HISTORY’s Yijeong: Profile, Fun Facts, Personality


Everything You Need To Know About HISTORY’s Yijeong

HISTORY is a boy group from South Korea that is famous for their good achievements. STORIA as the fandom of HISTORY is also quite a big fandom. Even though now HISTORY is no longer active as an idol group in South Korea, they can prove that as idols they can achieve their goals by showing the best to their fans.

HISTORY debuted in 2013 with their single “Dreamer” as a boy group under LOEN Entertainment. This group disbanded in 2017 but has carried out their career in the K-Pop industry well and received a positive response from many people because their talents were shown to the maximum.

In this article, we are going to discuss in detail and get up close and personal with one of the members of HISTORY—Yijeong! Without waiting too long, let’s take a look at the article below and find out the full story!

Full Profile


Real Name: Jang Yijeong (hangul: 장이정)

Stage Name: Yijeong (hangul: 이정)

Date of Birth: September 10th, 1993

Star Sign: Virgo

Weight: 58 kg

Height: 173 cm

Blood Type: A

Official Sites: Instagram @elxcapitxn

Twitter @_jangyijeong

Fun Facts

  1. HISTORY’s Yijeong has family members such as a father, mother, and a younger sister
  2. HISTORY’s Yijeong has trained for one year
  3. HISTORY’s Yijeong is the laziest among the other members
  4. HISTORY’s Yijeong once appeared on MBC’s Star Audition: “Birth of a Great star 2”
  5. HISTORY’s Yijeong is the maknae or baby of the group
  6. HISTORY’s Yijeong can get up quickly and is ready to go within two minutes
  7. HISTORY’s Yijeong once did a duet with IU in “Friday”
  8. HISTORY’s Yijeong’s treasure is his voice chord
  9. HISTORY’s Yijeong first impression when he met the other members is having a thought that the other members are a bit scary so he usually stood in the corner while being sat down. He also thought that HISTORY’s Kyungil is scary because he is so tall and always looks down on him
  10. HISTORY’s Yijeong is always spoiled by the other members, especially by Kyungil and Dokyun
  11. HISTORY’s Yijeong said that he will always be HISTORY’s Kyungil’s ‘baby’
  12. HISTORY’s Yijeong with HISTORY’s Jaeho shared the same room in the dorm and became the ‘child’ team
  13. HISTORY’s Yijeong is in charge of the members who like to do aegyo along with HISTORY’s Jaeho
  14. HISTORY’s Yijeong doesn’t like to do cleaning and often pretends to sleep while other members are busy cleaning their dorm
  15. HISTORY’s Yijeong loves to sleep anywhere and anytime
  16. HISTORY’s Yijeong is considered as the member who likes to be sneaky and HISTORY’s Kyungil said he might be a non-venom little snake if he would be an animal
  17. HISTORY’s Yijeong choose a PC Room as a hideout
  18. HISTORY’s Yijeong loves to take many selcas but isn’t satisfied with them
  19. HISTORY’s Yijeong got the nickname Crybaby Yijeong from the fans because he is the one who most easily cries during a fan meeting
  20. HISTORY’s Yijeong tends to lose his belongings
  21. HISTORY’s Yijeong has a memorable moment with his fans when they called him Yijeong-ah or screamed his name with Yijeong oppa!
  22. HISTORY’s Yijeong has an unforgettable moment when one of the fans shouted that his eyeliner is running down
  23. HISTORY’s Yijeong is the member who always thinks of their fans a lot and wants to meet international fans
  24. HISTORY’s Yijeong used to cry in the bathroom when he thought the choreography was too hard to learn and HISTORY’s Kyungil thought he was sleeping in the bathroom
  25. HISTORY’s Yijeong used to pull out unnecessary puns during an interview or any show
  26. HISTORY’s Yijeong once said that he would like to pat HISTORY’s Kyungil’s butt on his lap and act like he’s a pet if he was chosen to be HISTORY’s leader (he answered in a joking way)
  27. HISTORY’s Yijeong used to be mistaken as a foreigner when the group promoted “Tell Me Love” because of his blonde hair
  28. HISTORY’s Yijeong has the most shirtless screentime in the “What Am I To You” and “Queen” music videos, and he, of course, shows off his abs
  29. HISTORY’s Yijeong used to borrow the other members’ belongings without saying anything then forgot to return them many times
  30. HISTORY’s Yijeong has a dream to sing a duet with Justin Bieber
  31. HISTORY’s Yijeong’s favorite food is chicken
  32. HISTORY’s Yijeong’s favorite color is Rainbow
  33. HISTORY’s Yijeong’s hobby is composing music
  34. HISTORY’s Yijeong’s most essential make-up is eyeliner
  35. HISTORY’s Yijeong is often mistaken as a long lost twin brother of Teen Top’s Niel
  36. HISTORY’s Yijeong’s charming point is his smokey eyes, nice and attractive butt
  37. HISTORY’s Yijeong’s favorite dating place is in the jungle, like in Africa, or any other place when he travels with his future girlfriend for doing good deeds
  38. HISTORY’s Yijeong joined Devine Channel (a team of producers and writers) after HISTORY disbanded and he also took part in producing K-Pop music
  39. HISTORY’s Yijeong’s ideal type is a girl who likes to take care of him, a bit unique, loves to go overseas, doing good deeds with him when they go travel around the world, and is lady-like

About HISTORY’s Yijeong’s Personality

As a boy group member, there must be many different personalities even though they are related to the same job as an idol. In this section, we invite you to take a closer look at the personality of the HISTORY member we have been discussing thus far. As many fans know, every idol also has his own charm behind his talent in singing or dancing. So, usually as individual fans, there are certain personalities that characterize an idol that attracts the attention of their fans.

Let’s discuss in more detail HISTORY’s Yijeong’s personality, below!

Focus Fan-cam

On June 23rd, 2016, HISTORY got a schedule to attend one of the shows where they performed “Queen.” All of the members could be seen wearing black outfits and in one of the fan-cam focuses below, we can see HISTORY’s Yijeong with a t-shirt and black pants looking very casual in doing this performance and looking very charming and friendly in that performance. You can also hear the audio of fans shouting the names of each member with their fan chants.

At one of the HISTORY fan meetings held on April 28th, 2014, the focus fan-cam below shows the boy group that just debuted at that time and how they interact with fans. As the video title suggests, HISTORY had just held their 1st fan meeting on SBS’ Inkigayo. HISTORY’s Yijeong as the maknae looks very cute and adorable even though the outfits they wore at that time looked mature, but his face several times has a sullen expression and occasionally puffs up his cheeks looking very cute.

In one of the performances conducted in 2016, the focus of the thread below shows HISTORY’s Yijeong in a leather jacket and black hoodie outfit performing on stage one of their singles “Why Not.” On this occasion, HISTORY looked very compact in making this performance. With good choreography, HISTORY’s Yijeong sang his part well and received a good response from the audience, most of whom were STORIA.

In one of the performances held on May 14th, 2016, HISTORY got one of their scheduled performances by bringing one of their singles, “Queen.” With a shirt outfit and gray trousers with striped motifs, HISTORY’s Yijeong looks very attractive on stage. His hair is neatly styled but still shows a charming side of himself. Even the accessories chosen by the stylists were great because, at that time, HISTORY’s Yijeong was wearing glasses which made his look even cooler.

HISTORY’s Yijeong earned the title as a maknae not without reason, his visuals show that he is adorable and that every time he smiles it adds a cute aura to his profile. HISTORY’s Yijeong who was born in 1993 does indeed show the image of the youngest member, or the very lovely maknae. Even with a hairstyle like the one in the photo below, it shows HISTORY’s Yijeong’s visual is very cute and he looks younger than his usual appearance.

HISTORY’s Yijeong’s Visual


As mentioned in the fun facts, it is not wrong if every member of HISTORY wants to spoil Yijeong because besides being cute, he also likes doing aegyo that attracts the attention of others. Even such aegyo can melt everyone’s heart. It’s not a big question if HISTORY’s Yijeong looks cute and makes people praise his personality as the youngest member who is very cute.


Not only is he said to be similar to Teen Top’s Niel, but if you look at the photo below you might think that HISTORY’s Yijeong looks very similar to one actor from South Korea, Ahn Jae-hyun. Yes, that is true! At a certain angle, HISTORY’s Yijeong looks handsome and is also similar to the actor who was married to Goo Hye-sun. Not only that, when HISTORY’s Yijeong smiles, he has the same expression as Ahn Jae-hyun, especially his eyes and lips.


What do you think of HISTORY’s Yijeong visuals? Is the fun fact that the youngest member who often does aegyo looks cute and is charming, true?

IU feat. HISTORY’s Yijeong’s “Friday”

In 2013, IU released the music video for her newest single “Friday.” For the song, HISTORY’s Yijeong also had the opportunity to collaborate with one of the solo artists under their agency. As a maknae, HISTORY’s Yijeong also looks very talented at singing.

In the “Friday” music video making, HISTORY’s Yijeong looks very enthusiastic and nervous at the same time in his appearance. It can be seen in the music video that the male role who attended IU’s “Friday” music video is HISTORY’s Yijeong. Previously, no one would have thought that the model in the music video was actually a member of HISTORY.

Like a couple, IU and HISTORY’s Yijeong compete acting with excellent chemistry in front of the camera. They both look very natural when they present certain scenes and make this music video get a certain feel. IU also shared that “Friday” is one of the singles from the Modern Times repackage album. In the making of the music video, HISTORY’s Yijeong shared, “In the first half, they seem to be in love with one another, but actually he’s suffering alone in silence. Being pitiful.”


Besides HISTORY’s Yijeong, it was also seen that one of the well-known actors, Jang Ki-yong, was present in the music video and took the role of a male actor who replaced HISTORY’s Yijeong in the music video and became rivals with one another.


When one of the cameramen asked HISTORY’s Yijeong, “Who do you think IU will choose between the two guys?” Then, HISTORY’s Yijeong said, “If it’s about charisma, of course, it’s me.” And his rival Jang Ki-yong answered the opposite. Likewise, when one of the cameras showed the three actors in the music video in one frame, their expressions were cold at that time when the music video was filmed in winter, making fans melt even more because the meaning of this music video was very warm.


The director of the “Friday” music video is Hwang Soo-ah and this is followed by directions from IU to create a warm situation in the middle of winter with the sweet love story storyline in the music video concept.

Where is He Now?

As previously mentioned, after HISTORY officially disbanded, several members carried out activities and promotions as solo artists. Some of them became singers and Yijeong himself chose to become a song producer. Previously, HISTORY’s Yijeong liked to compose music and some of the songs he managed to make are K-Pop songs that have become hits.

As a producer, of course, Yijeong’s work is now being done in a music studio. Not only he is busy at work, but Yijeong also has time to upload some of the latest pictures on his Instagram feed. Let’s check out more of the latest pictures on Yijeong’s Instagram, below!



What do you think about HISTORY’s Yijeong’s full profile and his latest news? Even though an idol’s career is still very flexible in the future, so is the choice given because idols are required to be creative with their jobs that focus on the entertainment industry.

HISTORY’s Yijeong has also shown excellent work, especially now that he is known as a music producer in South Korea who is famous for his work in producing several Korean songs that have become top hits. Well, let’s give a lot of love and support to Jang Yijeong to wish him a better career in the future!