Honey G: Profile, Facts, Music Videos


Everything You Need To Know About South Korean Trio Honey G

The entertainment industry in South Korea includes a lot of entertainment of its own kind. With that, South Korea is well known throughout the world with the Hallyu wave that has succeeded in bringing to light several other types of entertainment that provide many kinds of amusement for the public. This includes musicians or artists who have successfully participated in survival programs that are often shown on television. Some K-Pop idols or other musicians became famous for being able to get through the procession well and in the end, they passed to the next stage until finally debuting.

One of the trio of musicians who made it into the Top 7 ranks of one of the survival shows in South Korea which we will discuss in this article is Honey G. The trio that has three male members is well known by many people and fans in South Korea with some of their good tunes. For international fans who may not know who Honey G are, let’s check out the full article, which will be divided into several sections.

Why wait too long, let’s scroll down to find out Honey G’s full profile, discography, concept, music videos, and their latest news in the South Korean music industry!

Honey G’s Members’ Profiles


Real Name: Bae Jae-hyun (Hangul: 배재현)

Date of Birth: December 8th, 1988

Blood Type: A

Hometown: Busan

Position: Vocal, Youngest, Leader


Real Name: Park Ji-yong (Hangul: 박지용)

Date of Birth: February 1st, 1984

Blood Type: B

Hometown: California, US

Position: Vocal, English Representative


Real Name: Kwon Tae-hyun (Hangul: 권태현)

Date of Birth: August 19th, 1984

Blood Type: B

Hometown: Seoul

Position: Vocal

Stage Performances

Honey G’s live performance is unquestionable because ever since they were still on the survival show, Mnet’s Superstar K4, they have shown many performances that always get appreciation from every song they have successfully performed on stage. Not only did they have a career as contestants for the TV program, but after Honey G made their debut, they also managed to put on their best performances, both when they were on stage and their off-air performances.

In the session below, we will see how good the Honey G trio looks to amaze every audience!

In 2019, Honey G did a busking event by singing a song from Maktub titled “To You My Light” (feat. Lee Raon). With a large audience in the public space, the trio who was once famous for their appearance on Mnet’s Superstar K4 looked deeply immersed in the song as it was performed. Plus the tone of the ballad song made people dive into Honey G’s performance at that time.

In addition, in 2017, Honey G was also present on one of their schedules on Super K-Pop, a radio program from Arirang K-Pop. The trio members sang MeloMance’s cover song titled “Gift.” As usual, the trio consisting of Bae Jaehyun, Park Jiyong, and Kwon Taehyun sang the song very well and certainly entertained fans through the radio broadcast.

Honey G proved to be very distinctive musicians with their melodious voices. Honey G is also among the musicians who most often display the quality of their sound every time they perform live. Each harmonization of their songs also sounds very beautiful and creates an impression of their own when each time it is performed by Honey G. They are among the most powerful musicians in terms of talent and their performances always amaze the public because their voices are very calming when singing.

Music Videos & Concept

Honey G not only released a single, but each of their songs has a music video that also attracts a lot of attention with each concept. One of them is the music video of Honey G’s song “Baboya.” The music video that was released in 2013, right in the year they debuted, has a concept that tells of a romantic relationship between a boy and a girl. In the music video, one of the male models shows his concern for the girl he loves, and every time he becomes stupid because he misbehaves when they are together. But because of their true love, the woman who turns out to be liked by other men continues to chase the man she loved from the start.

Next, there is one music video from Honey G titled “Don’t Wannabe Your Friend.” The typical pop-ballad music and the sad music video concept show the life of someone who has noticed his crush being approached by other men which makes him even more miserable and jealous seeing this. In the music video, men who secretly harbor feelings for women they like often avoid and get stuck in the friend zone because they are unable to tell their love for their own friends.

In addition, one of the singles from Honey G titled “Starlight” (Prod. Takers) was released in 2019 along with a music video. In the music video concept, there is no model that demonstrates an idea or concept made in the “Starlight” music video, but all the members of Honey G seem to really give the impression of harmony and also the meaning of the lyrics which is very deep against the background of the river in South Korea.

In June 2020, Honey G released one of their singles titled “This Is The Song” with a slow-pop melody, showing a very romantic and beautiful music video from the theme. A man is said to live his day with many expectations that cross his mind, including the image of a woman who might be the woman he loves. In one of the scenes in the music video, the man writes a song lyrics specially made for the woman he loves.

Signed with My Star Entertainment

Group Honey G (Bae Jaehyun, Park Jiyong, Kwon Taehyun) has become a new member of My Star Entertainment. On May 8th, 2020,  My Star Entertainment said, “We have signed an exclusive contract with Honey G. We will not spare any full support for Honey G’s future music activities, and we ask for your interest and support for their actions.”


The agency said, “With the signing of an exclusive contract, Honey G has become a whole family with Yang Gyeong-seok, the general producer of My Star Entertainment, who has been working musically for a long time. We plan to meet the public with better music.” Honey G, which has signed an exclusive contract with My Star Entertainment, is a three-member male vocal group consisting of Jaehyun Bae, Jiyong Park, and Taehyun Kwon.

In addition to the song work, he has also participated in drama OST work such as Elegant Family, Heartlessly, The Second Twenty Year, and has boasted a wide musical spectrum. Honey G, who met their new agency, are expected to meet the public through plenty of activities in 2020.


The group Honey G boasts a sweet chord through their live studio of performing the latest song, “This Is The Song.” Honey G recently released a video version of the lyrics of the new song “This Is The Song” and a live throat breaking video through the official SNS channel. In the video, Honey G is drawing attention not only by boasting a fantastic breath that has been matched for eight years, but also by delivering lyrics that raise the excitement index just by listening.

In particular, Honey G boasts a sweet tone and explosive singing ability in the live performance release video, and also shows off the face of a confessional master. Honey G plans to tell a colorful story about love and separation through “MOON PROJECT,” which will be held for two years, starting with “This Is The Song” containing fresh excitement.


Honey G (Bae Jaehyun, Park Jiyong, Kwon Taehyun) and My Star Entertainment actor, Jun-Tae, started shooting for Honey G’s latest song, “This Is The Song.” The jacket image of “This Is The Song” was released through Honey G’s official SNS channel on June 9th, 2020. Jun-tae, who is closing his eyes in the public image, is attracting attention with his warm profile, while the warm atmosphere stimulates curiosity about Honey G’s new song, which will take off the veil.


In particular, Honey G’s agency My Star Entertainment said, “Juntae was cast as the main character in Honey G’s “This Is The Song” music video. The first performance is colorless and colorful acting, which will maximize the sweet atmosphere of the song.” “This Is The Song” is a song that announces the beginning of ‘Moon Project’, a long-term project album that contains colorful stories about love and separation, and is a confession song for lovers who discover love and begin love.

Well, that’s the complete information about Honey G, from their full profiles, discography, to their latest news. Honey G are among the musicians who are still very active in creating and releasing their latest songs until 2020. Let’s continue to provide support and lots of love for Honey G so that they can get a lot of enthusiasm and appreciation from the public for the music they have made well.