah-reum takes on the role of Yoon Cha-yeong, a bold and strong character who develops her own life, despite the fact that she has been abandoned by her own mother twice.

Although Hong Ah-reum is no longer a rising star, she has always proven her place in Korean films and shows. Her wide range of experience makes her a star in its own realm.

When she was asked about the drama genre she want to take on as a challenge, Hong Ah-reum said “I am interested in romantic comedy. So far, people have asked me to be always depressed and depressed, and many people mistakenly think I have such an image. In fact, I have a very bright personality. Positive and easy-going. I also want to challenge the romantic comedy genre for image transformation”. Hong Ah-reum has always been involved in Korean soap operas since her early career.

About her future plans, she said that she is currently working as a beauty MC for a wedding in China for about three months. Hong Ah-reum then left a massage for her fans “I will be an actress who works hard not only in Korea but also in China. There is no desire to become a top star. I will do my best. After 10 years, I want to become a good actress who can digest my roles naturally.”

Did Hong Ah-reum Undergo a Plastic Surgery?


Hong Ah-reum has always showed a beautiful face in front of the camera. She said that she has not had any surgery or plastic surgery. She then added that her beauty is not ‘natural beauty’ but ‘natural person’, because she is an easy-going person who gets along well with everybody. Hong Ah-reum also said that when there were a lot of people who wanted to fix their face by surgery, she decided to fill in her trouble spots only with make up. She chose to not have any surgery because once someone has one, they tend to want to continue.