Honey Popcorn: Full Profile, Music Videos, Performances

Honey Popcorn’s debut actually turned out to be quite good. Often underestimated by netters, the “Bibidi Babidi Boo” MV generated more than 3 million views up to this day. In terms of quality, this single was considered a success and exceeded many people’s expectations. In terms of music and the concept of the video clip, these three Japanese girls present something that can be accounted for, it almost reminds us of other K-pop girl groups with similar concepts like Apink or Lovelyz.

Even some of the commenters on their YouTube videos seem to think the same:

“I think this was a lot better than everyone expected.”

“They do have a potential but sadly, people are too judgmental because they’re porn stars.”

“I found abt these ladies today and their story melted my heart, I really admire how they pursue their dreams. I wish one day, society will stop giving a lot of importance to unrelated stuff and see idols for their talent. I speak Japanese & Korean, most of the comments in both languages are very very rude but at least today you have gained a fan 頑張ってね 허니팝콘”

“Why do people keep saying that they are ruining the K-pop image? It wasn’t a pretty image, to begin with, like abusing/hitting idols, unfair payment to a foreign idol, sasaeng fans, forcing idols to do certain concepts, forcing idols to lose weight or plastic surgery, etc. No entertainment industry is pretty not even K-pop so stop acting like this is so bad.”

“I don’t know why people hate av idols who are in K-pop or whatever pop I don’t know this shit but I know Mikami’s history she herself funded this song I am happy to know she is pursuing what she wants to in her life.”

“Investing with their own money, learning a whole new language, they sound amazing, the MV is aesthetically fantastic and the song is a bop, no reason to hate this group. Full support here.”

Well, what do you think? Let’s check out their MV below to see their debut!



While in their stage performances, the group displays an easy and cutesy dance for their song. Their dance moves are uncomplicated and even easy to follow. It’s not required much energy, like a typical cutesy concept girl group.

But despite that, the group dances in perfect sync and steps. Their confidence is also shining and their auras are welcoming. It is not awkward at all.

Despite all the hate that they get, the group still shows their brightness.