Everything You Need To Know About HOMME


The Legendary South Korean Duo HOMME

Not only boy groups and solo artists are known to have great potential as entertainers in South Korea, but duos also seem to be in great demand by the public to just listen to their harmonized singing on stage. There are a few duos that are well-known among both South Korean and international fans, such as Davichi, Bolbbalgan4, AKMU, Jinusean, Dynamic Duo, and many more. Even though their concept only consists of two members and must have good chemistry with each other, the duos from South Korea are also able to create popularity and good achievements.

In this article, we are going to discuss in detail the duo from South Korea who are also famous among international fans. Who are they? Surely you’ve heard of HOMME, right? HOMME is not the stage name of a solo artist, but a duo that is famous for ballad-pop songs. Joined by two singers, 2AM member Lee Chang-min and 8Eight member Lee Hyun, the duo was created as a project group that debuted in 2010.

Well, to find out more about HOMME’s full profile, discography, and their latest news, let’s scroll through the article below for more information!

Full Profiles of HOMME

HOMME (Hangul: 옴므) is a project duo that debuted in 2010 with the single “I Was Able to Eat Well” that became part of the tracklist of ‘Homme by ‘hitman’ bang – Man Should Laugh.’ With members Lee Chang-min and Lee Hyun, HOMME debuted under Big Hit Entertainment and their songs were composed by Bang Si-hyuk.


Lee Hyun remembered when he first received a project offer. “I am in a mixed group and watched 2AM closely, and I often thought that it would be fun to have only men. Also, when I first heard the concept of the project, I thought I would like the picture itself with two men standing on the stage.”


Changmin also did not hide his high expectations. “It’s two men singing men songs. I thought that was the combination that could stand out the most. The recording was also rough and comfortable. I participated in featuring and went together. At the time, the activity was not a schedule, but rather a feeling that two men were going to play somewhere.”


“I Was Able to Eat Well” is a song that expresses the calm, but lonely feelings of a man who broke up a relationship, with a middle tempo modern rock arrangement. “I Was Able to Eat Well,” he sings the appearance of a man pretending to be cool after a breakup. Changmin said, “Everyone will be able to do so at the moment of breaking up. Anyone who remembers a spoonful of hungry even when tears are pouring down like crazy can get a universal consensus,” he said. He added, “A song with lyrics that you can break up with someone you love, drink alcohol, and sing.”

Of course, “I Was Able to Eat Well” does not mean literally. Lee Hyun said, “Wouldn’t it be just to pretend to be strong. A man’s breakup could be forgotten particularly easily. It’s pride, and that pride contains some consideration for the other person. It may sound like an excuse, but it’s probably easier for me to be a bad person.”

Men’s behavior like this can be called a bluff or ego. However, in fact, many men pretend to be cooler and sometimes cruel to their partner in front of a breakup. This is because they want the other person to forget themselves quickly and meet a better person.

Lee Hyun’s Profile and Facts


Real Name: Lee Hyun (Hangul: 이현)

Stage Name: Lee Hyun (Hangul: 이현)

Place and Date of Birth: Gwangju, South Korea, November 8th, 1983

Star Sign: Scorpio

Weight: 64 kg

Height: 175 cm

Blood Type: B

Official Site: leehyun.ibighit.com

Twitter:  @thehyun11/@LeeHyun_bighit

Facebook: Lee hyun

YouTube: LeeHyun (이현)

Fun Facts:

  1. Lee Hyun was signed under Big Hit Entertainment in 2007
  2. Lee Hyun was a member of co-ed vocal group 8eight and HOMME
  3. Lee Hyun made his official debut as a solo artist on September 9th, 2009
  4. Lee Hyun’s first mini-album when he debuted was titled 30 Minutes Ago
  5. Lee Hyun was nominated at the Mnet Asian Music Awards in the category for Best Vocal Solo Performance for his song “You Are The Best of My Life”
  6. Lee Hyun released his full solo-album titled The Healing Echo in 2012
  7. Lee Hyun enlisted in the military service on October 8th, 2012, and received basic training for five weeks
  8. Lee Hyun served for 21 months in the military service and was active as a soldier
  9. Lee Hyun starred in the military musical titled The Promise and co-starred with other actors and K-Pop idols, such as Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Supernova’s Yoon Hak
  10. Lee Hyun released many soundtracks or OSTs for his non-album singles
  11. Lee Hyun once participated in KBS’ Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2 and MBC’s The King of Mask Singer
  12. Lee Hyun worked with his labelmate in Big Hit, BTS, for BTS World: Original Soundtrack in June 2019

Lee Changmin’s Profile and Facts


Real Name: Lee Changmin (Hangul: 이창민)

Stage Name: Changmin (Hangul: 창민)

Place and Date of Birth: Haman County, South Gyeongsang Province, South Korea, May 1st, 1986

Star Sign: Taurus

Weight: 72 kg

Height: 180 cm

Blood Type: A

Position: Lead Vocalist

Education: Dongah Bangsong University

Fun Facts:

  1. Changmin can speak Korean and English
  2. Changmin’s nicknames are Mongmin and Pidol
  3. Changmin’s hobbies are computer games
  4. Changmin left the duo, HOMME, to establish his own company named The Bsky as of February 2018


During their eight-year-long career, HOMME had quite a number of songs that they released. Either in the form of mini-albums, singles, or OSTs that are present in several K-Dramas. Let’s see how many albums and songs from HOMME you can listen to and add to your playlist!

Awards and Nominations

Being a musician with a long career, of course, they also have several awards that have been achieved for their hard work and have succeeded in attracting fans to continue to support them so far. In the session below, we’ll take a look at the Awards and Nominations that HOMME managed to earn during their career time!

  • HOMME was nominated at the 2010 Melon Music Awards in the category for Song of the Year for “I Was Able to Eat Well”
  • HOMME was nominated at the 2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards in the category for Best Collaboration for “I Was Able to Eat Well”
  • HOMME was nominated at the 2010 Bugs Music Awards in the category for Best Duet for “I Was Able to Eat Well”
  • HOMME was nominated at the 2011 KOMCA Music Awards in the category for Best Ballad Song for “I Was Able to Eat Well”

HOMME’s Disbandment Issues and Their Solo Activities

In February 2018, there was news that HOMME decided to disband because one of their members, Lee Chang-min chose not to continue the contract with Big Hit Entertainment, the agency where HOMME is working. The reason Lee Chang-min did not continue with his contract and ended his career as a member of HOMME was that he wanted to set up his own agency and Lee Hyun would continue his solo career.

For Lee Hyun’s recent activity, the solo artist sang a song for the soundtrack of the K-Drama Joseon Survival Period titled “Someday.” The K-Drama was released in early June 2019 and raised several themes at once, namely fantasy, history, and time travel in 20 episodes. Joseon Survival tells the story of a former national archer named Han Jung Rok (Kang Ji Hwan) who now works as a live delivery courier in 2019.


He had difficulty moving on with his life. He also parted ways with his first love, Lee Hye Jin (Kyung Soo Jin) after his adversity. Until then they met again after seven years. One day there was an incident where Han Jung Rok with Lee Hye Jin and his younger brother, Han Seul Gi (Park Se Wan) experienced time travel to penetrate the Joseon Dynasty. There he meets Im Kkeok Jeong, a famous thief in Joseon. They eventually become friends and fight together to survive for the people they love.

In July 2017, the duo HOMME (Lee Hyun & Lee Chang-min) released a medium tempo song with a soft sensibility. HOMME unveiled “Sweet Waiting” through an online music site at 6 p.m. on July 21st, 2017, in which composer Kim Won and lyricist Mapley participated. It is a song that blends Lee Hyun’s delicate expression and Lee Chang-min’s emotional voice. “Sweet Waiting” contains the feeling of waiting for the fateful meeting of a lonely single man who is accustomed to the culture of spirits and meals. Witty and realistic lyrics such as “Where are you here, wait for you, are you coming?” are filling the song.

That’s all the information about HOMME; their profile, debut, members, and latest news from them as a duo. Even though at the beginning they got a lot of appreciation for their work because each future planning of each member had to keep going and in the end, they had to part ways so HOMME was declared disbanded. However, during their career years, they were also able to show achievements and can be remembered by many people for their achievements and work in the music industry which has very good potential.

Let’s continue to support and give lots of love to the former members of HOMME for all of their hard work in entertainment!